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NLE Buyers Guide Contents

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News for 2005: NLEs

Canopus Introduces EDIUS Broadcast for Video Professionals Who Need To Get Content to Air Quickly (21/12/2005)

Bright Systems and Xyratex Announce OEM Agreement To Develop New Range of Ultra-High Performance File Servers For Post Production Industry (21/12/2005)

Avid iNEWS Instinct Now Available (21/12/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements and Panasonic Highlight New HD Direct To Edit Video Disk Recorder (14/12/2005)

Thomson Buys 33 1/3% Stake in HD Video Editing Leader Canopus, Intends to Launch Public Tender Offer to Acquire Remaining Shares (7/12/2005)

New Adobe Design, Web and Video Bundles Combine Latest Creative Software From Adobe and Macromedia (7/12/2005)

Adobe Completes Acquisition of Macromedia (7/12/2005)

Matrox Ships Axio Release 1.5 (28/11/2005)

Canopus Announces PCI Express Version of EDIUS NX for Real-time, Mixed HD/SD Editing Solution (21/11/2005)

Avid to Demonstrate Speed and HD Functionality of Symphony Nitris at European Events (21/11/2005)

Avid on schedule to ship Symphony Nitris in December (21/11/2005)

Leitch Ships VelocityHD Version 9.1 with HDV, VariCam and More (15/11/2005)

Grass Valley Announces Software Upgrade for Turbo iDDR (15/11/2005)

Media 100 Announces November Availability of Media 100 sw (9/11/2005)

Boris FX to Assume Media 100 Technical Support Obligations (9/11/2005)

Optibase Announces Sale of Non Linear Editing Product Line to Boris FX (9/11/2005)

Avid to Synchronize Product Development on the Mac (9/11/2005)

Avid Announces the Avid Liquid Product Line (7/11/2005)

Quantel eQ and iQ get new AAF tools (7/11/2005)

Avid Unveils Next-Generation Shared-Storage Solution: Avid Unity ISIS (2/11/2005)

Harris Corporation Completes Acquisition of Leitch Technology (26/10/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements Announces Availability of FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD High Definition DTE Recorders (21/10/2005)

Video Technics Announce Studio Pro Axio Editor for Apella Servers (13/10/2005)

Ulead Ships Updated MediaStudio Pro 8 Video Editing Software offering HDV and DV Editing (13/10/2005)

Matrox Axio Editing Platforms Receive Significant Realtime Performance Boost Using AMD64 Dual-Core Technology (5/10/2005)

Quantel introduces Zone Magic for Federated Workflow with Media Sharing and Production (5/10/2005)

Quantel Launches Eiger Hardware Offering Three Performance Hikes for eQ and iQ (5/10/2005)

Quantel Launches Eiger 3.5 Software for eQ and iQ (5/10/2005)

Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 Format Options Now Offer P2, VariCam and XDCAM Support (5/10/2005)

Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 To Support JVC's New HD Camera And Videocassette Recorder (5/10/2005)

The 4K workflow - DVS leads the way with CLIPSTER 4K (5/10/2005)

DVS Announces Version 2.0 of its CLIPSTER Conforming and Finishing System (5/10/2005)

SGI and DVS enhance HD and 2K production workflow (5/10/2005)

Leitch Showcases Full SD/HD Editing Offering at IBC 2005 (29/9/2005)

New Grass Valley REV PRO Storage Technology Brings IT Benefits to Broadcasters and Video Professionals (29/9/2005)

Grass Valley Introduces New Infinity Digital Media Recorder with Advanced Storage and Playback Capabilities (29/9/2005)

Iomega REV Drive Technology Debuts in New Recording and Storage Devices at IBC (26/9/2005)

FORscene enables 'mobile' reporting with upload and edit functionality for mobile phone stills and video (26/9/2005)

Quantel demonstrates realtime, true 4K pan and scan at IBC (26/9/2005)

Digital Rapids Shows CarbonHD 1.0 Versatile HD/SD DDR (20/9/2005)

Datavideo Shows DLS-1000 Datavideo Video Library Solution at IBC 2005 (20/9/2005)

Shining Technology Brings Direct-to-Edit DV, HDV CitiDISK Recorder to European Market at IBC 2005 (20/9/2005)

GFF Introduces group|cut New Logging And Editing System (20/9/2005)

Merging Technologies Launches VCube HD-2K High-definition Vcube at IBC (20/9/2005)

Avid Announces October Availability of Native HDV Support for PC-based Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer Adrenaline (20/9/2005)

Avid Collaborates With Microsoft to Deliver Native VC-1 Support in Industry-Leading Professional Editing Tools (20/9/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements Brings Direct To Edit Video Disk Recording to the Studio with New FireStore FS-2E (20/9/2005)

