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News for 2007: DAWs

Sonic Studio ships soundBlade 1.2.1 (28/12/2007)

Zaxcom Introduces Deva Software Version 4.0 for Greater Functionality and Ease of Use (28/12/2007)

CEDAR Audio announces the DNS1500 dialogue noise suppressor (13/12/2007)

Marantz Professional Launches PMD620 Pocket Size' Flash Card Recorder for CD Quality and MP3 Recording on the Move (11/12/2007)

M-Audio Announces Availability of Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 Software for Mac OS X and Windows (5/12/2007)

M-Audio Announces MicroTrack II Handheld Digital Recorder (5/12/2007)

M-Audio Announces Fast Track Ultra high-speed 8 x 8 USB 2.0 interface with MX Core DSP technology (5/12/2007)

Edirol releases v2 software for its M-16DX digital production console adding control for Cakewalk SONAR and Apple Logic (29/11/2007)

Digidesign Ships ICON D-Control ES (22/11/2007)

Digidesign Eleven Now Available for Purchase (22/11/2007)

Fairlight launches Xplain online help system (22/11/2007)

Fairlight ships innovative interactive keyboard (22/11/2007)

M-Audio announces KeyStudio 49i keyboard controller, piano and Pro Tools M-Powered audio interface (20/11/2007)

Digidesign Now Shipping New C|24 Control Surface (12/11/2007)

Digidesign Now Shipping Pro Tools 7.4 Software for Mac and Windows (12/11/2007)

Sonic Studio Ships Version 2.0.2 of PreMaster CD (12/11/2007)

Klark Teknik presents DN 9696 hard disk recorder unit for live sound environment (12/11/2007)

Solid State Logic releases X-ISM Inter Sample Meter plug-in and make it available for free download (7/11/2007)

Solid State Logic expands plug-in portfolio for Duende with X-EQ plug-in (7/11/2007)

Steinberg offers Crossgrade Special on Cubase LE and Cubase AI4 (30/10/2007)

Steinberg Releases Cubase 4.1 (30/10/2007)

Sound Devices releases Version 2.34 Firmware for 7-Series Digital Audio Recorders (30/10/2007)

Sound Devices introduces Wave Agent Multi-format File Conversion Software (30/10/2007)

Digidesign Mbox 2 Micro Brings On-the-Go Editing and Mixing to Pro Tools Users (26/10/2007)

DMi Introduces 'pocket size' Handheld Flash Recorder from Marantz Professional for Broadcast, Podcast, and Enterprise Applications (26/10/2007)

CME VX and UF Series DAW Controllers Offer Pro Tools and Sonar Support (26/10/2007)

Frontier Design Group releases v1.2 driver for its AlphaTrack DAW controller with third party support (23/10/2007)

RME launches HDSPe ExpressCard high-speed audio recording solution for PCIe notebooks (23/10/2007)

Digidesign Introduces ICON D-Control ES (19/10/2007)

Digidesign Announces New C|24 Control Surface (19/10/2007)

Digidesign Unveils Pro Tools 7.4 Software for Mac OS X and Windows (19/10/2007)

BridgeCo Adds Interrupt-Free Streaming to Popular BeBoB FireWire Audio Platform (19/10/2007)

Steinberg Introduces Nuendo 4 (15/10/2007)

Jazzmutant releases Dexter control interface for music production (15/10/2007)

Mackie Unleashes Onyx 1200F FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface (15/10/2007)

Mackie Unveils Next-Generation Mackie Control Pro Series (15/10/2007)

Lawo merges DAW plugins and mixing consoles (8/10/2007)

Adobe Announces Audition 3 (8/10/2007)

Fairlight focuses on environmentally responsible technology platforms (8/10/2007)

Fairlight ships new Xynergi Media Production Centre (8/10/2007)

Aspera Inc. to Acquire DigiDelivery Product Line (1/10/2007)

Apple Unveils Logic Studio and Introduces MainStage (26/9/2007)

Merging Technologies Shows Ramses MSC Integrated Post-production System and Launches VCube v1.3 Software (24/9/2007)

New Dolby Media Producer Updates Deliver Performance Improvements (24/9/2007)

You/Com demonstrates new features for PARROT flash recorder (17/9/2007)

DMi and Kingston Technology Announce Compact Flash Card Compatibility Assurance Scheme (11/9/2007)

Fairlight launches the XYNERGI unified media production centre for tactile control of Fairlight's CC-1 technology platform and Windows applications (7/9/2007)

Digidesign Introduces Structure LE and Structure Free versions of its professional sampler workstation (4/9/2007)

Frontier Design Group Announces Third Party Support for AlphaTrack (29/8/2007)

Zaxcom Introduces 2.4-GHz Support, Virtual Multitrack Recording With New IFB100 Audio Transmitter (13/8/2007)

Yamaha Ships New MW Series II USB Mixing Studios Combining FX and Powerful Routing with USB 2.0 and Cubase AI4 (3/8/2007)

Yamaha Ships N Series FireWire Digital Mixing Studios (3/8/2007)

RME announces new HDSPe MADI card and PCI Express support (3/8/2007)

Steinberg Teams with Retailers for Cubase LE Crossgrade Special (23/7/2007)

