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News for 2006: NLEs

Blackmagic Design Announces Immediate Availability of Intensity, the World's First High Definition HDMI Editing Card (27/12/2006)

MainConcept Releases DVCPro Add-On for its MPEG Pro HD Plug-In (27/12/2006)

DVS Offers Free Version of Spycer Data Management Software (27/12/2006)

Matrox Axio Release 2.5 Now Shipping (21/12/2006)

Red Giant Release New Color Correction Tool (19/12/2006)

Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go Now Compatible with Mac Solutions (4/12/2006)

Bluefish444 Introduces Cross Platform SD|Fidelity and SD|Focus Video Cards for Uncompressed Post-Production Workflow (4/12/2006)

MOG Solutions and Apple establish strategic partnership (4/12/2006)

NewTek Launches SpeedEDIT Nonlinear Editing Software (24/11/2006)

Bella Corporation Ships Professional Video Keyboards (20/11/2006)

Focus Enhancements Releases New Line of High Definition FS-4 Portable DTE Recorders Featuring Extended Recording and HD Support as Standard (7/11/2006)

Lightworks Ships Softworks Version 1.1 (7/11/2006)

Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks Now with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors (26/10/2006)

Adobe Extends Video Software Offerings with Acquisition of Serious Magic (26/10/2006)

Flip4Mac Profile|K2 Components Now Available from Telestream (24/10/2006)

Avid Empowers Smaller-Market Broadcasters with Avid News Station (20/10/2006)

Avid Ships Latest Version of Avid Studio Toolkit (20/10/2006)

Red Giant Software Updates Plug-Ins for Intel and Power PC Macs, Final Cut Pro, and Avid AVX (16/10/2006)

Focus Enhancements Announces Availability of 2.0 Firmware Upgrade Adding Native QuickTime HDV Support for FS-4Pro HD, FS-C, and DR-HD100 Portable HD DTE Recorders (9/10/2006)

EDIROL Expands its Direct Linear Video Editor Range (27/9/2006)

Sony Launches New Version of Vegas+DVD Production Suite at IBC 2006 (27/9/2006)

Solid State Logic Moves Into Video With The European Launch of MediaWAN (27/9/2006)

Dayang Shows D3-Edit HD8 Multidefinition Video/Audio Editor (27/9/2006)

Quantel Launches Marco Standalone, Software-Only Desktop Editing Package (26/9/2006)

Quantel Shows New V3.6 Software for iQ, eQ and Pablo at IBC 2006 (26/9/2006)

EditShare Launches Portable Shared Storage System (26/9/2006)

Telestream Expands Encoding Workflow Solutions (25/9/2006)

Matrox Extio Series now compatible with Matrox Axio editing systems (25/9/2006)

EVS XT[2] servers to offer interoperability with Avid DNxHD (20/9/2006)

Avid Delivers World's First Nonlinear Workflow Engine: Avid Interplay (20/9/2006)

NewTek Demonstrates Serial Digital Switching for VT[4] Live! (20/9/2006)

MainConcept to Ship First Hardware DSP Product - H.264/AVC D1 Broadcast Encoder (20/9/2006)

Omneon Extends Multiformat Capabilities of Spectrum Media Server System (11/9/2006)

Panasonic Announces AJ-HPM100 P2 Mobile Recorder (11/9/2006)

Grass Valley Reveals Format-Independent EDIUS Turnkey Products (11/9/2006)

Lightworks Introduces Lightworks VIT Multi-Channel Ingest System at IBC 2006 (6/9/2006)

Lightworks Introduces Software-Only Editing Solutions at IBC 2006 (6/9/2006)

Gee Broadcast Systems Introduces Geevs SDLE Low Cost Server at IBC 2006 (6/9/2006)

Matrox Announces New Features for Matrox Axio Platforms Including HDV 720p (JVC ProHD) Support (6/9/2006)

Matrox Announces New Features for Matrox RT.X2 Including Realtime Native HDV 720p (JVC ProHD) Editing (6/9/2006)

Masstech Group Delivers Innovation with the Release of Workflow Manager for MassStore (6/9/2006)

DVS Presents New 4K and JPEG2000 OEM Products at IBC (6/9/2006)

SGO Previews Mistika Version 2.5 Features Running on Linux (2/9/2006)

FFV Ships NDT-200 Portable DVR (2/9/2006)

1 Beyond Enters European Market with Wide Range of Affordable Editing and Storage Systems (2/9/2006)

DVS Releases Spycer Data Management Software (2/9/2006)

DVS Presents DVS-SAN at IBC With New Controller Technology (29/8/2006)

Autodesk introduces new versions of its visual effects and editing systems (29/8/2006)

Studio Network Solutions Features New Postmap Software at IBC (29/8/2006

EVS Shows New CleanEdit Suite News Production System With Native HD Support at IBC (18/8/2006)