AJA Introduces New KONA LH 10-bit Uncompressed Video Capture Card for Editing on Apple with Final Cut Studio (20/9/2005)

BBC R&D and Pro-MPEG launch the Media Dispatch Protocol at IBC 2005 (20/9/2005)

Blackmagic Design introduces world's first PCI Express capture card (20/9/2005)

da Vinci and DVS Team Up to Enhance Nonlinear Functionality for Users of 2K Plus, CLIPSTER (20/9/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements and Panasonic partner to expand FireStore to DVCPRO HD format (14/9/2005)

Gee Broadcast Grows Successful Server Family by Two (14/9/2005)

Lightworks' Soul Takes Flight in Future-Proof Alacrity MR (14/9/2005)

Automatic Duck Partners with AAF Association at IBC 2005 (14/9/2005)

Hi Tech Launches Q-Tracker at IBC (14/9/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Unveils Next Generation of Studio Software (6/9/2005)

Avid Unlocks Full Potential of Apple's Mac OS X Tiger with New Media Composer Adrenaline and Avid Xpress Pro Releases (6/9/2005)

Datavideo to show DLS-1000 Video Server Solution at IBC 2005 (6/9/2005)

Ulead Announces Free Beta Preview of Updated MediaStudio Pro Video Editing Package (6/9/2005)

Omneon Adds HDV Playout Capability to Omneon Spectrum Media Server (6/9/2005)

Harris Corporation to Acquire Leitch Technology Corporation (4/9/2005)

Matrox Announces Realtime Native HDV and DVCPRO HD Editing Support on Matrox Axio HD and Matrox Axio SD Platforms (4/9/2005)

Canopus Accelerates Output for EDIUS Pro 3 Users With New EDIUS Speed Encoder for HDV (4/9/2005)

Canopus Previews New HD Codec Technology at IBC That Delivers 1920 x 1080i Resolution (4/9/2005)

EVS Broadcast Equipment will present its latest line-up of high definition and MXF-based products at IBC 2005 (25/8/2005)

DVEO's HD-SDI Master is a Full-featured Dual-channel PCI-X Bus-based HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) I/O Card (25/8/2005)

Leitch Adds Panasonic DVCPRO50 Support to VelocityHD and VelocityQ NLEs (22/8/2005)

OmniBus Launches the HeadLine Newsroom Suite V1.0 at IBC 2005 (22/8/2005)

Panasonic Announces Availability of Rugged AJ-PCS060 DVCPRO P2 Store Drive (15/8/2005)

Avid Completes Acquisition of Pinnacle (10/8/2005)

Telestream Flip4Mac Adds Windows Media Encoding Support for Apple Compressor 2 (10/8/2005)

European Commission Clears Avid's Acquisition of Pinnacle Deal (5/8/2005)

Avid and Pinnacle Shareholders Approve Acquisition (4/8/2005)

Hi Tech Systems Introduces New Controllers at IBC (3/8/2005)

Doremi Technologies Introduces MCS-HD Server and More at IBC (3/8/2005)

Omneon Announces New ProBrowse System and Introduces HDV Support at IBC2005 (29/7/2005)

Telestream Expands Flip4Mac MXF Ingest for Final Cut Pro Users (29/7/2005)

Aurora Video Systems announces Fuse-X card for professional audio workstations, and new Interceptor technology (29/7/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Board Reaffirms Recommendation of Pending Merger With Avid Technology (26/7/2005)

Autodesk Releases New Versions of its Visual Effects, Editing and Digital Colour Grading Systems (26/7/2005)

Mistika HD Version 2.0 will be Demonstrated Running on Linux at IBC 2005 (22/7/2005)

DigiEffects shipping CineLook2 visual special effects plug-ins (22/7/2005)

SGO at IBC 2005 with Mistika and Natural Tools (22/7/2005)

ProCon Technology Introduces RS232 Direct Connect Controllers for QuickCapture A2D (20/7/2005)

Quantel at IBC 2005 - Hold on tight! (20/7/2005)

Matrox Axio Realtime Multi-Stream SD and HD Editing Platforms Now Shipping (14/7/2005)

Accom Reduces its Operation (11/7/2005)

Canopus Announce Summer 2005 Promotion (4/7/2005)

ProMax announces dvBOX line of high speed FireWire/USB drives (24/6/2005)

DVS Centaurus board supports 64 bit processor architecture under 64 bit Linux (24/6/2005)

Leitch Ships Version 9.1 of VelocityQ NLE (16/6/2005)

Avid Proposed Acquisition of Pinnacle Clears U.S. Antitrust Review (16/6/2005)

CineForm's Aspect HD and Connect HD Add Film-Editing Workflow Features To Support Sony HDV Camcorders (10/6/2005)

