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News for 2008: cameras

Panasonic offers Scene Files to expand user's creativity with P2 HD camcorders (12/1/2008)

Telecast Fiber Systems Expands Product Lines to Support Panasonic Cameras (4/1/2009)

Panasonic announces availability of 64GB solid-state card (5/12/2008)

Panasonic announces Varicam 3700 solid-state P2 HD cinematography camcorder (5/12/2008)

Hollywood Post Alliance Gives Panasonic an Engineering Excellence Award for AVC-Intra 100 Codec (26/11/2008)

Panasonic announces AG-HPG20 P2 Portable Recorder featuring AVC-Intra support (18/11/2008)

Canon Introduces XH A1S and XH G1S Camcorders with Enhanced Image Quality and Improved Operability (18/11/2008)

Thomson Wins DBA Industrial Design Award (18/11/2008)

Panasonic Ships VariCam 2700 Solid State P2 HD Cinematography Camcorder with Master Quality Recording (29/10/2008)

Panavision acquires Phantom HD High-Speed Digital Cameras from Abel Cine Tech (28/10/2008)

Matsushita Electric Becomes Panasonic Corporation (28/10/2008)

Codex Digital Ships Portable Recorders (28/10/2008)

Codex Digital Shrinks Digital Cinematography with new On-Camera Recorder (28/10/2008)

Canon Adds Auto-Focus to New DIGISUPER 27AF Studio Lens (23/10/2008)

Canon Shows BU-50H HD Indoor Pan Tilt Camera (23/10/2008)

Focus Enhancements and JVC Professional Launch MR-HD100 Media Recorder for JVC ProHD Camcorders (20/10/2008)

Focus Enhancements Chosen for Canon's Next-generation Tapeless Acquisition Solution (20/10/2008)

Panasonic Announces New Industry Support for its P2 and AVCHD Technologies (20/10/2008)

Cooke Optics /i Technology goes live on the RED ONE Camera (15/10/2008)

Sony adds to Professional HDV product range with HVR-Z5E compact camcorder and HVR-MRC1K hybrid recorder (29/9/2008)

ARRI adds 2K raw data output mode and use of anamorphic lenses to ARRIFLEX D-21 camera (26/9/2008)

ARRI develops ARRIRAW T-Link Certificate to verify recorders for D-21 camera (26/9/2008)

Hitachi extends flexibility of SK-HD1000 HDTV studio and field production camera (22/9/2008)

JVC Unveils MR-HD100 Camera Mounted Portable Hard Disk Drive Media Recorder with Wi-Fi and Metadata Capabilities (22/9/2008)

JVC Announces KA-MR100G Professional Docking SxS Memory Card Recorder for JVC GY-HD200/250 Series ProHD Camcorders (22/9/2008)

Thomson Introduces New LDK 8000 Elite HD Camera Series For Studios, News, and Sports (22/9/2008)

Thomson Unveils New LDK 8300 3X HD Super SloMo Camera System (22/9/2008)

Thomson Adds Cine-style Options to Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (22/9/2008)

Thomson and Telecast Fiber Systems Collaborate To Add Live System Capabilities to Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (22/9/2008)

Thomson's Infinity Digital Media Camcorder Expands Workflow with MPEG-2 HD Long GOP Codec Choices (22/9/2008)

Sony licenses XDCAM EX file format to JVC (22/9/2008)

Panasonic Pushes AVCHD Camera Range Through European Distributor Network (22/9/2008)

Livewire Digital launches M-Link X and waterproof HD cameras (15/9/2008)

S.two announces global agreement with ARRI Sales (15/9/2008)

Kodak's new CCD Image Sensor Enables HD Image Capture with Full Support for High Speed, High Definition Video (11/9/2008)

Ikegami presents the GFSeries Flash-Memory Tapeless System and more at IBC 2008 (9/9/2008)

Panasonic Creates Demo Pool Within Professional Media Partner Network For Improved Test-Drive Availability (29/8/2008)

Vaddio shows ProductionVIEW HD, Quick-Connect CCU and a New Range of Camera Mounts (27/8/2008)

Sony Enhances Recording Flexibility with New 32GB SxS PRO Memory Card (18/8/2008)

Panasonic Announces Availability and Pricing for New AG-HPX170 P2 HD Handheld Camcorder (13/8/2008)

Panasonic Announces Pricing for AG-HMC150 AVCCAM Handheld Camcorder (7/8/2008)

Thomson Announces New CineForm I-J2K Suite For JPEG 2000 Workflow With Adobe CS3 and Apple FCP for the Infinity Camcorder (1/8/2008)

Telecast Fiber Systems shows CopperHead INF Camera-Mounted Transceiver for Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Camcorder at IBC 2008 (28/7/2008)

Miniature Broadcast Cameras launches HD RubiCam at IBC2008 (28/7/2008)

Panasonic Launches AG-HMC151E Tapeless Professional AVCHD Camera (28/7/2008)

Panasonic Launches AG-HPX171E Compact P2 HD Handheld Camcorder (28/7/2008)

ARRI Upgrades the ARRIFLEX D-21 Film Style Digital Camera (24/7/2008)

Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Now Widely Available From North American Dealer Network (21/7/2008)

Thomson announces that its latest High-Speed, Super Slo-mo Camera was unveiled before 100 million viewers (6/7/2008)

Convergent Design Unveils nanoFlash HD Recorder/Player (30/6/2008)

Panasonic Launches European Online Promotion for AG-HVX201AE P2 Camcorder (20/6/2008)

