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HD Kit Guide Contents



News for 2005: HD Kit

For news about HD nonlinear video editing products, go to the NLE Buyers Guide news page.

For news about HD broadcast or professional cameras and camcorders, go to the Pro Camera Guide news page.

InterVideo, Ulead Demonstrate WinDVD HD Playback, HD Authoring (21/12/2005)

Apace Systems and Fujitsu 10GbE Technologies Make Collaborative Uncompressed HD Video Editing and Archive a Reality (14/12/2005)

Effect Technology Launches Rezzer R1 Up/Down Serial Digital Format Converter (14/12/2005)

Cintel Bridges the Film/Data Divide With Sledgehammer (7/12/2005)

VertigoXmedia Now Shipping VxScaler Broadcast Graphics System With Integrated Standards Conversion (7/12/2005)

Leitch Launches Inscriber TitleMotion Pro HD (28/11/2005)

ROOT6's New ContentAgent-XR Software adds Features to SD, HD and DI Workflow (15/11/2005)

Doremi's Palm-Sized HDG-20 Test Signal Generator Covers SD, HD and 2k (7/11/2005)

Sonic Debuts Next-Generation Encoder for HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc Titles (5/10/2005)

Mainconcept Announces "Every Codec. Every Platform" Product Roadmap (5/10/2005)

Canon's KH19x6.7 KTS Remote controlled 1/2-inch HD Lens Makes it's European debut (5/10/2005)

Quantel launches The Pablo Suite for Color Correction (5/10/2005)

Telestream Announces FlipFactory HD and Major V4.0 Availability (2/9/2005)

Digital Vision Announces the Nucoda DVO Station based on the DVNR Image Enhancement System (2/9/2005)

Digital Vision Announces Nucoda 3.0 For for Film Master and Film Cutter (2/9/2005)

EDIROL Previews the V-440HD Affordable HD Video Mixer/Switcher (26/9/2005)

JVC launches super-slim and highly efficient professional LCD display monitors at IBC 2005 (26/9/2005)

Pixel Power Unveils Clarity 5000 HD/SD Multi-Format Character Generator (20/9/2005)

Avid Debuts Enhanced Deko Graphics and MediaStream Playout Servers at IBC 2005 (20/9/2005)

Inlet Technologies Introduce Semaphore and Releases Fathom 2.1 at IBC 2005 (20/9/2005)

Blackmagic Design adds immediate HDMI support to all HDLink converters (20/9/2005)

Digital Vision and Cintel replace the traditional Telecine Suite (14/9/2005)

Announcing Nucoda 3.0 from Digital Vision - The Ultimate Tool for DI and Data Centric Video (14/9/2005)

Digital vision announces 10x speed improvement with introduction of new 8-core workstation for Nucoda colour correction system (14/9/2005)

Zaxel Systems Introduces ZLC True lossless compression video codec for HDTV, D-Cinema, and 2K/4K editing (6/9/2005)

NVIDIA to Showcase Content Creation and Delivery Solutions at IBC 2005 (4/9/2005)

Digital Rapids CarbonHD 1.0 is a versatile HD/SD DDR (4/9/2005)

da Vinci Upgrades 2K Plus With Version 4.0, Toolbox2, and ColorTrace (25/8/2005)

DVEO FireCaster, the Complete Solution for Real-time Transport for HD video over FireWire (25/8/2005)

VDS Announces New Line of Twister HD Stations (22/8/2005)

VertigoXmedia Expands HD Capabilities With Industry-First Integrated Cross Converter (22/8/2005)

Leitch Releases New Version of Inscriber Inca RTX HD (15/8/2005)

New Versions Of FilmLight Digital Systems to Premiere At IBC 2005 (15/8/2005)

Digital Rapids launches CarbonHD at IBC 2005 (10/8/2005)

Red Giant Software Releases Primatte Keyer 3 and Key Correct Pro (10/8/2005)

ASSIMILATE to Showcase Expanded SCRATCH Product Line at IBC 2005 (3/8/2005)

