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News for 2008: NLEs

Avid unveils Avid Unity ISIS 2.0 offering real-time HD collaboration (5/12/2008)

Omneon and Front Porch Digital Accelerate Access to Media Content (5/12/2008)

Media 100 Ships Version 13 with Apple Final Cut Studio via XML Interchange and Expanded Audio Output Options (26/11/2008)

Quantel releases RED conform and import for eQ, iQ, Sid and Pablo (26/11/2008)

Gee Broadcast adds multichannel uncompressed HD support to the Geevs Server range (21/11/2008)

Quantel announces availability of Imagica's Primatte V4 keying technology for Pablo, iQ, eQ and QEffects (21/11/2008)

Red Giant Software Unveils Warp-Corner Pin, Shadow, and Reflection Tools (21/11/2008)

Boris FX Adds Boris Continuum Unit: Film Look to its family of visual effects plug-ins (13/11/2008)

Ross Video Ships SoftMetal v4.0 Video Server Software (13/11/2008)

ARRI certifies DVS SpycerBox as storage solution for ARRISCAN (7/11/2008)

Thomson Launches Worldwide Editing Roadshow for Desktop Production Professionals (29/10/2008)

Autodesk Signs Agreement with Avid Technology to Acquire Softimage (29/10/2008)

Adobe Supports Panasonic's AVCHD Format in its Latest Creative Suite Software Applications (29/10/2008)

Codex Digital Delivers Hub for Tapeless Workflow with new Codex Lab (28/10/2008)

Avid Announces RED Support (23/10/2008)

AmberFin releases iCR 4.0 software platform with increased interoperability for Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid editing systems (15/10/2008)

Avid Ships DS Version 10 (15/10/2008)

Shining Technology ships CitiDISK FlashMem ultra-portable solid state HD tapeless recorder (13/10/2008)

Fast Forward Video Announces New Release of NDT 200 Portable DVR (7/10/2008)

Thomson Introduces K2 Dyno Replay Controller for Fast-paced Sports and Live Event Environments (29/9/2008)

Thomson Adds K2 Summit HD Production Client for Streamlined News and Sports Production to K2 Servers (29/9/2008)

EVS shows XT2web Web browsing and clip-making solution (29/9/2008)

EVS Announces XT[2] Server Ability to Ingest Two Thomson Grass Valley LDK 8000 SportElite HD Cameras Simultaneously (29/9/2008)

Adobe Previews Next Generation of Adobe Post Production Software (29/9/2008)

Harris Demonstrates Expanded NewsForce Broadcast Product Family (29/9/2008)

Harris Corporation Unveils Advancements in HD/SD Broadcast Server Technology and SAN Architecture (29/9/2008)

Sony showcases enhanced networked production workflow capabilities with SONAPS to HDXchange (29/9/2008)

Quantel announces support for RED camera (26/9/2008)

3ality Digital and Quantel announce first fruits of partnership (26/9/2008)

Quantel previews Stereo3D Server showing viability of Stereo3D broadcast production (26/9/2008)

Quantel launches soft-Sam giving open connectivity and teamworking boost for standalone eQ, iQ and Pablo systems (26/9/2008)

AJA Video Ships Io HD, KONA, XENA and FS1 Upgrades (26/9/2008)

Quantel shows Final Cut Pro embedded into the Quantel workflow (23/9/2008)

Thomson Streamlines File-Based Production With New FIRECODER Transcoding Cards (23/9/2008)

Thomson Expands Line of HD I/O Boards with New, Next-Generation PCI Express Cards to Enhance and Streamline HD Editing Workflows (23/9/2008)

Thomson Unveils HDSTORM HDMI-based HD I/O Board to Super Charge HD Editing (23/9/2008)

Thomson's Unveils Version 5 of its EDIUS Editing Software With More Power And Wider Third-party Support (23/9/2008)

DataDirect Networks Provides Concurrent Access to More Than 30 Uncompressed Apple Final Cut Pro HD Workstations in Real-Time (16/9/2008)

Solid State Logic releases the Studio Recorder VTR replacement application for its MediaWAN family (16/9/2008)

Autodesk Introduces Extensions for its Visual Effects and Finishing Systems Offering Additional Compressed Media Support and 3D Workflows (16/9/2008)

Innobits presents Video Purifier for detecting and removing contaminations in videos (15/9/2008)

