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News for 2007: NLEs

Matrox MXO Now With Support for Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard), Apple Color, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on the Mac (28/12/2007)

JVC's DR-HD100 Hard Disk Recorder and Apple's Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 Provide ProHD Users with Quick and Easy Workflow (13/12/2007)

VDS announces Synapse Render for Quantel systems (11/12/2007)

Thomson Offers New Bundle For Creative HD Editing With Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS (5/12/2007)

Omneon Announces Server Support for Panasonic's Advanced AVC-Intra HD Format (29/11/2007)

Apple Releases Final Cut Express 4 with AVCHD Support (22/11/2007)

Avid Announces Major Shift in 2008 Strategy in Response to Customer Feedback (20/11/2007)

NewTek ships SpeedEDIT Version 1.5 with improved workflow and broader feature set (20/11/2007)

NewTek Ships VT[5] with virtual set technology and HD post production support (12/11/2007)

Avid and Masstech Group Enter Into Product Licensing Agreement (7/11/2007)

AJA supports new Apple Leopard Mac OS (7/11/2007)

Drastic Releases Version 3.0 DDR Software (7/11/2007)

AJA Releases Io HD for 10-Bit HD Editing in Apple's ProRes 422 Format (26/10/2007)

DVS integrates DataDirect Networks components in its DVS-SAN for enterprise-level centralised storage solutions (23/10/2007)

Matrox Announces Matrox RT.X2 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Bundle (15/10/2007)

Apace Launches XOL Network Storage for Archive and Online Video Editing Workflows (8/10/2007)

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Adds Support for Panasonic P2 (8/10/2007)

MOG Solutions Licenses MXF Technology to Adobe for Adobe Premiere PRO CS3 (8/10/2007)

EVS Presents XT[2] Server Interface for Sony MVS-8000G Production Switcher For Fast-Moving Live Production Environments (2/10/2007)

EVS Releases Multicam v9 Software for its XT[2] SD/HD Family of Servers (2/10/2007)

EVS Showcases Third Party Integration with XFile[2] storage platform and Xfile software (2/10/2007)

Sonnet Announces Fusion R800RAID Rackmount RAID Storage Systems for Video Editing (2/10/2007)

Force10 Networks joins with Quantel to deliver high performance digital media data center solutions (1/10/2007)

Quantel gives Genetic Engineering its European debut (1/10/2007)

Quantel gives Mission its European debut (1/10/2007)

Quantel previews Version 3.7 software with new tools for color correction, effects and connectivity (1/10/2007)

Linux users benefit from DVS Spycer 1.2 (26/9/2007)

Enhance Technology's EnhanceRAID R14 HDS Certified by Matrox for Axio HD (24/9/2007)

Doremi introduces affordable V1-UHD/LE uncompressed HD video disk recorder (24/9/2007)

Telestream Episode Adds Avid and Leading Broadcast Server Support to Apple Digital Media Workflows (24/9/2007)

NewTek Unveils VT[5] The Next Generation TV Stdio-in-a-Box (20/9/2007)

Thomson Debuts New Modules and Features For Its Grass Valley K2 Media Server System (20/9/2007)

Thomson Launches Grass Valley Ignite HD Integrated Production System Tailored For European Broadcasters At IBC2007 (20/9/2007)

Matrox Announces Interoperability between Matrox Axio Realtime Editing Platforms and Omneon Spectrum and MediaGrid Active Storage Systems (18/9/2007)

Matrox Announces New X.mio2 DSX Developer Product at IBC 2007 (18/9/2007)

Bright Launches BrightDrive TxP Bringing Major Cost Savings to Digital Film Processes (17/9/2007)

Sony Creative Software Unveils New Vegas Pro 8 Editing Solution (7/9/2007)

Autodesk announces new features for Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fire and Smoke 2008 (7/9/2007)

DVS Presents New CLIPSTER Real-time 4K Features at IBC 2007 (4/9/2007)

Matrox Announces Realtime 10-bit Uncompressed HD Support on Matrox Axio LE HD/SD Editing Platform (28/8/2007)

Fast Forward Video Shows Omega HD high-end digital video recorder for the broadcast industry (23/8/2007)

DVS Spycer for DVS-SAN provides optimal data management (23/8/2007)

NewTek Delivers the Premier Animate and Edit Bundle (21/8/2007)

EVS presents new products and showcases instant tapeless production workflows at IBC 2007 (21/8/2007)

Pixellexis shows RED BOX multi-processor for render intensive jobs (21/8/2007)

Marquis Broadcast Announces Medway Support for the EVS XT[2] Server Range (17/8/2007)

Omneon Shows MPEG-2 HD and DVCPROHD support plus ProXchange transcoding system at IBC2007 (17/8/2007)

