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News for 2008: DAWs

iZotope licenses technology to Sony for its ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation (12/1/2008)

Sound Devices ships CL-8 Controller for its 788T digital 8-track recorder (12/1/2008)

M-Audio ships Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Software (12/1/2008)

Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 8 Software (12/1/2008)

JoeCo Previews new BLACKBOX RECORDER multi-track capturing device (8/1/2009)

Rycote Unveils Five New Windshields For Compact Digital Field Recorders (4/1/2009)

Minnetonka Audio Software updates SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II Pro Tools Plug-in (4/1/2009)

iZotope Licenses Audio Technology to Grass Valley for EDIUS 5 Editing Software (4/1/2009)

Merging Technologies announces new Ovation multimedia server and sequencer (5/12/2008)

Audiofile Engineering Presents Wave Editor 1.4 (26/11/2008)

D&M Installation adds Marantz PMD661 to line-up of solidstate recorders (13/11/2008)

Focusrite launches Saffire PRO 40 multi-channel firewire audio interface (11/11/2008)

Eventide adds support for Apple Leopard and Windows Vista to its H8000FW sample rate converter (11/11/2008)

Sound Devices debuts Firmware update for the 788T Digital Recorder (7/1/2008)

iZotope announces Ozone 4 software mastering suite (7/1/2008)

Zaxcom Debuts New Fusion 12 Multitrack Recorder (3/11/2008)

Yamaha Ships Pocketrak CX Pocket Recorder (3/11/2008)

Steinberg Posts Cubase Essential 4.5 Update (3/11/2008)

Eventide Unveils E-Control Offering Integrated Pro Tools Control for H8000, H7600, and Eclipse Hardware Processors (29/10/2008)

Fairlight Adds Xynergi Centre Section panel to its Constellation Mixing System (27/10/2008)

Fairlight announces DREAM II V2.0 software with enhancements to media management, mixing capabilities, plug-in support and video tools (27/10/2008)

Digidesign Unveils 003 Rack+ With Eight Mic Preamps (27/10/2008)

Digidesign Unveils D-Command Producer's Desk (27/10/2008)

Digidesign Previews Pro Tools 8 (27/10/2008)

CEDAR Audio announces CEDAR Cambridge v5.1 (23/10/2008)

Steinberg Releases Nuendo 4.2 Update (15/10/2008)

Zaxcom ships Deva Mix-8 (15/10/2008)

LUCI launches LUCI AV for PDA-based mobile content production (7/10/2008)

Steinberg Releases Cubase 4.5 (7/10/2008)

Sound Devices Introduces CL-8 Controller for the 788T Digital Recorder (26/9/2008)

AATON Endorses Maximum Throughput’s Sledgehammer for AATON Keylink and InDawPass Audio Syncing Solutions (16/9/2008)

BEHRINGER introduces U-CONTROL UMA25S USB MIDI Controller Keyboard and USB Audio Interface (27/8/2008)

EDIROL releases software update for R-09HR field recorder (27/8/2008)

Sound Devices Introduces Updated Wave Agent Utility Software for Mac and PC Platforms (21/8/2008)

You/Com presents its PARROT Bluetooth Reporter Interface at IBC 2008 (21/8/2008)

Ardis Technologies presents the DynamicDrivePool with Project and File Level Sharing for Pro Tools and other DAWs (7/8/2008)

Steinberg Ships Sequel 2music creation and live performance software and add-on content (1/8/2008)

Argosy Showcases Sonarae Audio Monitor at IBC 2008 (25/7/2008)

Steinberg North America Restructures Pricing for Cubase 4 (25/7/2008)

Quartet Ships DynPEQ Dynamic Parametric EQ Plug-in for Sonic Studio soundBlade digital audio workstation (21/7/2008)

Olympus announces the LS-10 Pocket-Sized Linear PCM Recorder (21/7/2008)

Zaxcom shows Fusion High-Resolution Audio Recorder/Mixer at IBC2008 (18/7/2008)

Digidesign Releases Transfuser Virtual Instrument (18/7/2008)

M-Audio announces that Pro Tools M-Powered is now compatible with Mac OS X Leopard (17/7/2008)

M-Audio Releases ProKeys Sono 61 and ProKeys Sono 88 (17/7/2008)

M-Audio Ships Fast Track Ultra 8R Rack-mountable 8x8 USB 2.0 interface (17/7/2008)

Digidesign Introduces ICON D-Command ES (16/7/2008)

Yamaha announces AUDIOGRAM 6 and AUDIOGRAM 3 Computer Recording Systems (16/7/2008)

Steinberg Showcases New MR816 Firewire Interfaces and CC121 DAW Controller (16/7/2008)

Merging Technologies MassCore gives Pyramix almost unlimited processing power (6/7/2008)

Merging Technologies announces PureNotes Denoiser for Pyramix (6/7/2008)

Lynx Studio Technology announces worldwide availability of AES16e PCI Express AES/EBU Intefaces (6/7/2008)

