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SYPHAnews - 13 May 2005

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a free newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, HD production and post production equipment, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at

We will deliver this service to you every month - unless there is some major news we think you should know about sooner. To unsubscribe, please follow the instructions below.

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STOP PRESS!! This bumper edition is of course due to our round-up from the NAB 2005 Convention. With the official attendance figures up at 104,427, of which 23,401 were international visitors, the crowds were back! In fact, unless you were built like a rugby or American football player, the Apple vs Avid area was best avoided until late on the last afternoon. Although the crowds caused a buzz, this year there were very few surprises. As expected, HD was everywhere, there were plenty of encoding solutions for working with and delivering HD, and all the major camera manufacturers now offer tapeless acquisition options.

If you didn't get to NAB 2005, or even if you did, there are two events coming up which promise a look at the latest developments. Firstly, the Broadcast Production Show in London from 1-3 June - for your free ticket and to book workshops or seminars visit now! Secondly, the SMPTE NY Editing Showcase will take place in NYC on 1 June - attendance is free if you register at before 25 May 2005.

Camera news

New HD Camera Recorder from JVC to Offer Broadcasters Affordability and Versatility (10/5/2005)

JVC Offers Dual Media Storage for its GY-HD100U Pro-HD Camcorder (10/5/2005)

Panasonic Unveils the AG-HVX200 Hand-Held Solid State Memory High Definition Camcorder (6/5/2005)

Panasonic debuts Cost-Efficient AJ-SPC700 DVCPRO P2 Camcorder (6/5/2005)

Sony Offers Multi-Format Solution for HD Broadcasts with new 1080/60p Cameras (5/5/2005)

Thomson Expands Grass Valley Digital Cinematography and Post-Production Lines (5/5/2005)

Ikegami's NAB Highlights Include the New Editcam HD Tapeless Camcorder (7/4/2005)

Hitachi Implements Hard Disc Recording into Professional Cameras (5/4/2005)

Hitachi's New High Performance Z-3500 Triax CCU Production Camera Achieves Superior Images at an Economical Price (5/4/2005)

Hitachi Introduces a New Affordable HDTV Production Camera (5/4/2005)

Hitachi's new SK-900 Breaks new Technological Ground in High-Performance SDTV Production Cameras (5/4/2005)

NLE news

Lightworks Announces the Lightworks Touch Mixer Enhancement (13/5/2005)

Major Enhancements to Avid NewsCutter Family Deliver Breakthrough Performance (13/5/2005)

Avid Announces New Versions of Media Composer Adrenaline HD and Avid DS Nitris (13/5/2005)

Avid Xpress Product Family Embraces HD (13/5/2005)

Avid Unveils Avid iNEWS Instinct a Storytelling Tool for Journalists (13/5/2005)

Avid Unveils Symphony Nitris and Sets New Standard in HD Finishing (13/5/2005)

Blackmagic Design's DeckLink HD Pro Certified for use with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (13/5/2005)

Blackmagic Design Updates DeckLink Uncompressed Video Card Features on Mac OS X (13/5/2005)

1 Beyond Introduces Pro HD Flex Customizable and Affordable HD Product Line (13/5/2005)

FOCUS Enhancements Shows FireStore Family is Industry Standard for Tapeless Acquisition at NAB 2005 (13/5/2005)

Quantel sQ server scales up and down at NAB (11/5/2005)

Quantel launches QColor Excel for iQ - heads up all colorists! (11/5/2005)

Quantel launches Eiger software for eQ and iQ (11/5/2005)

Leitch Unveils Expanded SD/HD Applications in NEXIO Server Platform at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Leitch Adds Support for HDV, VariCam and More to VelocityHD (11/5/2005)

Leitch Previews VelocityX Editing Software at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Canopus Announces Support for Panasonic's DVCPRO P2 Series Products (11/5/2005)

Canopus Announces Support for Sony XDCAM Professional Disc System (11/5/2005)

Merging Take High-definition Video to New Heights (11/5/2005)

Fairlight Launches High Definition Pyxis Nonlinear Video Production Family (11/5/2005)

New JPEG2000 Compressed HD Video Servers from Doremi Labs (10/5/2005)

AJA Announces Support for Final Cut Pro 5 (10/5/2005)

Dayang To Introduce D3-Edit HD Multiformat Editor (10/5/2005)

Dayang Announces DP-Edit Plus Video Editor (10/5/2005)

Dayang Announces D3-Edit 5000 Video Editor (10/5/2005)