Telestream's HD Video Capture Offers Instant Access to Content for Editing (15/9/2008)

Sony Creative Software Announces New Vegas Movie Studio 9 (15/9/2008)

Solid State Logic Enhances Gravity News Production System (11/9/2008)

Lightworks shows Version 1.3 editing software for Alacrity and Softworks at IBC 2008 (11/9/2008)

New Avid Services Enable Third Parties to Easily Exchange Avid-Native Media (11/9/2008)

Matrox Ships MXO2 Portable, Affordable, Complete I/O for the Mac in Time for IBC 2008 (11/9/2008)

Matrox RT.X2 Realtime HD/SD Editing Platforms to be Demonstrated at IBC 2008 (11/9/2008)

Matrox Axio LE Realtime Editing Platform to be Showcased at IBC 2008 (11/9/2008)

Matrox Delivers Key Technologies to Broadcast Equipment Manufacturers including 3G SDI and Expanded Cross-Platform File Format Support (11/9/2008)

Doremi presents new Digital Cinema, 4K and HD products (9/9/2008)

EVS Unveils its IPEdit Real-Time Editing Solution for Fast Turnaround Production (9/9/2008)

EVS Shows New Products and Upgrades at IBC08 (9/9/2008)

DVS Presents CLIPSTER with RED Support, High-Speed Conforming and DCI Mastering (9/9/2008)

Panasonic Broadcast Announces Support for AVC-Intra Native Editing In Avid's Latest Systems (29/8/2008)

DVS presents its Spycer data management software with improved reliability and flexibility (29/8/2008)

Avid launches DS version 10 on a new high-performance platform (29/8/2008)

Ardis Technologies presents its DynamicDrivePool as the basis for using MXF (29/8/2008)

ToolsOnAir introduces LiveCut tapeless multi camera workflow system (29/8/2008)

DAVID Systems announces AtomFactory integration with DigaSystem for QuickTime-MXF Workflows (29/8/2008)

DVS doubles its DVS-SAN performance with 8-Gbit Fibre Channel technology (28/8/2008)

Divergent Media Releases ClipWrap m2t to QuickTime converter (28/8/2008)

Maximum Throughput shows Sledgehammer Version 3.6 (28/8/2008)

Quantel and 3ality Digital announce strategic partnership to drive forward Stereoscopic adoption (27/8/2008)

Fast Forward Video Launches Q HD Digital Video Recorder (26/8/2008)

DVS presents SpycerBox with ingest option (26/8/2008)

Red Giant Software Offers Camera Shake, Jitter, and Noise Removal Tool (21/8/2008)

Matrox Axio Realtime Editing Platforms Support Windows Vista, Sony XDCAM HD422, and Sony XDCAM EX (21/8/2008)

Quantel shares its passion for post, DI and broadcast at IBC 2008 (13/8/2008)

DVS takes workflow to the next level with new CLIPSTER and Spycer features (13/8/2008)

Maximum Throughput Debuts MAXedit Server Edition and MAXedit Web Edition at IBC 2008 (7/8/2008)

Merging releases VCube Version 2.0 with a host of new features (1/8/2008)

EVS presents tapeless solutions for sports, studios and TV news production at IBC 2008 (1/8/2008)

Omneon shows new producrs and upgrades at IBC 2008 (1/8/2008)

IPV shows enhancements to its Curator tapeless workflow system at IBC 2008 (28/7/2008)

Studio Network Solutions showcases Evo shared storage system at IBC 2008 (25/7/2008)

NewTek Ships LiveControl Switching Surface for TriCaster and VT[5] (24/7/2008)

Marquis Enhances Medway with Full Support for Avid Interplay, Extended HD Support, and New Metadata Functionality (24/7/2008)

Matrox Announces RT.X2 Realtime HD Editing Platforms Now With Support for Windows Vista and Sony XDCAM EX (21/7/2009)

NewTek Ships TimeWarp External Replay Controller for TriCaster (18/7/2008)

IMC Technologies announces Media Producer X HD video and audio editing workstation (17/7/2008)

Focus Enhancements Announces Availability of FS-5 Fifth Generation Direct To Edit Recorder (17/7/2008)

NewTek Ships LiveText character generator for TriCaster (16/7/2008)