Avid to Expand Delivery of Content Creation Tools for Apple's Intel-based Macs (17/8/2006)

NewTek Develops a Faster Way to Edit Multi-Definition Video (3/8/2006)

Media 100 Showcases new SD and HD NLE product line at IBC 2006 (25/7/2006)

Quantel at IBC 2006 searingly hot stuff served up (25/7/2006)

Solid State Logic Moves Into Video With The European Launch of MediaWAN At IBC (25/7/2006)

Grass Valley Offers 30-day Trial of EDIUS Pro version 4 Nonlinear Editing Software (21/7/2006)

Matrox MXO Now Shipping (21/7/2006)

MainConcept Releases MPEG Pro HD 2.0 - Plug-In For Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro (21/7/2006)

Avid Ships Latest Versions of Avid Unity Shared-Storage Systems (12/7/2006)

Avid Ships Avid DS Nitris 8.0 (12/7/2006)

Avid Xpress Pro 5.5 and New Avid Mojo SDI Now Shipping (12/7/2006)

Proavio Releases New Studio Quality SATA and SAS Disk Arrays for High Resolution Audio and Video Production (5/7/2006)

Avid to Ship New Media Composer Family Worldwide (26/6/2006)

FFV's Recon Used in Rugerent OHG's new Easylook VideoAssist (26/6/2006)

Matrox RT.X2 Professional Realtime Native HDV and DV Editing Platform Now Shipping (8/6/2006)

Merging Technologies Launch Streamlined VCube (8/6/2006)

Apple Releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5 (23/5/2006)

Bluefish444 Announces Support for Final Cut Studio 5.1 for its Entire Prouct Line (19/5/2006)

Masstech Group Announces M-Connect, a Powerful New Interface for Apple Final Cut Studio (19/5/2006)

EditShare Announces Canopus EDIUS Support (17/5/2006)

Tarari and Avid Announce Licensing Agreement for Tarari's Encoder Accelerator for Real-Time Encoding Acceleration of Windows Media Video (17/5/2006)

PNY Technologies Launches New Line of Broadcast HD-SDI and HD Video Editing Solutions (17/5/2006)

EVS unveils production/playout server for SONY HD 3x speed super slow motion system (17/5/2006)

Grass Valley Announces New Open Alliance Partner Initiative (11/5/2006)

Grass Valley Unveils Flexible, Integrated K2- and EDIUS- based Shared Production Environment (11/5/2006)

Grass Valley Launches New 4.0 Version of EDIUS Nonlinear Editing Software at NAB (11/5/2006)

Grass Valley Announces REV PRO Drive as Standard Feature on all Turnkey NewsEdit and EDIUS Nonlinear Editing Systems (11/5/2006)

Grass Valley Announces Collaborative Development Effort with Avid to Integrate Infinity Series with Avid Editing Systems (11/5/2006)

Avid Liquid Chrome HD Delivers Greater Format Flexibility and New Effects Tools (9/5/2006)

Avid Studio Toolkit Delivers New Avid FX and 3D Tools, Adds Blu-ray Support (9/5/2006)

Avid Unleashes Mac HD and Avid Mojo SDI for Avid Xpress Pro (9/5/2006)

Avid DS Nitris Expands Hi-Res and HD Finishing Capabilities (9/5/2006)

Avid Shatters Real-Time Storage Barriers with Open Storage Initiative and Unprecedented System Capacity of 192 TB (9/5/2006)

Avid Unveils World's First Nonlinear Workflow Engine: Avid Interplay (9/5/2006)

Avid Media Composer Breaks New Ground with Workflow-Intelligent, Scalable Family (9/5/2006)

AJA Debuts 2K Video Support and HD Cross-Convert with KONA 3 v2 Upgrade (8/5/2006)

AJA Debuts XENA 2K and Adds New Adobe Premiere Pro Support Into XENA Line (8/5/2006)

DVS next generation of OEM products (8/5/2006)

DVS CLIPSTER enhances performance (8/5/2006)

NewTek announces SpeedEDIT Video Editor (8/5/2006)

NewTek announces VT[5] Live! (8/5/2006)

Zaxel Systems Ships Video Server with Lossless Compression and up to 4k Recording (8/5/2006)

Quantel launches Newsbox HD at NAB (8/5/2006)

Quantel Introduces eQ FX at NAB (26/4/2006)

Unique OEM Product Suite from Pleora Allows Post-Production Video Applications to Run on Standard PCs and IP/Ethernet (24/4/2006)

Matrox Announces New Features for Matrox DSX Developer Platforms at NAB 2006 (23/4/2006)

Matrox Announces Matrox RT.X2 Professional Realtime Native HDV and DV Editing Platform (23/4/2006)