Telestream Flip4Mac Brings Sony MXF Digital Ingest to Final Cut Pro 5 (10/6/2005)

Lightworks Ships Touch M.E. Audio Interface (10/6/2005)

Grass Valley Announces OEM and Joint Technology Development Agreement With IT-Based Media Leader Iomega (8/6/2005)

Avid Delivers Breakthrough Pricing for Avid Unity Family of Shared-Storage Solutions (8/6/2005)

Tenomichi releases 3D Edit Version 3 revolutionary video editing software (8/6/2005)

XFX and Tenomichi partner to deliver real-time video editing to everyone (8/6/2005)

NTT Develops the i-Visto eXmedia Server offering an IP-Based, Uncompressed HDTV Video Editing Environment (31/5/2005)

Trial version of Incite Remote Producer available for free download (31/5/2005)

New Grass Valley Turbo iDDR Supports Playout, Recording, Content Management, HD at Unprecedented Price (19/5/2005)

Forbidden Makes Uploading Content Into FORscene Easier (19/5/2005)

SYPHA Launches New Edition of The NLE Buyers Guide (13/5/2005)

Lightworks Announces the Lightworks Touch Mixer Enhancement (13/5/2005)

Major Enhancements to Avid NewsCutter Family Deliver Breakthrough Performance (13/5/2005)

Avid Announces New Versions of Media Composer Adrenaline HD and Avid DS Nitris (13/5/2005)

Avid Xpress Product Family Embraces HD (13/5/2005)

Avid Unveils Avid iNEWS Instinct a Storytelling Tool for Journalists (13/5/2005)

Avid Unveils Symphony Nitris and Sets New Standard in HD Finishing (13/5/2005)

Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Pro Certified for use with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (13/5/2005)

Blackmagic Design Updates DeckLink Uncompressed Video Card Features on Mac OS X (13/5/2005)

1 Beyond Introduces Pro HD Flex Customizable and Affordable HD Product Line (13/5/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements Shows FireStore Family is Industry Standard for Tapeless Acquisition at NAB 2005 (13/5/2005)

Quantel sQ server scales up and down at NAB (11/5/2005)

Quantel launches QColor Excel for iQ - heads up all colorists! (11/5/2005)

Quantel launches Eiger software for eQ and iQ (11/5/2005)

Leitch Unveils Expanded SD/HD Applications in NEXIO Server Platform at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Leitch Adds Support for HDV, VariCam and More to VelocityHD (11/5/2005)

Leitch Previews VelocityX Editing Software at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Canopus Announces Support for Panasonic's DVCPRO P2 Series Products (11/5/2005)

Canopus Announces Support for Sony XDCAM Professional Disc System (11/5/2005)

Merging Take High-definition Video to New Heights (11/5/2005)

Fairlight Launches High Definition Pyxis Nonlinear Video Production Family (11/5/2005)

New JPEG2000 Compressed HD Video Servers from Doremi Labs (10/5/2005)

AJA Announces Support for Final Cut Pro 5 (10/5/2005)

Dayang To Introduce D3-Edit HD Multiformat Editor (10/5/2005)

Dayang Announces DP-Edit Plus Video Editor (10/5/2005)

Dayang Announces D3-Edit 5000 Video Editor (10/5/2005)

24P High Definition Editing Now Possible with Adobe Premiere Using Cineform ASPECT HD (10/5/2005)

Avid Plans to Support JVC GY-HD100U Pro HD Camcorder (10/5/2005)

DVEO Introduces the HD-SDI Master - A Full Featured Dual Channel PCI-X Bus Based HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) I/O Card (10/5/2005)

New APR/ClipStore MX Disk Recorder Offers High-Performance Uncompressed HD/SD (6/5/2005)

New APR/ClipStore MXc Breaks Price/Performance Barrier for HD/SD Disk Recorders (6/5/2005)

Accom Debuts ProServ MX.8 HD/SD Video Production Server (6/5/2005)

Media 100, a Unit of Optibase, Announces Software-Only Version of Media 100 HD (6/5/2005)

Media 100 sw and Media 100 HD Products to Run Apple's Innovative New Operating System and QuickTime 7 (6/5/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Announces Thunder HD High Definition Broadcast Video Production Server (6/5/2005)

Bluefish444 Introduces Catalyst 2K/HD/SD Analog/SDI Video Card for Windows and Linux (6/5/2005)

Digital Voodoo Announces Future Support for H.264 Codec, Quicktime7, TigerOSX and FCP (6/5/2005)

Digital Voodoo Introduces SD|Spark for Final Cut Pro HD (6/5/2005)

Sony Launches New Version of its Vegas+DVD Production Suite (5/5/2005)

