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News for 2009: DAWs

LOUD Technologies and Avid Announce Licensing Agreement Between Pro Tools M-Powered 8 and Onyx-i Series Mixers (22/12/2009)

Mackie Announces Windows 7 Support For Core FireWire Interfaces (14/12/2009)

Audiofile Engineering Releases FiRe 1.3 Professional Field Recording iPhone App (27/11/2009)

Celemony releases Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access (24/11/2009)

Lynx Studio Technology Introduces the New AES16e-50 with AES50 Interface (12/11/2009)

Mackie Qualifies Onyx-i Mixers For Use With Pro Tools M-Powered 8 (12/11/2009)

Lexicon introduces the U22 as part of its I-ONIX desktop recording interface range (29/10/2009)

Avid Debuts New M-Audio Oxygen Series Keyboards (27/10/2009)

Fairlight announcsd a re-organisation of its corporate structure (26/10/2009)

iZotope Announces Upcoming Line of Pro Tools TDM Plug-ins (21/10/2009)

TASCAM launches HS-P82 8-track field recorder, US-2000 pro USB multi-channel interface and DP-008 8-track digital Pocketstudio (21/10/2009)

Sound Devices Debuts Firmware Update 1.76 For 788T And 788T-SSD Digital Recorders (21/10/2009)

Cedar Audio announces CEDAR Cambridge Version 6 (19/10/2009)

Steve Church, Skip Pizzi collaborate on 'Audio Over IP: Building Pro AoIP Systems with Livewire' (19/10/2009)

iZotope Introduces New Alloy Plug-in Combining Six Mixing Tools (14/10/2009)

Avid Introduces New Fast Track USB Interface with Pro Tools Essential (14/10/2009)

Mackie launches Onyx-i Series Mixers with built-in 24-bit/96kHz FireWire I/O (29/9/2009)

TASCAM adds three models to its series of USB computer audio interfaces (29/9/2009)

Sound Devices Introduces 552 Five-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder (29/9/2009)

Sony Announces Sound Forge Pro 10 Software with New Event-Based Editing (17/9/2009)

Zaxcom Announces Zax-Net RF Network for Wireless Distribution of Production Audio Remote Control and Metadata (4/9/2009)

Sound Devices Debuts Firmware Update 1.75 for 788T Digital Recorder (4/9/2009)

Merging Technologies Adds Dolby E Workflow to Pyramix with Minnetonka’s SurCode for Dolby E Encoder plug-in (28/8/2009)

JoeCo releases BLACKBOX RECORDER rack-mounted multi-track recorder for live performance audio capture (27/8/2009)

Sound Devices Introduces 788T-SSD Digital Recorder (27/8/2009)

iZotope Releases Radius time stretching and pitch shifting algorithm for Apple Soundtrack Pro (10/8/2009)

MUTEC ships MC-4 digital multichannel audio format and sampling rate converter (10/8/2009)

n-Track Software adds flexible audio signal routing capabilities to n-Track DAW software with version 6.0.5 (10/8/2009)

Zaxcom introduces Zax-Net 2.4 GHz RF network for Deva and Fusion (28/7/2009)

Audiofile Engineering Updates FiRe iPhone Field Recording Application (28/7/2009)

Cakewalk announces update to SONAR V-Studio 100 (27/7/2009)

Sony Unveils PCM-M10 Portable Audio Recorder (27/7/2009)

Apple Unveils New Logic Studio with Major Upgrades to Logic Pro and MainStage (24/7/2009)

SSL shows C10 HD compact digital audio console (21/7/2009)

iZotope Brings Studio Quality Audio Effects to iPhone and iPod Touch Developers (14/7/2009)

Fairlight previews XML support for Final Cut Pro file deliveries (29/6/2009)

Novation announces Automap for iPhone / iPod touch for instant remote control of music making software (26/6/2009)

EDIROL updates R-44 field recorder (22/6/2009)

Merging Technologies Announces Winner Of Pyramix Recording Prize Draw - Over 1000 tracks at once! (22/6/2009)

Audiofile Engineering announces FiRe Audio Recorder bringing professional recording features to the iPhone and iPod Touch (26/5/2009)

Merging Technologies Announces Dolby E Worklow for Pyramix (13/5/2009)

Merging Technologies debuts Pyramix v6.1 (13/5/2009)

Solid State Logic Features C300 HD Master Studio System (13/5/2009)

Solid State Logic Presents Streamlined C100 HD-S Digital Broadcast Console (13/5/2009)

Euphonix Unveils High Channel Count DF70 DSP SuperCore for System 5 Console (13/5/2009)

Euphonix Announces New Features for S5 Fusion Digital Audio Mixing System with EuCon DAW Control (13/5/2009)

Euphonix Announces New EuCon Software for Euphonix MC Pro and System 5-MC DAW Controllers (13/5/2009)

DTS Announces New Blu-ray Audio Production Tools (13/5/2009)

Sound Devices Debuts Firmware Update for 7-Series Line of Digital Recorders (13/5/2009)

Sound Devices Introduces 788T-SSD Digital Recorder (13/5/2009)

Nagra Audio introduces the Nagra LB compact and versatile two-channel recorder (27/4/2009)

Nagra Audio upgrades Nagra VI with USB host support, 6 + 2 channel mix and metadata management (27/4/2009)

Fairlight Shows Extensive Range of Digital Audio Recording, Editing and Mixing Systems (27/4/2009)

Zaxcom Announces Deva and Fusion Display Screen Upgrade (14/4/2009)

Cakewalk ships new line of audio and MIDI interfaces (9/4/2009)

Cakewalk updates SONAR REAC recording system driver (9/4/2009)

Cakewalk announces SONAR V-Studio 100 all-in-one recorder, mixer, interface and DAW controller (9/4/2009)

Cakewalk announces VS-700C V-Studio Console now available for SONAR 8 Producer (9/4/2009)

Novation Announces SL Mk II MIDI controller (7/4/2009)

TC Electronic announces three new Pro Tools TDM plug-in collections (27/3/2009)

Solid State Logic features C300 HD Master Studio System (24/3/2009)

Focusrite Announces Availability of Pro Tools TDM/RTAS control plug-in for Liquid 4PRE (13/3/2009)

AKA teams its ProMedia desk up with Euphonix Artist series (6/3/2009)

Zaxcom Introduces TRX992 Wireless Recording System (27/2/2009)

CEDAR Audio Announces CEDAR Cambridge) Series III audio restoration system for Windows Vista 64 (13/2/2009)

Digidesign Unveils New Pro Tools LE System Bundles (27/1/2009)

Steinberg presents Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5 (27/1/2009)

Novation launches Automap 3 Prowith support for multiple hardware devices (16/1/2009)

Focusrite announces Liquid Saffire 56 - the integration of Liquid pre-amp technology with Saffire PRO audio interfacing (16/1/2009)

Celemony presents Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access (16/1/2009)

EDIROL announces R-09HR Handheld Recorder (14/1/2009)


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