NewTek Ships Major Software Upgrade for TriCaster (16/7/2008)

Thomson Offers New Web-Based Training Through Thomson Grass Valley University (20/6/2008)

Avid Ships Next-Generation Editing and Storage Systems (20/6/2008)

Studio Network Solutions Ships Evo Shared Storage System with New Features (20/6/2008)

Magic Bullet Looks 1.1 Now Available for Sony Vegas 8 (20/6/2008)

MainConcept Technology Powers HD Video Editing Platform for Adobe Premiere Pro (17/6/2008)

Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Developers (17/6/2008)

Toon Boom partners with Automatic Duck to offer Storyboard Pro-Pro Import FCP bundle (11/6/2008)

Gee Broadcast adds Sony XDCAM EX support to Lightworks (11/6/2008)

Avid Introduces Next-Generation RAID Solutions (6/6/2008)

SpectSoft Unveils the RaveHD Bravo turnkey Disk Drive Recorder (6/6/2008)

Adobe and Industry Leaders Establish Open Screen Project (27/5/2008)

Solid State Logic features render-free integration of Apple Final Cut Pro with SSL Gravity (22/5/2008)

DataDirect Networks Demonstrates Storage Platform Capable of Streaming Multiple, Real-Time Uncompressed 4K Content (22/5/2008)

Merging Introduces a New Low-Cost Family of VCube Networkable Video Player/Recorder Systems (15/5/2008)

Adobe Adds Native Support for Sony XDCAM EX Camera Format to Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (15/5/2008)

EDIROL adds F-1 Video Recorder to its line-up of field recorders (14/5/2008)

Blackmagic Design Announces DeckLink HD Extreme with 3 Gb/s SDI (12/5/2008)

Sony XDCAM HD benefits from third-party editing and server solutions (12/5/2008)

JVC Announces Avid support for ProHD (9/5/2008)

Signiant Announces Integration of its New Digital Media Solution with Final Cut Pro (8/5/2008)

Solid State Logic Gravity Completes Collaboration Trials with Omneon Spectrum Servers (8/5/2008)

Thomson Announces MediaFrame Architecture for Its Aurora Platform (7/5/2008)

ATTO FastStream SC 5300 RAID Storage Controller approved for use with Avid NewsCutter systems (6/5/2008)

S.two announces Digital Studio Recorder for post production (6/5/2008)

Skymicro Announces the MerlinIP PCIe Board (28/4/2008)

Softron Introduces OnTheAir News Macintosh-Based News Management System (28/4/2008)

Editware Announces Fastrack K2-H control for K2 Media Server (28/4/2008)

Matrox Announces Matrox MXO2 – Portable, Affordable, Complete I/O for the Mac (28/4/2008)

Matrox Announces Realtime HD Editing at a Breakthrough Price with New RT.X2 LE Platform (28/4/2008)

Quantel adds new features to Genetic Engineering teamworking infrastructure (25/4/2008)

Quantel announces new Jo and Ed broadcast editing products (25/4/2008)

Quantel launches Quattro software for post systems - step change in toolsets and workflow biggest since launch of generationQ (25/4/2008)

Quantel previews Dino (Distance Is No Object) inter-site workflow technology (25/4/2008)

Quantel launches Quattro software for broadcast systems - shortens time to air, enhances creativity and underpins shared workflows (25/4/2008)

Quantel announces support for more new formats - 1080P, Stereo3D, double-speed HDCAM SR, AVC-i essence drivers enhance workflows (25/4/2008)

Harris Corporation Demonstrates Interoperable Broadcast News and Sports Solutions (25/4/2008)

Autodesk Launches New Versions of Visual Effects and Finishing Systems (25/4/2008)

Signiant Introduces Solution for Avid Interplay and Avid TransferManager Products (22/4/2008)

Marquis Demonstrates Medway Integration between Microsoft Interactive Media Manager and Avid's Media Composer (22/4/2008)

Avid Delivers Ultimate HD Editing Experience With Release of Next-Generation Editing Systems (21/4/2008)

Drastic Announces Support for Bright Systems' New BrightClip Intelligent Data Recording Technology (21/4/2008)

Apple Ships Final Cut Server (14/4/2008)

Telestream Introduces Support for Final Cut Server and ProRes (14/4/2008)

EVS Presents Clips Import Plug-In Application in Final Cut Pro Station (10/4/2008)