Sony's Family of HDV Products Features Expanded Compatibility with Nonlinear Editing Solutions (5/5/2005)

Adobe Aligns with Industry Leaders to Deliver OpenHD Turnkey Desktop Solutions (5/5/2005)

Autodesk Streamlines Post-Production Process by Supporting Native Data Structures of Final Cut Pro (5/5/2005)

Autodesk Announces Discreet Flint and Discreet Smoke High-Definition Systems on PC (5/5/2005)

DVS Takes DI to the highest level with CLIPSTER (5/5/2005)

Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio (5/5/2005)

Matrox Certifies Ciprico NETarray 2215AH, Gives Creative Editors a Powerful Storage Solution for Axio HD Editing Platform (5/5/2005)

Himalaya HD and SD Nonlinear Editing System from Newauto based on Matrox DSX Platform (5/5/2005)

Matrox Launches Matrox Axio Realtime Multi-Stream SD and HD Editing Platforms at NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

Matrox Announces New Bundles and New Low Prices on RT Series Realtime Editing Platforms at NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

EVS Announce Leading HD Editing Software Interoperability with XT (5/5/2005)

AJA Releases New Features for KONA 2 (15/4/2005)

1 Beyond and Tarari Partner to Deliver Accelerated Digital Media Workstations and Servers (14/4/2005)

Canopus Announce New Features for EDIUS Pro 3 and New Format Support Module (14/4/2005)

Incite Avexco Releases Incite Remote Producer - the Mobile DV Factory (12/4/2005)

DVS CLIPSTER supports Kodak Display Manager (12/4/2005)

Forbidden Technologies Adds Four Audio Tracks to FORscene (12/4/2005)

EVS and Telestream Announce FlipFactory Integration with XT Servers (7/4/2005)

Quantel launches Newsbox 'News to Go' pre-packaged integrated news production systems (7/4/2005)

Red Giant Software's Film Fix is Released for Quantel's Q Range (7/4/2005)

Leitch to Bundle Ciprico's Huge Systems MediaVault Storage Arrays with VelocityHD Turnkey Editing Systems (5/4/2005)

PNY Technologies Provides HD Video Editors With Innovative NVIDIA Professional Graphics Solution (5/4/2005)

Thomson Changes Broadcast & Media Solutions Division to Grass Valley (5/4/2005)

Canopus To Unveil Canopus Workflow and New EDIUS Solution at NAB 2005 (29/3/2005)

DVC Launches a new Family of ScreenDisk Products (29/3/2005)

Fast Forward Video launches new portable FieldPro DVR (23/3/2005)

Discreet now called Autodesk Media and Entertainment (23/3/2005)

Avid Technology to Acquire Pinnacle Systems (21/3/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements to Unveil Industry's First High Definition Portable DTE Recorder (21/3/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Delivers Pinnacle Liquid Version 6.1 for Broadcast (21/3/2005)

Quantel Announces Pay as you Go HD for eQ (16/3/2005)

Quantel's New Products, Applications, Software and Thinking at NAB 2005 (16/3/2005)

Accom Shows Latest Developments for SD/HD Production and Post-Production at NAB 2005 (16/3/2005)

CineForm's Aspect HD v3.0 Extends High Definition Editing Features and Performance of Adobe Premiere Pro HDV Plug-In (8/3/2005)

Merging Take High-definition Video to New Heights with VCube HD-2K (8/3/2005)

New JPEG2000 Compressed HD Video Servers from Doremi Labs (8/3/2005)

SpectSoft Announces New 6TB RaveHD Xenon System (28/2/2005)

1 Beyond announces industry's most powerful nonlinear editing laptop for portable HD editing and delivery (24/2/2005)

Hi Tech Systems at NAB 2005 (16/2/2005)

Taking DI to the highest level DVS at NAB 2005 (16/2/2005)

Quantel launches Eiger software for eQ and iQ (16/2/2005)

Thomson Introduces Aurora Software Suite for Digital News, Sports, Feature Production (30/1/2005)

Omneon's New MigrateTool Enables Direct Conversion of Legacy Server Formats to QuickTime Format (24/1/2005)

Bluefish444 Announces Co Development with Avid to Create an Uncompressed HD Workflow Solution Between the Sony SRW-5000 VTR and Avid DS Nitris (21/1/2005)

Media 100 and Lumière HD Announce HDV Support for Media 100 HD (17/1/2005)

Apple Announces Final Cut Express HD (17/1/2005)

Merging Technologies Ships VCube (13/1/2005)

SGO Presents Freestika 1.5, The Mistika's learning tool (13/1/2005)

SGO Announces the Release of Mistika 1.5 (13/1/2005)

Incite Releases Incite Editor 3.3 (10/1/2005)



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