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News: DAWs

Technica Del Arte Announces LUCI LIVE for Mac OSX (31/3/2011)

n-Track Software releases n-Track Studio for the iPhone, iPad and iPod (22/3/2011)

Sound Devices introduces CL-WIFI for 788T Digital Recorders (17/3/2011)

Prism Sound shows SADiE 6 LiVE multi-track recorders (17/3/2011)

JoeCo ships new BLACKBOX PLAYER multi-channel playback solution for live shows (17/3/2011)

Avid Introduces Artist Series Support for Windows 7 (21/1/2011)

JoeCo previews Dante enabled BLACKBOX RECORDER (21/1/2011)

JoeCo adds safety and flexibility features to BLACKBOX RECORDER (21/1/2011)

Sound Devices upgrades USBPre 2 interface with addition of ASIO Driver (13/1/2011)

Adobe Releases Public Beta of Adobe Audition for the Mac (29/11/2010) Launches the Digitalmusician Plug-In Allowing Musicians to Collaborate Anywhere in the World from Within a DAW (29/11/2010)

Music Computing Rolls Out New Large Format Motion-Controlled Multi-Touchscreens (8/11/2010)

Avid Announces Pro Tools 9 and First-Ever Software-Only Option (8/11/2010)

Sound Devices ships USBPre 2 computer audio interface (8/11/2010)

D&M Professional Ships Denon Professional DN-F650R and DN-F450R Solid State Recorders (8/11/2010)

Avid Introduces Pro Tools | HD Native (14/10/2010)

Technica Del Arte Announces LUCI LIVE for iPhone (14/10/2010)

Singular Software Releases PluralEyes Version 1.2 for Apple Final Cut Pro (14/10/2010)

Singular Software Releases DualEyes for Windows Audio Synchronisation Application for Video Editing (14/10/2010)

Prism Sound Announces SADiE 6 Release to Include iZotope Plug-Ins (8/10/2010)

Zaxcom Launches Two-Channel Recording Wireless Transmitter (8/10/2010)

Merging Technologies adopts RAVENNA real-time IP network media technology (8/10/2010)

JoeCo and Audinate announce collaboration to incorporate Dante digital media networking solution with BLACKBOX RECORDER (8/10/2010)

JoeCo announces iXML support for the BLACKBOX RECORDER giving greater flexibility for broadcast, film and TV applications (8/10/2010)

JoeCo announces new dedicated multi-channel playback solution for live shows (8/10/2010)

Sound Devices introduces new USBPre 2 interface (8/9/2010)

Merging Technologies Presents 'Final Check' Precision Metering Suite (7/9/2010)

SSL Releases V3 Software for C100 Broadcast Console (7/9/2010)

Merging Technologies Releases Pyramix Virtual Studio Version 7 (3/9/2010)

Sound Devices unveils 2.10 firmware update for its 788T and 788T-SSD multitrack digital audio recorders (2/9/2010)

Fairlight introduces the XE-6 Fader Extension for its Xynergi Media Production Centre (31/8/2010)

Fairlight announces the new EVO system for integrated recording, editing, mixing and video (31/8/2010)

MUTEC ships MC-6 stereo audio format and 4-channel sampling rate converter (23/8/2010)

Avid Introduces Pro Tools HD Series Interfaces (20/8/2010)

JoeCo announces software update for the BLACKBOX RECORDER (18/8/2010)

Solid State Logic Expands XLogic X-Rack with Stereo EQ Module (18/8/2010)

CEDAR Audio announces DNS One and DNS CS support for AudioSuite and PPC-based Macs (11/8/2010)

n-Track Software releases n-Track for Mac (beta) (2/8/2010)

JoeCo ships first digital versions of BLACKBOX RECORDER (27/7/2010)

Mackie Introduces New Onyx Blackjack and Blackbird Recording Interfaces (20/7/2010)

Zaxcom debuts TRX900LT digital audio transmitter (20/7/2010)

SSL Releases Free iPhone App for X-Patch Audio Routing Matrix (13/7/2010)

Zaxcom Introduces ZFR200 Lightweight, Mini Timecode-Referenced Audio Recorder

Calrec Audio Announces it Will Stop Making Analogue Desks, Support To Continue For A Decade (13/7/2010)

Mackie Extends Free Driver Download Connecting Onyx-i Mixers with Pro Tools (30/6/2010)

Synchro Arts Releases VocALign Project 3 VST Plug-in (29/6/2010)

Avid Opens up New Workflows for Live Sound with VENUE MADI Option Card (21/6/2010)

Sound Devices Introduces Firmware Update 1.2for 552 Production Mixer (18/6/2010)

D&M Professional Introduces DN-F650R and DN-F450R Rackmount Solid State Recorders (18/6/2010)

JoeCo Announces BLACKBOX RECORDER Compatibility with Glyph GT 062E Drive (9/6/2010)

Audiofile Engineering Launches MIDI Surface for iPhone OS (9/6/2010)

Nagra Audio Showcases its Range of High-Quality Digital Recorders (1/6/2010)

Steinberg Launches Nuendo 5 (1/6/2010)

Sonic Studio Shows Updates Including soundBlade Public Beta 2.0 (1/6/2010)

Prism Sound Shows SADiE 6 (1/6/2010)

Zaxcom Announces the TRX900LT Lower Cost and Weight Wireless Digital Audio Production System (1/6/2010)

JoeCo adds BLACKBOX RECORDER distributors in Asia, Middle East and Latin America (1/6/2010)

n-Track updates n-Track Studio to 6.0.9 with new nVocal plug-in (14/5/2010)

D&M Adds DN-F400 Compact Serial Control SD Player and RC-F400S Dedicated Remote to New Solid State Series (14/5/2010)

D&M Shows DN-F300 SD Flash/USB Media Player for Commercial Audio and Pro AV (14/5/2010)

Avid Closes Euphonix Acquisition (29/4/2010)

Solid State Logic Introduces C100 HDS V2 (9/4/2010)

Andrea Electronics Announces PureAudio Live Recorder Recording Application for iPhone and iPod Touch (9/4/2010)

Léon Herbers announces new DAW PLUS workstation compatibility service (29/3/2010)

Cadac Continues Expansion Across Production Sectors (19/3/2010)

Denon Professional Adds Compact Serial Control SD Player and Dedicated Remote to New Solid State Series (11/3/2010)

Sony Announces New Digital Voice Recorders (8/3/2010)

CEDAR Audio announces the DNS One dialogue noise suppressor Pro Tools plug-in (4/3/2010)

Zaxcom makes ZaxNet Available for Free Download (19/2/2010)

Sound Devices Introduces CL-9 Linear Fader Controller for 788T Digital Recorder (19/2/2010)

Zaxcom shows new ERX1 and ERX1TCD encrypted IFB Bodypack Receivers (18/2/2010)

JoeCo Announces New Options for its BlackBox Recorder (18/2/2010)

Sound Devices Introduces Firmware Update 1.10 for 552 Production Mixer (15/2/2010)

TASCAM Launches New Professional Flash Card Recorders (15/2/2010)

Minnetonka Audio Software ships version 1.5 of AudioTools Audio Workflow Engine (22/1/2010)

Denon Professional Introduces DN-F300 SD Flash/USB Media Player for Commercial Audio and Pro AV Sectors (20/1/2010)

TC Electronic Introduces the Impact Twin Audio Interface (20/1/2010)

Lexicon Launches Complete Desktop Recording System with Omega Studio Bundle (15/1/2010)


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