Bryant Broadcast 'solutions' for HDTV at IBC (3/8/2005)

Broadcast 'solutions' for HDTV at IBC (3/8/2005)

Sony at IBC 2005: HD for everyone (26/7/2005)

Hamlet Makes the Move to HD Easier with Flexible Test and Measurement at IBC2005 (26/7/2005)

Wohler Technologies Provides Versatility and Convenience in the HD Transition with 15 New HD Monitoring Products (22/7/2005)

New High Resolution LCD Video Monitor Product range takes Wohler Technologies beyond Confidence Monitoring (22/7/2005)

TCube announces two new hardware platforms: FIG for High-Definition and CHERRY for DV (20/7/2005)

Sonic Forges High Definition Authoring Alliance (14/7/2005)

Red Giant Software Announces Magic Bullet Editors 2 with Real-Time Film Look Acceleration (4/7/2005)

Telestream Announces Flip4Mac WMV Compatibility with Apple Tiger 10.4 (4/7/2005)

ASSIMILATE Debuts its SCRATCH SCAFFOLDS Data-Centric Workflow Solution (10/6/2005)

JVC Shows TV-HDBOX60 60 Inch Full HD Resolution Monitoring Solution (10/6/2005)

JVC adds to DT-V monitor range to provide HD monitoring at SD price levels (10/6/2005)

Telecast Copperhead JT Transforms Sony's HDC-F950 HD Camera Into a Compact, Lightweight System (24/5/2005)

Avid Introduces Avid DNxchange I/O System (13/5/2005)

1 Beyond Announces Harmony HD/RT SAN Capable of Supporting Multiple Streams of Uncompressed Real-Time High Definition (13/5/2005)

Inscriber Pursues HD Strategy with Complete On-Air Graphics Offerings (11/5/2005)

Leitch Unveils New Cutting-Edge HD Processing Products at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Miranda's launches HD-Bridge DEC HDV to HD-SDI interface with integral 720p/1080i cross converter (10/5/2005)

ProHD from JVC at NAB 2005 (10/5/2005)

JVC Adds Professional High Definition Video Cassette Recorder to Pro-HD Lineup (10/5/2005)

DVEO Unveils FireCaster for HDV -The Complete Solution for Real-time Transport for HD video over FireWire (10/5/2005)

Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) Powering the High-Definition Revolution With Broad Industry Support (10/5/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Unveils Hybrid HD/SD Real-Time Graphics Products (6/5/2005)

Snell & Wilcox Kahuna, World's Most Advanced Production Switcher, Makes NAB2005 Debut (6/5/2005)

Digital Vision Showcases Nucoda Film Cutter At NAB 2005 (6/5/2005)

Sony Unveils HD Technology for XDCAM Professional Disc System (5/5/2005)

Sony Takes the HD Highway to NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

Apple Continues to Lead the Industry in the Adoption of HD Video at NAB (5/5/2005)

Apple Announces Delivers 3D Compositing and Optical Flow Technologies with Shake 4 (5/5/2005)

Wohler Introduces Crystal Clear Picture and High Resolution LCD Video Monitors (15/4/2005)

HDV settles on Miller's SOLO DS10 (15/4/2005)

ARRI Digital Systems and Autodesk Partner to Provide Seamless End-to-End Digital Intermediate Workflow (15/4/2005)

Wohler Announces New HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Composite Video Monitor and Converter (14/4/2005)

Canon Displays Expanded Line of HD and SD Lenses at NAB 2005 (14/4/2005)

Zetools, Tarari and Digital Rapids Offer Creation and Delivery of Digital Content to Internet Enabled Paltforms (14/4/2005)

Digital Vision's Nucoda Product Line Demonstrates Real-Time 4k at NAB2005 (14/4/2005)

ROOT6 Technology Launches ContentAgent-XR for 2k Film Resolution to 2k Windows Media 9 Transcoding (14/4/2005)