24P High Definition Editing Now Possible with Adobe Premiere Using Cineform ASPECT HD (10/5/2005)

Avid Plans to Support JVC GY-HD100U Pro HD Camcorder (10/5/2005)

DVEO Introduces the HD-SDI Master - A Full Featured Dual Channel PCI-X Bus Based HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) I/O Card (10/5/2005)

New APR/ClipStore MX Disk Recorder Offers High-Performance Uncompressed HD/SD (6/5/2005)

New APR/ClipStore MXc Breaks Price/Performance Barrier for HD/SD Disk Recorders (6/5/2005)

Accom Debuts ProServ MX.8 HD/SD Video Production Server (6/5/2005)

Media 100, a Unit of Optibase, Announces Software-Only Version of Media 100 HD (6/5/2005)

Media 100 sw and Media 100 HD Products to Run Apple's Innovative New Operating System and QuickTime 7 (6/5/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Announces Thunder HD High Definition Broadcast Video Production Server (6/5/2005)

Bluefish444 Introduces Catalyst 2K/HD/SD Analog/SDI Video Card for Windows and Linux (6/5/2005)

Digital Voodoo Announces Future Support for H.264 Codec, Quicktime7, TigerOSX and FCP (6/5/2005)

Digital Voodoo Introduces SD|Spark for Final Cut Pro HD (6/5/2005)

Sony Launches New Version of its Vegas+DVD Production Suite (5/5/2005)

Sony's Family of HDV Products Features Expanded Compatibility with Nonlinear Editing Solutions (5/5/2005)

Adobe Aligns with Industry Leaders to Deliver OpenHD Turnkey Desktop Solutions (5/5/2005)

Autodesk Streamlines Post-Production Process by Supporting Native Data Structures of Final Cut Pro (5/5/2005)

Autodesk Announces Discreet Flint and Discreet Smoke High-Definition Systems on PC (5/5/2005)

DVS Takes DI to the highest level with CLIPSTER (5/5/2005)

Apple Unveils Final Cut Studio (5/5/2005)

Matrox Certifies Ciprico NETarray 2215AH, Gives Creative Editors a Powerful Storage Solution for Axio HD Editing Platform (5/5/2005)

Himalaya HD and SD Nonlinear Editing System from Newauto based on Matrox DSX Platform (5/5/2005)

Matrox Launches Matrox Axio Realtime Multi-Stream SD and HD Editing Platforms at NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

Matrox Announces New Bundles and New Low Prices on RT Series Realtime Editing Platforms at NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

EVS Announce Leading HD Editing Software Interoperability with XT (5/5/2005)

AJA Releases New Features for KONA 2 (15/4/2005)

1 Beyond and Tarari Partner to Deliver Accelerated Digital Media Workstations and Servers (14/4/2005)

Canopus Announce New Features for EDIUS Pro 3 and New Format Support Module (14/4/2005)

Incite Avexco Releases Incite Remote Producer - the Mobile DV Factory (12/4/2005)

DVS CLIPSTER supports Kodak Display Manager (12/4/2005)

Forbidden Technologies Adds Four Audio Tracks to FORscene (12/4/2005)

EVS and Telestream Announce FlipFactory Integration with XT Servers (7/4/2005)

Quantel launches Newsbox 'News to Go' pre-packaged integrated news production systems (7/4/2005)

Red Giant Software's Film Fix is Released for Quantel's Q Range (7/4/2005)

Leitch to Bundle Ciprico's Huge Systems MediaVault Storage Arrays with VelocityHD Turnkey Editing Systems (5/4/2005)

PNY Technologies Provides HD Video Editors With Innovative NVIDIA Professional Graphics Solution (5/4/2005)

Thomson Changes Broadcast & Media Solutions Division to Grass Valley (5/4/2005)

HD news

Avid Introduces Avid DNxchange I/O System (13/5/2005)

1 Beyond Announces Harmony HD/RT SAN Capable of Supporting Multiple Streams of Uncompressed Real-Time High Definition (13/5/2005)

Inscriber Pursues HD Strategy with Complete On-Air Graphics Offerings (11/5/2005)

Leitch Unveils New Cutting-Edge HD Processing Products at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Miranda's launches HD-Bridge DEC HDV to HD-SDI interface with integral 720p/1080i cross converter (10/5/2005)

ProHD from JVC at NAB 2005 (10/5/2005)

JVC Adds Professional High Definition Video Cassette Recorder to Pro-HD Lineup (10/5/2005)

DVEO Unveils FireCaster for HDV -The Complete Solution for Real-time Transport for HD video over FireWire (10/5/2005)

Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) Powering the High-Definition Revolution With Broad Industry Support (10/5/2005)

Pinnacle Systems Unveils Hybrid HD/SD Real-Time Graphics Products (6/5/2005)

Snell & Wilcox Kahuna, World's Most Advanced Production Switcher, Makes NAB2005 Debut (6/5/2005)

Digital Vision Showcases Nucoda Film Cutter At NAB 2005 (6/5/2005)

Sony Unveils HD Technology for XDCAM Professional Disc System (5/5/2005)

Sony Takes the HD Highway to NAB 2005 (5/5/2005)

Apple Continues to Lead the Industry in the Adoption of HD Video at NAB (5/5/2005)

Apple Announces Delivers 3D Compositing and Optical Flow Technologies with Shake 4 (5/5/2005)

Wohler Introduces Crystal Clear Picture and High Resolution LCD Video Monitors (15/4/2005)

HDV settles on Miller's SOLO DS10 (15/4/2005)

ARRI Digital Systems and Autodesk Partner to Provide Seamless End-to-End Digital Intermediate Workflow (15/4/2005)

Wohler Announces New HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Composite Video Monitor and Converter (14/4/2005)

Canon Displays Expanded Line of HD and SD Lenses at NAB 2005 (14/4/2005)

Zetools, Tarari and Digital Rapids Offer Creation and Delivery of Digital Content to Internet Enabled Paltforms (14/4/2005)

Digital Vision's Nucoda Product Line Demonstrates Real-Time 4k at NAB2005 (14/4/2005)

ROOT6 Technology Launches ContentAgent-XR for 2k Film Resolution to 2k Windows Media 9 Transcoding (14/4/2005)

Canopus Debuts ProCoder Station Render Farm (14/4/2005) Introduces POINT-HD at NAB2005 (14/4/2005)

Optibase Introduces Broadcast Quality HD Encoder at NAB 2005 (7/4/2005)

Telestream Flip4Mac Extends Windows Media 9 Encoding to Final Cut Express HD (5/4/2005)

Vela Debuts New Argus HD Encoder at NAB (5/4/2005)

Autodesk Launches Toxik: New Creative and Collaborative Software for Feature Film Visual Effects (5/4/2005)

DAW news

Marantz Professional Offers New PMD660 Hand-Held Field Recorder (13/5/2005)

Marantz Professional Displays PMD570 Pro-Installation Compact Flash MP3/WAV Recorder With RS-232 Control (13/5/2005)

BIAS Debuts Peak Pro 5 Sample Editing, Processing, and Mastering Software (13/5/2005)

Digidesign Introduces ICON D-Command The Newest Addition to the ICON Integrated Console Family (13/5/2005)

Digidesign Announces Pro Tools 6.9 Software with Post Production and Mixing Enhancements (13/5/2005)

Smart AV Presents Radical New Approach to Mixing Console Control-Surface Design at NAB 2005 (13/5/2005)

Fairlight DREAM Series Extends its Plug-ins Options with Support for the Waves Diamond Bundle (11/5/2005)

Fairlight Launches Audiobase 3 Sound Library System at NAB 2005 (11/5/2005)

Fairlight Offers Value Proposition With DREAM Suite Package (11/5/2005)

Fairlight Unveils High Definition Roadmap at NAB (11/5/2005)

Australian Government Recognizes Fairlight Commitment to Innovation with$1.7M Start Grant Award (11/5/2005)

Edirol R-4 Receives BWF Support (10/5/2005)

Edirol Expands USB 2.0 Audio Interface Lineup (10/5/2005)

Otari DR-100 48-Track Digital Audio Disk Recorder now Supports BWF and DVD-RAM (10/5/2005)

Audio Facility Network Server Solution from Hitachi Data Systems and Euphonix (10/5/2005)

Euphonix System 5-MC Integrated DAW Audio Mixing System NAB Debut (10/5/2005)

TASCAM Unveils X-48 48-track Hybrid HD Workstation (6/5/2005)

Apple Introduces Soundtrack Pro Audio Editing and Sound Design Application (5/5/2005)

MAGIX Announces Support of mp3 SURROUND into Line of Professional and Consumer Music and Video Editing Tools (5/5/2005)

TerraTec Producer PHASE 24 FW Now mLAN-Enabled (12/4/2005)

TerraTec Producer Rolls Out PHASE X 24 FW Featuring Xtended FireWire Technology (12/4/2005)

Tascam's New DM-3200 Digital Console Offers Integration with DAW Systems (7/4/2005)

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