Zaxcom Shows New Deva 5.8 Hard Disk Audio Recorder at IBC 2007 (16/7/2007)

Merging Technologies Open UK Office (11/7/2007)

Digidesign Ships Structure Professional Software Sampler (11/7/2007)

Lynx ships LT-FW FireWire card for Aurora converters (9/7/2007)

Sonifex Debuts RB-SC2 192kHz Sample Rate Converter at IBC 2007 (9/7/2007)

Frontier Design Group Announces Growing Support for its AlphaTrack and TranzPort DAW Controllers (18/6/2007)

Digidesign Introduces Comprehensive ICON Mixer Training and Certification Program (18/6/2007)

SAE supports Ardour open source DAW project (14/6/2007)

Digidesign Announces Support for 8-Core Mac Pro (14/6/2007)

Sonic Studio Ships Version 1.2 of soundBlade (14/6/2007)

CEDAR announces the DNS2000 for Pro Tools PC (12/6/2007)

M-Audio Announces Vista Compatibility (12/6/2007)

Fairlight Announces Creative Networks Has Signed on to the Dream II Partner Program (12/6/2007)

Sonic Studio releases nexStage AFC24 audio format converter (16/5/2007)

SADiE Releases V5.6 Software (12/5/2007)

Lawo merges DAW plugins and mixing consoles (12/5/2007)

Fairlight Adds New Features and Seamless AAF and AES-31 File Interchange with Dream II Version 1.1 Software (8/5/2007)

Korg Exhibits MR-1 and MR-1000 1-bit Professional Mobile Recorders (8/5/2007)

Solid State Logic Unveils Upgraded C300 HD Master Studio System (8/5/2007)

Euphonix Introduces S5 Fusion Digital Audio Post Mixing System for HDTV (4/5/2007)

Merging Technologies Launches 256-Channel MassCore Console Mix Engine and Ramses Integrated Console System (27/4/2007)

Digidesign Ships Reel Tape Suite Analog Tape Emulation Effects for Pro Tools, Avid, and VENUE Systems (26/4/2007)

Zaxcom Announces Next-Generation Deva 5.8 (14/4/2007)

Zaxcom Introduces New TRX700 Plug-On Recording Transmitter (13/4/2007)

Sony Creative Software Delivers New Sound Forge 9 Professional Digital Audio Production Suite (13/4/2007)

Sound Devices Previews New Software for 7-Series Portable Audio Recorders (13/4/2007)

CEDAR Audio announces DNS2000 - V3 with Support for Intel-based Macs and Pro Tools 7.3 (9/4/2007)

RME/Synthax Audio Announces HDSPe 9632 audio card and HDSPe MADI recording solution (30/3/2007)

Zaxcom Ships Its ZFR800 Digital Handheld Recording Microphone (30/3/2007)

Mackie Announces Tracktion 3 Adding Speed, Power and Sophisticated Bundles (30/3/2007)

Mackie Unveils Next-Generation Mackie Control Pro Series (30/3/2007)

CEDAR Cambridge V4 adds sophisticated off-line processes to its real-time restoration system (28/3/2007)

Frontier Design Group Ships AlphaTrack with Expanded Support (28/3/2007)

Digidesign Adds More Value to Pro Tools Systems with New Ignition Pack 2 Bundles (19/3/2007)

Sonic Studio Ships Version 2.0 of PreMaster CD (19/3/2007)

Merging Technologies Announce Ovation Cue-Triggering Software For Theatre Applications (13/3/2007)

Digidesign Unveils 003 Family, Resets the Benchmark for Pro-Level Home Recording (8/3/2007)

Audiofile Engineering Releases voXover 1.0.1 Voice-Over Automation and Batch Recording for Mac OS X (26/2/2007)

Sonic EQ native Announced by Sonic Studio (26/2/2007)

Steinberg and Euphonix Update Nuendo EuCon to 3.2.2 (19/2/2007)

Sonic Studio Intros Manual DeClick II (19/2/2007)

Solid State Logic Announces Release of Duende for PC and Intel Mac (25/1/2007)

Merging Technologies Releases Pyramix Version 5.1 (25/1/2007)

Merging Technologies Announces New PCI Express-format Mykerinos DSP Cards and Daughterboard Options For Pyramix DAW (25/1/2007)

Sonic Studio Commences Multichannel Shipments for soundBlade (25/1/2007)

Digidesign Introduces Structure - The Future of Professional Sampling (25/1/2007)

Digidesign Announces Reel Tape Suite - Analogue Tape Emulation Effects for Pro Tools, Avid, and VENUE Systems (25/1/2007)

RME/Synthax Audio offers recording solutions now for PCI-Express bus (22/1/2007)

Mackie releases Tracktion 3, the next generation of its digital audio and MIDI production software (22/1/2007)

Mackie Unveils Next-Generation Mackie Control Pro Series (22/1/2007)

Sonic Studio Introduces reNOVAtor for soundBlade (17/1/2007)

Autographed Vintage Fairlight CMI Keyboard Receives Winning Bid of $100,000 at WITNESS Focus For Change Benefit (17/1/2007)

Fairlight Announces Synchro Arts and Waves Join the Dream II Partner Program (12/1/2007)


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