MAGIX Expands Support for the AlphaTrack DAW Controller (30/6/2008)

CME Updates BitStream 3X MIDI Controller Firmware (30/6/2008)

DAVID Systems offers RF64 Generator for free (30/6/2008)

Sound Devices ships 788T recorder (19/6/2008)

Digidesign Releases Pro Tools for Mac OS X Leopard Users (19/6/2008)

Sonic Studio ships soundBlade One Twenty Two (19/6/2008)

Sonic Studio Releases Version 3.0 of PreMaster CD (17/6/2008)

CEDAR Audio and Prism Sound announce that CEDAR for SADiE is reborn (17/6/2008)

EDIROL releases v2 software for the M-16DX mixer adding DAW control features (11/6/2008)

Solid State Logice announces the Mynx desktop mini X-Rack (11/6/2008)

eMerging celebrates UK launch of Pyramix v6.0 with discount offer (6/6/2008)

Solid State Logic shows the C300 HD Master Studio System (27/5/2008)

Solid State Logic's Matrix Console Brings Together Mixing Console, Router and Workstation Control (27/5/2008)

Genelec introduces 6010A Bi-Amplified Active Monitor and 5040A Active Subwoofer (22/5/2008)

Zaxcom Launches New Deva Accessories (22/5/2008)

Zaxcom Debuts Fusion High-Resolution Audio Mixer, Recorder (22/5/2008)

Merging Unveils the ADRenaline Total ADR Solution (15/5/2008)

Nagra introduces the Nagra VI six track recorder (15/5/2008)

Nagra introduces the Nagra LB compact two-channel recorder (15/5/2008)

Fairlight releases DREAM 2 Version 1.5 (14/5/2008)

Euphonix Broadcast Consoles Integrate with Ross OverDrive Production Control System (14/5/2008)

Prism Sound Acquires SADiE (9/5/2008)

Sound Devices Introduces 788T Multitrack Location Recorder (8/5/2008)

iZotope releases RX restoration software as a plug-in suite for DAWs and audio editors (21/4/2008)

Graham-Patten Unveils Sonarae Audio Monitor for Non-Linear Editors (9/4/2008)

Samson releases G-Track USB condenser mic (2/4/2008)

Administrators appointed to SADiE, Studio Audio & Video Limited (31/3/2008)

EDIROL releases the EDIROL R-09HR high-resolution field recorder (31/3/2008)

EDIROL announces the EDIROL R-44 compact four-channel solid-state field recorder (31/3/2008)

Marantz Professional Adds PMD580 Network Compact Flash Recorder To PMD Range (31/3/2008)

M-Audio Unveils Fast Track Ultra 8R (25/3/2008)

Yamaha announces AUDIOGRAM 6 and AUDIOGRAM 3 Computer Recording Systems (25/3/2008)

Steinberg Presents CC121 Advanced Integration Controller (20/3/2008)

Steinberg Unveils MR816 FireWire Interfaces (20/3/2008)

Focusrite launches Liquid Mix 16 (20/3/2008)

Celemony announces Direct Note Access for Melodyne (18/3/2008)

zplane unveils new version of élastique time stretching and pitch shifting engines (18/3/2008)

RME presents the MADIface 128-Channel 192 kHz MADI ExpressCard for mobile computers (18/3/2008)

Merging Technologies releases Pyramix V6 Native (18/3/2008)

Merging Technologies releases version 6.0 of Pyramix Virtual Studio (18/3/2008)

Zaxcom Ships Deva 16 16-Track Hard Disk Audio Recorder/Mixer for Film, TV Production (14/3/2008)

Sonifex to Launch Rack-Mount Monitors (27/2/2008)

MXL Announces the MXL USB.009 USB 24Bit/96 kHz Studio Microphone (25/1/2008)

Marantz Professional Introduces New PMD580 Network Rackmount Compact Flash Card Recorder (25/1/2008)

Digidesign Introduces Mix Rack Option for VENUE Live Sound Environment (25/1/2008)

Digidesign Announces D-Show 2.7 Software and Updated VENUEPack Plug-in Bundles (25/1/2008)

Digidesign Announces Hybrid and Strike Upgrades (25/1/2008)

Digidesign Announces Two New Personal Studio Packages (25/1/2008)

Yamaha launches Pocketrak 2G pocket recorder (24/1/2008)

iZotope Announces Plug-in Versions of RX Audio Restoration Software for any DAW (24/1/2008)

Steinberg announces Cubase Essential 4 (24/1/2008)

TASCAM launches DR-1 Portable Recorder (24/1/2008)

New BridgeCo Processor with USB Interface Extends BeBoB Audio Interface Platform (24/1/2008)

Frontier Design Group Makes AlphaTrack Compatible with Apple Logic Pro and Logic Express (24/1/2008)

Open Labs Announces Special Edition Timbaland NeKo Keyboard Production Station (24/1/2008)

M-Audio Announces MicroTrack II Handheld Digital Recorder (22/1/2008)


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