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News for 2006: DAWs

Zaxcom Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Product Sale (27/12/2006)

Fairlight Introduces the DREAM II Partner Program, an Initiative to Provide More Integration and Flexibility with DREAM II Family Products (21/12/2006)

Digidesign Delivers Exciting New Music Creation and Speed-Enhancing Features with Pro Tools 7.3 Software (21/12/2006)

Sonic Studio Rolls Out Key Update for soundBlade (19/12/2006)

Sonic Studio Announces Broadband DeNoise native for Mac OS X (19/12/2006)

Matrox Parhelia APVe now offers TV output support for Digidesign Pro Tools HD, LE, M-Powered, and Academic systems (19/12/2006)

Zaxcom Announces New Stereo Adaptor for TRX900/TRX900AA and ZFR100 Audio Recording Systems (4/12/2006)

Audiofile Licenses iZotope DSP Technology for Wave Editor (4/12/2006)

Digidesign Introduces Mbox 2 Mini - The Smallest, Most Affordable Pro Tools LE System (24/11/2006)

Synthax Audio Ships RME Micstasy 8-Channel Full-Range Microphone, Line and Instrument Preamp/Converter (24/11/2006)

Steinberg Ships WaveLab Studio 6 (24/11/2006)

Solid State Logic Launches New EACMT Plug-in Line for SoundScape Workstation Platform (24/11/2006)

Solid State Logic Releases the SSL 'Console EQ' Plug-in for the SoundScape Workstation Platform (24/11/2006)

Solid State Logic Announces Direct Involvement with Ardour Open Source Audio Workstation (20/11/2006)

Solid State Logic Announces Availability of Duende for Mac/Intel and PC Platforms (20/11/2006)

Fairlight Lowers Cost of Ownership by Introducing Sub USD20,000 Full Featured Satellite-AV DAW (20/11/2006)

Adobe Soundbooth Released As Public Beta For Intel-Based Macintosh and Windows Platforms (13/11/2006)

SSL Launches XLogic Delta-Link HD MADI to ProTools|HD Digital Converter (7/11/2006)

SSL Launches XLogic Alpha-Link Range of Multi Channel, Multi Format Audio Converters (7/11/2006)

Solid State Logic Introduces Duality Large-Format Production Console With Extended Digital Audio Workstation Integration Capabilities (26/10/2006)

Fairlight's New CC-1 Engine Couples Platform Openness with Broad Plug-In Compatibility (20/10/2006)

Fairlight Introduces New DREAM II Product Family Powered by Crystal Core Technology (20/10/2006)

Fairlight Introduces New FPGA-Powered Crystal Core CC-1 Multimedia-Engine-On-A-Chip (20/10/2006)

Euphonix Introduces New System 5-P Digital Audio Mixing System for Post with EuCon Hybrid (16/10/2006)

New Euphonix MC Media Application Controller Software Enhances Pro Tools Control (16/10/2006)

Zaxcom Debuts New Handheld Wireless Recording Systems (16/10/2006)

Steinberg Showcases New Nuendo Synchronizer (9/10/2006)

EDIROL Presents the R-4 Pro Field Recorder Now with Video Sync (9/10/2006)

EDIROL Offers Recording Any Time, Any Place with New R-09 (9/10/2006)

Sound Devices Announces Comprehensive, No-Charge Upgrade to the 7-Series Recorder Family (25/9/2006)

Steinberg Introduces Cubase 4 (25/9/2006)

Merging's Pyramix and VCube to Feature Final Cut Pro XML (20/9/2006)

Steinberg Releases New ASIO 2.2 Standard (20/9/2006)

BBC Launches Tapeless Radio Production with VCS and SADiE (20/9/2006)

Digidesign Announces Mbox 2 Pro - The First Totally Portable, High-Definition Pro Tools LE System (20/9/2006)

New High-Speed Digital Signal Processing SuperCore for Euphonix Broadcast and Audio Post Mixing Consoles (20/9/2006)

DTS Offers Content Providers Complete Audio Solutions For Next Generation Optical Disc Formats (6/9/2006)

RME Ships Fireface 400 36-Channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire Audio Interface (2/9/2006)

You/Com Presents the PARROT Compact All-in-One Reporter Unit (29/8/2006)

Digidesign Exhibits Complete Audio Post and Broadcast Solution at IBC2006 (17/8/2006)

Sonic Studio Ships soundBlade Pro Production Product (17/8/2006)

Zaxcom Begins Shipping Deva Mix-12 Control Surface for Deva Location Recorders (8/8/2006)

Frontier Design Group's Ableton Live Loves TranzPort (8/8/2006)

Digidesign Announces Upcoming Pro Tools Compatibility with Apple's New Mac Pro (8/8/2006)

Digidesign Ships Pro Tools HD 7.2 Software (8/8/2006)

Digidesign Brings Back MassivePack with One of the Best Plug-in Selections To Date (8/8/2006)

Avid Acquires Sibelius, Expands Reach into Global Education Market (3/8/2006)

Open Labs Introduces NeKo SE and NeKo LX Keyboard Workstations (28/7/2006)

EDIROL Announces the R-09 for Mobile Recording (28/7/2006)

EDIROL Announces the R-4 Pro Field Recorder (28/7/2006)

Roger Nichols Digital now offering a series of DAW plug-ins (28/7/2006)

Solid State Logic Purchases Sydec Audio Engineering NV, Developers of Soundscape (12/7/2006)

RME's Universal Breakout Box - RME BOB-32 interconnects AES D-subs and XLR (5/7/2006)

Celemony Software Ships New Version 3.1 of Melodyne cre8/ studio (5/7/2006)