Zacuto Rolls Out Its 'Z-Focus' Follow Focus Accessory for HD Video Cameras (19/6/2008)

Zacuto Releases Lightweight Locking Lens Support for HD Video Cameras (19/6/2008)

Adobe Starts Initiative to Develop Open Format for Digital Cinema Files (11/6/2008)

Canon announces the Canobeam DT-150 HD wireless video tranceiver for relaying uncompressed HD-SDI video where RF and Fiber cannot be used (6/6/2008)

Canon improves high definition remote control robotic pan-tilt camera performance with new BU-45H (6/6/2008)

Sony unveils HDVF-200 high definition viewfinder for professional camera systems (12/5/2008)

Sony adds OLED display technology to professional HD cameras (12/5/2008)

Panasonic P2 HD system gets support from Autodesk and Hitachi Kokusai Electric (12/5/2008)

Panasonic adds to VariCam Line-Up with VariCam 3700 and VariCam 2700 P2 HD Camcorders (12/5/2008)

Panasonic Announces Solid-State AG-HMC151 AVCHD 1080 Handheld Camcorder (12/5/2008)

Panasonic Announces AW-HE100 Integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom HD/SD Camera (12/5/2008)

Panasonic Introduces New P2 Drive With PCI Express Interface (12/5/2008)

Panasonic Debuts AG-HPX171 Solid-State P2 HD Handheld Camcorder (12/5/2008)

Panasonic Doubles Current Recording Capacity With 64-GB P2 Solid-State Memory Card (12/5/2008)

Sony expands XDCAM EX line-up with PMW-EX3 camcorder, PMW-EX30 deck, and PHU-60K hard-disk unit (12/5/2008)

JVC Adds Solid State Recording to its ProHD Camcorder Line (9/5/2008)

JVC introduces GY-HD200UB ProHD camcorder with dual live 720p and 1080i IEEE 1394 streams (9/5/2008)

Thomson Expands Infinity Product Line With Improved Performance and Longer Recording Times (7/5/2008)

Thomson Boosts Performance and Capacity of Thomson Grass Valley REV PRO Media (7/5/2008)

S.two delivers End-to-End 4K workflow with i.DOCK4, A.DOCK4 and DFR 4K (6/5/2008)

S.two announces new DFR2K Digital Film Recorder (6/5/2008)

S.two Digital Field Recorders earn the ARRIRAW T-LINK Certification (6/5/2008)

Shining Technology ships CitiDISK SSD solid state tapeless video recorder (23/4/2008)

Ikegami shows GFCAM Flash-Memory Tapeless ENG System and new HDK-77EX studio camera (23/4/2008)

Silicon Imaging SI-2K Camera to Support Cooke Optics /i Technology (23/4/2008)

Arriflex announces D-21 Film Style Digital Camera (23/4/2008)

Canon's XL H1S and XL H1A HD camcorders provide advanced features for enhanced control and operation (23/4/2008)

Fujifilm Expands Professional Video Portfolio with P2 Format (22/4/2008)

Focus Previews Fifth Generation FS-5 Direct To Edit Recorder (22/4/2008)

Iconix Video Introduces the Studio2K Camera (14/4/2008)

Panasonic ships compact AK-HC1800N 2/3" 2.2-megapixel multi-purpose HD camera (14/4/2008)

Silicon Imaging Announces Integrated 3D Technology and New Features and Accessories for the SI-2K Digital Cinema Platform (14/4/2008)

CELCO showcases Firestorm 4k Digital Motion Picture Recorder (10/4/2008)

Photron Introduces New Fastcam SA2 Four Megapixel High Speed Video Camera (7/4/2008)

Toshiba Imaging to Exhibit New IK-HD1 Ultra-Compact High Definition Camera (7/4/2008)

Fast Forward Video Introduces Elite HD Camera-Mounted DVR that Uses JPEG 2000 for HD-SDI Recording (2/4/2008)

Codex Digital Debuts the Codex Portable Recorder (31/3/2008)

Zacuto Announces New Z-Riser for HD Video Cameras (18/3/2008)

Sony adds 4:2:2 50 Mb/s capability to XDCAM HD Professional Disc System (14/3/2008)

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Thomson Grass Valley Cameras with 2007 Product Line Leadership of the Year Award (11/3/2008)

Abel Cine Tech introduces the HD Scope Boroscope/Snorkel Lens System for 2/3" HD Cameras (11/3/2008)

Sony unveils launch plan for flagship F35 digital film camera (11/3/2008)

Hitachi Pushes Performance Envelope with SK-HD1000 HD Studio and Field Production Camera (7/3/2008)

ARRI Media chooses Tcube for 3D LUT processing (7/3/2008)

Panasonic double recording capacity with 64GB solid state P2 memory card (20/2/2008)

Panasonic announces the AG-HMC150, an advanced professional AVCHD handheld camcorder (20/2/2008)

Panasonic ships first AG-HMC70 professional shoulder mount camcorder in April (20/2/2008)

Panasonic to ship the compact AK-HC1800 2/3" 2.2 megapixel, multi-purpose HD camera this April (19/2/2008)

Panasonic announces AW-HE100 integrated pan/tilt/zoom HD/SD camera (19/2/2008)

Panasonic announces availability of AJ-HPM110 solid-state P2 HD mobile recorder/player (25/1/2008)

Zacuto Releases Letus35 Extreme Studio Handheld Packages (25/1/2008)


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