Harris Corporation to Demonstrate Integrated Workflow Solutions at IBC 2007 (13/8/2007)

InPhase Technologies and Ikegami demonstrate holographic storage at IBC 2007 (13/8/2007)

MOG Solutions Introduces Toboggan MediaTransfer to Revolutionise MXF Ingest into Avid Enviroments (13/8/2007)

Doremi shows 4k and HD video servers at IBC 2007 (7/8/2007)

Matrox Ships Matrox RT.X2 3.0 (1/8/2007)

Media 100 Announces Version 12.0 (27/7/2007)

Red Giant Software Releases Trapcode Products for Editors (27/7/2007)

Ross Video debuts new line of SoftMetal Video Servers at IBC 2007 (16/7/2007)

Quantel at IBC 2007 (16/7/2007)

Avid Announces Departure of CEO David Krall (16/7/2007)

NewTek Ships New SpeedEDIT Version 1.2 (11/7/2007)

Adobe Ships Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Master Collection (11/7/2007)

EditShare Ships Version 5.0 (4/7/2007)

Digital Anarchy Releases ToonIt! for Turning Film/Video Footage Into a Cartoon Look (4/7/2007)

Sony Announces the VAIO RM1N Ultimate HD Workstation (4/7/2007)

Telestream Episode Integration with Final Cut Studio 2 Now Available (18/6/2007)

Automatic Duck Teams Up with Red Giant Software to Bridge the Color Correction Gap Between Final Cut Pro and After Effects (18/6/2007)

Bright Systems Introduces BDI TxP High Speed Portable Drive System (14/6/2007)

Gee Broadcast Systems Ships Geevs SDE (14/6/2007)

Apple Updates MacBook Pro (12/6/2007)

Blackmagic Design Announces Final Cut Studio 2 Support (29/5/2007)

Avid Delivers Avid iNEWS Command for Improved Newsroom Efficiency (29/5/2007)

FFV Announces New Multi-Use Xi Deck to Replace Tape-Based Recording Devices (16/5/2007)

FFV Announces New Recon DVR With Optional USB, CF, and SDI Features (16/5/2007)

Media 100 Ships Version 11.6 with Support for Intel-based Macs (12/5/2007)

Cooke Optics Announces Avid Support for /i Technology (12/5/2007)

1 Beyond Announces HD D2D-Max Portable Uncompressed HD Direct-to-Disk Multi-Function Recorder (10/5/2007)

Quantel launches Genetic Engineering open teamworking infrastructure for Post and DI (10/5/2007)

Quantel's Genetic Engineering opens up the post and DI pipeline (10/5/2007)

Quantel increases resolution across post and DI range - 4K and HD RGB now standard specification (10/5/2007)

Telestream Announces Episode Integration with Final Cut Studio 2 (10/5/2007)

Episode Engine Brings Unparalleled Encoding Performance to the Mac Masses (10/5/2007)

Focus Enhancements Announces Version 3.0 Upgrade for FS-100 Portable Direct To Edit Recorder (10/5/2007)

Sony Creative Software Launches Free Update for Vegas 7 Professional NLE with Support for Sony's AVCHD High Definition Camcorders (4/5/2007)

Adobe Delivers Previews of Pro Video Tools (4/5/2007)

GVS-Grande Vitesse Systems Showcases GVS9000 4XU 2RF Rugged Field Film Recorder (4/5/2007)

Wafian Introduces two new Direct-to-Disk Video Recorders: HR-F1 for 4:2:2 Field Acquisition and HR-2 for 4:4:4 Digital Film Acquisition (30/4/2007)

Thomson Launches Grass Valley ContentShare2 Comprehensive Workflow and Media Management System (30/4/2007)

Thomson's Grass Valley Boosts EDIUS Capabilities and User Interface (30/4/2007)

Thomson Announces New Features for its Grass Valley K2 Media Client and Media Server (30/4/2007)

NewTek Announces SpeedEDIT Upgrade (27/4/2007)

NewTek SpeedEDIT Now Supports Windows Vista (27/4/2007)

AJA Introduces Io HD for 10-Bit HD Editing Leveraging Apple's New ProRes 422 Format (27/4/2007)

AJA Announces 3.0 Software Upgrade for XENA Video Playback and Capture Cards (27/4/2007)

Harris Corporation Supercharges Broadcast Newsroom Editing with the Introduction of NewsForce (27/4/2007)

Harris Corporation Integrates Apple's Final Cut Studio With NewsForce (27/4/2007)

Sony Creative Software Partners with AMD to host Technology Preview of 64-Bit Version of Vegas NLE Software (26/4/2007)

Avid Advances Open Platform Initiative with More Than 50 Third Parties at NAB 2007 (26/4/2007)