Canopus Debuts ProCoder Station Render Farm (14/4/2005) Introduces POINT-HD at NAB2005 (14/4/2005)

Optibase Introduces Broadcast Quality HD Encoder at NAB 2005 (7/4/2005)

Telestream Flip4Mac Extends Windows Media 9 Encoding to Final Cut Express HD (5/4/2005)

Vela Debuts New Argus HD Encoder at NAB (5/4/2005)

Autodesk Launches Toxik: New Creative and Collaborative Software for Feature Film Visual Effects (5/4/2005)

JVC includes Professional High Definition Recorder Player in its new ProHD Line-up (29/3/2005)

JVC Introduces ProHD at NAB 2005 (29/3/2005)

Fujinon Expands its Focus System Lineup for HDTV Capture in Field and Studio Applications(29/3/2005)

Quantel launches Picturebox sQ (29/3/2005)

Vela Introduces New Premium Quality High-Definition Decoder at NAB 2005 (29/3/2005)

VDS Announces Twister HD V6.5 at NAB 2005 (29/3/2005)

Extron Introduces New MAV Plus Series Matrix Switchers (29/3/2005)

Pinnacle Systems NAB2005 Preview (21/3/2005)

Pinnacle Deko 1000HD Now Available (8/3/2005)

Red Giant Software Releases Magic Bullet Suite 2.0 (28/2/2005)

Leitch's Videotek Introduces the New TVM-950HD Multi-Format High-Definition SDI Monitor at NAB 2005 (28/2/2005)

Dayang Announces Magicbox Modular Interface (24/2/2005)

High Definition for everyone - Sony broadens range of HD options at NAB 2005 (28/2/2005)

Sony Takes the HD Highway to NAB 2005 (22/2/2005)

Panasonic Expands Flat Panel Display Line-Up With Debut of 32" Professional LCD Display (18/2/2005)

Panasonic Unveils Studio-Quality 17" Widescreen LCD Monitor (18/2/2005)

Digital Vision Announces Acquisition of Nucoda (16/2/2005)

Leitch to Extend HD Leadership at NAB 2005 (15/2/2005)

Vela Introduces New Premium Quality High-Definition Decoder at NAB 2005 (15/2/2005)

Telestream Will Unveil New Features for FlipFactory at NAB2005 (11/2/2005)

ERG Ventures Introduces the New HDM-EV85 Portable HD Monitor for SONY HDV Camcorders (11/2/2005)

Hamlet Offers High Definition on Popular Test and Measurement Platforms at NAB2005 (11/2/2005)

Red Giant Software Unveils New Film Restoration Tool (8/2/2005)

Vizrt to Demo Latest Real-Time HD Graphics Technology (8/2/2005)

MTI Film Ships Version 4 of CORRECT (8/2/2005)

Thomson Expands Popular Grass Valley Kayak HD High-Definition Video Switcher Line (30/1/2005)

Thomson Expands Grass Valley Digital Post-Production Line to Deliver Even Greater Creative Workflow Control (30/1/2005)

Rorke Data Targets Apple and Windows Video and Broadcast Resellers with Galaxy-HDX SATA-II RAID Program (24/1/2005)

Red Giant Software to Offer FinalTouch HD from Silicon Color (19/1/2005)

Leitch Launches X75 HD Up/Down/Cross Converter and Synchronizer (19/1/2005)

Doremi Labs introduces the HDG-10 portable HD and SD Video Test Generator (17/1/2005)

Doremi Labs Introduces ORCA HD MPEG2 Capture Station (17/1/2005)

Z-LINK Adds +HD to its Fibre Optic Camera Link System (17/1/2005)

JVC's DT-V Range Provides HD Monitoring at SD Price Levels (13/1/2005)

MainConcept Updates MPEG Pro Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro (13/1/2005)

Sonic to Equip Studios with HD DVD Authoring Systems (10/1/2005)

Apple Ships Xsan Storage Area Network File System (5/1/2005)

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