SADiE announces the LRX2 Location Audio Workstation for remote recording applications (26/6/2006)

Lynx Aurora Interface for ProTools HD Systems (23/6/2006)

Sonic Studio Broadens DSD Landscape (23/6/2006)

New EuCon Hybrid Option Completes Euphonix's Music and Audio Post DAW Integration Plans (23/6/2006)

Pro Tools Users To Benefit From New apt-X Licensing Deal (14/6/2006)

Sonic EQ Arrives in Hardware (14/6/2006)

PreSonus Announces FireStudio Firewire Recording Interface (23/5/2006)

PreSonus Announces the FaderPort Desktop USB/MIDI Controller (23/5/2006)

Dolby Showcases the Sound of HD at AES Paris 2006 (23/5/2006)

Sonic Studio Releases soundBlade Professional Production Application (23/5/2006)

Sonic Studio Ships Enhanced PMCD Version of PreMaster CD (23/5/2006)

Newly Upgraded Fairlight Audio Video Network Solutions Streamline HD Workflow in Broadcast and Post Environments (17/5/2006)

Fairlight Unveils HD DREAM Factory Limited Offer at NAB 2006 - Turnkey HD Audio Production Suite for under $100,000 (17/5/2006)

Digidesign Brings Back Popular Hardware Exchange Programs (17/5/2006)

Digidesign Announces New Offerings for VENUE at NAB 2006 (17/5/2006)

What's New for Digidesign at NAB 2006 (17/5/2006)

Smart AV release v1.5.1 Software for the Smart Console (17/5/2006)

DTS Announces DTS-HD Master Audio Suite and DTS Surround Audio Suite; New Audio Software for Next Generation & Current Optical Disc Formats (15/5/2006)

From Ebony To Ivory: Focusrite Announces The New Saffire LE (15/5/2006)

SADiE Announces PCM-H16 High Power Studio Workstation (15/5/2006)

SADiE Releases V5.5 Software (15/5/2006)

Solid State Logic Announces Expansion Into Broadcast Video Production Systems (15/5/2006)

Solid State Logic Releases C200 DAW Control Software (15/5/2006)

Nagra Audio Showcases ARES-M Hand-Held Recorder (15/5/2006)

Zaxcom Introduces New ZFR100 Broadcast-Quality Recorder at NAB2006 (17/4/2006)

Mackie Announces Universal Support for Intel-based Macs (15/4/2006)

Sound Devices Unveils New Portable Audio Recorders (4/4/2006)

IEEE 1394 Moves Center Stage in Professional Audio Markets with New Pro-Audio Working Group (4/4/2006)

Virtual Katy Launches VK Conformer Making Auto-Conforming Affordable for Pro Tools Users (4/4/2006)

Sonic Studio Releases SonicStudio•DDP - Latest Version Adds Most Asked For Features (4/4/2006)

Celemony Software Introduces Melodyne essential Version 1.5 (4/4/2006)

RME Introduces the Fireface 400 36-Channel 24 Bit/192 kHz FireWire Audio Interface (4/4/2006)

Mackie Previews New Satellite FireWire Recording System (4/4/2006)

Apogee Introduces Symphony, Multi-Channel PCI Express card for Macintosh (4/4/2006)

Apogee Introduces Ensemble, Digitally-Controlled, Multi-Channel Audio interface (4/4/2006)

VOSGAMES Releases Verion 5 of the Boom Field Recorder (4/4/2006)

SADiE announces PCM-H128 128 input and output 4U recorder (27/3/2006)

EDIROL Introduces the UA-4FX USB Audio/MIDI Interface (13/3/2006)

EDIROL Announces R-09 WAVE/MP3 Field Recorder with 24-Bit Recording to Go (13/3/2006)

Celemony Software Announces Version 1.5 for Melodyne uno with Support for Apple's Intel Core Duo Chips (13/3/2006)

Smart AV Announces The Professional Series of Consoles (8/3/2006)

Steinberg and Euphonix offer even tighter integration of Nuendo with Euphonix MC and System 5-MC (27/2/2006)

Solid State Logic Partners with Waves to Deliver Vintage SSL Sound to DAW Environment (27/2/2006)

Violet Audio Announces the ADP61 24bit 192kHz Studio AV Preamp Decoder (13/2/2006)

Steinberg commits to development for Mac/Intel (13/2/2006)

Steinberg Premieres WaveLab 6 (13/2/2006)

Yamaha Announces MW USB Mixing Studios With USB Connectivity and Cubase LE (13/2/2006)

Solid State Logic Debuts Solutions for DAW-Based Audio Production (13/2/2006)

Tascam Ships HD-P2 Portable Stereo Recorder with Built-In Timecode and 192kHz/24-bit Recording to Compact Flash Media (7/2/2006)

Tascam Releases Software Update for DM-3200 Digital Console Adding Support for FireWire Card, Cascade and More (7/2/2006)

Open Labs Unveils MiKo, First Professional Portable Media Workcenter (7/2/2006)

SM Pro Audio Announces PR8E 8 Channel Mic Preamp (7/2/2006)

Lexicon Launches Lambda Desktop Recording Studio Package (7/2/2006)

Adobe Audition 2.0 Adds Precision and Flexibility with Powerful New Audio Tools (17/1/2006

CreamWare takes SCOPE DSP System to Version 4.5 (9/1/2006)

Audiofile Engineering Introduces Wave Editor 1.1.0 (9/1/2006)

Digidesign Pro Tools|HD Core Systems Are Now Available in Two Versions - PCI and PCI Express (9/1/2006)

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