Matrox Announces Matrox MXO Portable Broadcast-Quality Audio/Video Output Adapter for the Mac (23/4/2006)

Matrox to Offer Sony XDCAM and XDCAM HD Workflow on Axio Realtime HD/SD Editing Systems (23/4/2006)

Matrox to Offer Panasonic P2 Workflow on Axio Realtime HD/SD Editing Systems (23/4/2006)

Matrox Ships 500 Matrox Axio LE Realtime HD/SD Editing Systems (23/4/2006)

nNovia Launch QC Deck and QC100-R at NAB 2006 (18/4/2006)

Avid Acquires Sundance Digital, Inc. (18/4/2006)

Gallery Announce SIENNA MOS architecture for QuickTime News (15/4/2006)

1 Beyond Announces the HD OctoFlex 8 Process Video Workstation for Windows XP (15/4/2006)

Grande Vitesse Systems Unveils the GVS9000 4NXU With 10 Hours of Uncompressed HD Virtual Tape Recording (15/4/2006)

DVS Introduces New Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 Digital Disk Recorders (10/4/2006)

Apple Ships Final Cut Studio 5.1 (10/4/2006)

CineForm and Wafian Announce the HR-1 Affordable Direct-to-Disk HD-SDI Recorder (10/4/2006)

DVS and ARRI provide innovative solution for digital dailies workflow (10/4/2006)

Canopus Offers New Trial Version of EDIUS Pro3 Realtime Video Editing Software (27/3/2006)

Quantel Introduces TimeMagic for eQ (27/3/2006)

BOXX Launches GoBOXX 1400 Mobile Workstation with AMD's Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processors (20/3/2006)

Bluefish444 Announces Iridas File Support for HD|Lust (13/3/2006)

Doremi Labs Introduces New Dual-Channel Playback Option for V1-HD Video Server (13/3/2006)

Applied Magic Video Corp Introduces The New 400GB ScreenPlay Epic NLE (9/3/2006)

Avid Unveils VideoRAID Family of High-Performance, Low-Cost Storage Solutions (8/3/2006)

Canopus EDIUS Pro 3 and EDIUS Broadcast Support New Canon XL H1 Camcorder (8/3/2006)

Blackmagic Design Announces Universal Version of HDLink Software to Support Intel-based Macs (8/3/2006)

EditShare Launches Next Generation Collaborative Editing and Shared Media StorageSystems (27/2/2006)

Blackmagic Design Announces the Immediate Availability of DeckLink HD Pro PCIe Uncompressed 4:4:4/4:2:2 Capture Card (27/2/2006)

Merging Announces Version 1.2 for VCube (20/2/2006)

Macrosystem Announces HDD/RT HDV Hard Drive Recorder/Converter (20/2/2006)

Blackmagic Design Announces Multibridge Extreme 5.4 Software: Featuring New HD to SD Downconversion and 30" Monitoring Support (10/2/2006)

Bluefish444 Announces Major Software Update for Adobe Production Studio (10/2/2006)

Bluefish444 Announces Major Software Update: Symmetry 3.0 (10/2/2006)

SpectSoft announces support for the new PCIe line of I/O boards from AJA in RaveHD (26/1/2006)

AJA Enables Native HD/SD Capture, Editing and Playback with AJA XENA HS Support for Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (26/1/2006)

Bluefish444 Europe to Bundle Ciprico's MediaVault Fibr Channel Products (26/1/2006)

FOCUS Enhancements Announces Native QuickTime HDV Support for FireStore FS-4Pro HD and DR-HD100 Portable HD DTE recorders (26/1/2006)

Adobe Recommends NVIDIA Quadro GPUs for Optimal Performance With Adobe OpenHD Video Editing Solutions (24/1/2006)

Bluefish444 Announces HD|Fury Turnkey System with Adobe Production Studio Submitted to Adobe OpenHD Alliance for Certification (24/1/2006)

Matrox Announces Support for Adobe Production Studio and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on Matrox Axio Realtime HD and SD Editing Platforms (24/1/2006)

Blackmagic Design Announces Immediate Availability of Software Update with Full Support for Adobe Production Studio (24/1/2006)

Adobe Revolutionises Post-Production Workflows with All-New Adobe Production Studio (17/1/2006)

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Dramatically Increases Post-Production Workflow Productivity (17/1/2006)

New cross-platform access to Quantel workspace by Pixel Nation (17/1/2006)

NewTek Releases Free Update to VT[4] Integrated Production Suite (9/1/2006)

Media 100 HD Version 10.1.3 Now Available (9/1/2006)

Maximum Throughput Releases Sledgehammer 2.5 (9/1/2006)

Bright Systems Announces BrightDrive High Performance Shared Media Solutions for Digital Post (9/1/2006)

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