Avid Unveils Liquid Chrome Xe with AJA Support (26/4/2007)

Avid Unveils New System Architecture to Power Fifth-Generation Avid Unity MediaNetwork (26/4/2007)

Apple Introduces Final Cut Server (26/4/2007)

Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio 2 (26/4/2007)

Matrox Axio Realtime HD and SD Editing Platform Part of Avid Open Storage Initiative Demonstration at NAB 2007 (14/4/2007)

Philips anti-piracy watermarking solution available for use with Avid editing systems (14/4/2007)

Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Extreme and DeckLink HD Pro Qualified for Final Cut Studio 5.1 (13/4/2007)

EVS announces innovation at NAB 2007 (13/4/2007)

Matrox Demonstrates New Features for Matrox MXO at NAB 2007 (11/4/2007)

Video Technics Demonstrates Apella HDS v3.5 Media Server with Matrox Axio HD and New NLE Plug-In Technology (11/4/2007)

NextComputing and Bluefish444 Combine for Real-Time Mobile Broadcast Applications (11/4/2007)

Bluefish444 Introduces 2K|Lust and 2K Symmetry Software (11/4/2007)

Bluefish444 Introduces Cross Platform SD|Fidelity, SD|Focus and SD|Prime Video Cards for Uncompressed Post Production Workflow (11/4/2007)

Maximum Throughput Announces New Entry Level Sledgehammer Configuration (11/4/2007)

DVS presents CLIPSTER's support for Digital Cinema with DCI Mastering, JPEG2000, DCDM, and DCP (9/4/2007)

Ross Video to Launch SoftMetal Video Servers (9/4/2007)

FFV Announces Next-Generation Omega HD DVR With JPEG2000 (5/4/2007)

DVS adds features to DVS-SAN with SpycerBox (5/4/2007)

Autodesk Launches New Extension Releases for Its Film and Television Solutions (5/4/2007)

Avid Delivers Media Composer and Avid Xpress Pro for Intel-Based Macs (30/3/2007)

Bright Systems Demonstrates Major New Usability Features and Enhancements for BrightDrive Shareable Media Store at NAB 2007 (30/3/2007)

Dayang Announces Major Enhancements to D-Cube-News at NAB 2007 (30/3/2007)

Telestream Introduces Pipeline Network Encoder for SDI Video Capture (30/3/2007)

Avid Delivers AirSpeed 2.5 for Streamlined Production Workflow (30/3/2007)

Dayang to introduce broad range of PC/video cards at NAB 2007 (28/3/2007)

Blackmagic Design Announces a Major Software Update for DeckLink and Multibridge products (28/3/2007)

Matrox Announces Support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on Matrox Axio Realtime HD and SD Editing Platforms (28/3/2007)

Matrox Announces Support for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and Realtime Panasonic P2 MXF 720p Editing on the Matrox RT.X2 Platform (28/3/2007)

Adobe Reveals Creative Suite 3 Production Premium (28/3/2007)

DVS showcases 4K in real time at NAB 2007 (27/3/2007)

Matrox Graphics launches TripleHead2Go Digital Edition (19/3/2007)

Five Nine Solutions Produce the EditShare Field Portable Shared Storage Solution (13/3/2007)

Dayang's New D3-Edit-HD9 Revolutionises HD Production (8/3/2007)

Matrox Announces Matrox RT.X2 SD Realtime Editing Platform (8/3/2007)

Doremi's New V1-HD/LE Disk Recorder Breaks the Price Barrier for HD Video Recording and Playback (26/2/2007)

Telestream Announces Availability of Flip4Mac XDCAM V2.1 Software (26/2/2007)

New Release of Grass Valley ProCoder Software Boosts "Anything In, Anything Out" Conversion Performance (12/2/2007)

New Cost-Effective Multi-format Professional Editor from Grass Valley (8/2/2007)

Dayang introduces new additions to its broadcast-quality editing, character generation and networking equipment at NAB2007 (8/2/2007)

Focus Enhancements Doubles DVCPRO HD Record Time and Adds QuickTime Support to FS-100 (6/2/2007)

NewTek Ships SpeedEDIT, World's Fastest Video Editor (6/2/2007)

Matrox launches the Extio F1220 Remote Graphics Unit (25/1/2007)

Harris Corporation Aligns with Industry Leader in MXF Interchange, MOG Solutions (25/1/2007)

DVC presents new ClipRecorder Models (22/1/2007)

Matrox Ships Four New DSX Developer Products (17/1/2007)

Matrox RT.X2 Release 2.0 Now Shipping (8/1/2007)

Adobe's Complete Video Post-Production Suite Goes Cross-Platform (8/1/2007)

Corel Completes InterVideo Acquisition, Advancing Its Digital Media Software Strategy (8/1/2007)


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