EVS Presents XT[2]-EditRec for Linear and Hybrid editing (10/4/2008)

Fast Forward Video Introduces eClips DVR for Live Productions and Record-to-Edit Applications (10/4/2008)

Digital Rapids Unveils Version 2.0 of Flexible CarbonHD Digital Disk Recorder (10/4/2008)

Studio Network Solutions Announces OS X Leopard Support for all of its Products (9/4/2008)

Maximum Throughput to Release Sledgehammer Version 3.6 Software (9/4/2008)

Ross Video Releases v2.0 of its SoftMetal Video Servers (9/4/2008)

Gee Broadcast introduces Geevs Slim and Geevs SDE3 Models (9/4/2008)

Solid State Logic Showcases Gravity Media Production Management System (7/4/2008)

DVS Presents SpycerBox with New SpycerLink Cluster Storage Technology (7/4/2008)

DVS Presents the Pronto3 New-Generation Disk Recorder (7/4/2008)

DVS adds new conforming tool to CLIPSTER (7/4/2008)

Doremi Introduces the NuggetPost HD Video Player for Post (7/4/2008)

Doremi Introduces the V1-HD-2K Video Server with Synchronized Two-channel and Dual-Link 2K Resolution Playback (7/4/2008)

Matrox X.mio2 delivers multi-layer realtime HD compositor/scaler, single-link 3G SDI support, and up to 4-in/4-out HD from a single card (7/4/2008)

Matrox X.AVCio Developer Product Features Realtime H.264/AVC Hardware Codec (7/4/2008)

Matrox DSX Developer Products Now Available With Linux Software Development Kit (7/4/2008)

Matrox DSX Developer Products Support Native MOV File Format (7/4/2008)

Matrox DSX Developer Products Support Sony XDCAM HD 50Mbps (7/4/2008)

Matrox Ships PCI Express Version of Axio LE Realtime Editing Platform (7/4/2008)

DVS Introduces Dual DVS Software for Optimized DVS-SAN Management (2/4/2008)

Marquis and Rimage Announce Technology Integration to Extend Disc Publishing Functions into Apple and Avid Editing Environments (2/4/2008)

The Foundry Delivers VFX Portfolio and Previews Furnace for Apple Final Cut Pro (28/3/2008)

Avid Unveils "New Thinking" for 2008 (28/3/2008)

Avid Enhances Online Customer Support Capabilities (28/3/2008)

EVS Presents Product Innovations and Workflow Solutions (28/3/2008)

1 Beyond Unveils New Ruggedized HD Editing System for Broadcast Trucks (25/3/2008)

DVS Makes Future-Proof Workflows Perfect (25/3/2008)

DVC presents its Boxxster compact, lightweight, low power, uncompressed 2k, HD and SD Disk Recorder (20/3/2008)

Maximum Throughput to Launch Web-based Editing Service with MAXedit Web Edition (20/3/2008)

EVS Announces that its XT[2] Production Server Offers Native Support for Apple ProRes 422 Codec (18/3/2008)

Maximum Throughput Launches Cost-Effective MAXedit Server-based Workgroup Editing Software (18/3/2008)

DVS Spycer 1.3 Optimizes Data Management for Mac OS Users (18/3/2008)

Matrox Ships PCI Express Version of Axio LE Realtime Editing Platform (18/3/2008)

Iomega Announces New Removable REV 120GB Backup Drive (14/3/2008)

SGL introduces FlashBox and FlashTurbo Accelerator for Avid ISIS (11/3/2008)

SeaChange Unveils Flash Memory Video Server Platform for Broadcast Television Operations (11/3/2008)

Thomson Expands Automated Workflow and Multi-distribution Capabilities with New Ignite System Options (7/3/2008)

EVS Fully Integrates with First SMPTE VC-3 Compliant Codec, Avid DNxHD (7/3/2008)

Apple Introduces Xsan 2 (27/2/2008)

Matrox MXO Supports Latest Generation of the MacBook Pro (20/2/2008)

Harris Corporation to Roll Out Comprehensive NewsForce Broadcast Product Family (19/2/2008)

Flip4Mac Image Server Component for Final Cut Pro Now Available (22/1/2008)

Flip4Mac Infinity Component Now Available from Telestream (22/1/2008)


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