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SYPHAnews - 20th December 2001

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up to date with nonlinear audio and video news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

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STOP PRESS!! Season's greetings and welcome to those new subscribers we met at the recent AES Convention in New York City.

Thank you to all our sponsors, advertisers and readers who have provided us with useful feedback since our launch in April 2001. This has helped make our transition from 10 years of print publishing to online an enjoyable experience and we look forward to hearing from you in 2002.

For the DAW Buyers Guide we would like to welcome Cube-Tec, makers of AudioCube and QUADRIGA, as a Bronze sponsor. We have a new entry for:

  • Cube-Tec - QUADRIGA

and a updated entry for:

  • Cube-Tec - AudioCube.

For the NLE Buyers Guide we have new full details listings for:

  • Dayang Technology Development - X-Edit
  • Omneon Video Networks - Networked Content Server.

NLE news

Thomson Multimedia Acquires the Grass Valley Group
Thomson Multimedia has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Grass Valley Group. The Grass Valley Group offers hardware and software solutions for creating, storing, manipulating, and distributing high-quality video content, including the Profile XP Media Platform and NewsEdit. Valued at US$172 million to be paid in cash at closing, the transaction remains subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2002. See

Pinnacle Ships CinéWave RT
Pinnacle Systems is shipping CinéWave RT. It comprises a full version of Final Cut Pro, Commotion Pro, Knoll Light Factory, the TARGA Ciné Engine, and the CinéWave RT software, and offers realtime editing, effects, and compositing with uncompressed standard definition (SD) video. Users can now perform keyframable image control and motion effects, as well as create transitions on up to two tracks of video and two tracks of graphics with alpha channels in realtime. Those who purchased CinéWave before 15 June 2001 are entitled to special pricing for a limited time. See

Matrox Releases Matrox RTMac with Adobe Premiere Bundle
Matrox Video Products Group has released the Matrox RTMac with Adobe Premiere realtime editing bundle for the Apple Power Mac G4 platform. The bundle has a suggested list price of US$1,199 in North America. Owners of Adobe Premiere 6.0 can purchase the Matrox RTMac hardware only, at a list price of US$999. Registered owners of Matrox RTMac who also own Adobe Premiere 6.0 can download the drivers and user guide free of charge from the Matrox website. See

Quantel Announces iQ Support for Panasonic Variable Frame Rate HD Camcorder
Quantel has announced that iQ supports the Panasonic AJ-HDC27v variable frame rate high definition camcorder. The AJ-HDC27v brings the under or over-crank flexibility of film to video acquisition, and iQ now adds the same flexibility to post production. Tapes from the AJ-HDC27v are loaded into iQ to produce slow or fast motion 24fps clips. iQ makes full use of the information from the camcorder and speed changes are handled automatically. The resolution co-existence feature of iQ allows the 720p clips from the camcorder to be used in HD or SD projects without any pre-processing. See

Media 100 Adds Value to Media 100i and iFinish
Media 100 has announced that it has added value to its Media 100i and iFinish family of dual-stream digital media systems. It is now offering professional I/O capabilities, including direct I/O for DV, composite, S-Video and analogue component input, as standard on all models of Media 100i and iFinish at no additional charge. SDI I/O also ships with Media 100i/xr and iFinish V80 and is optional on the other models. See

Leitch Releases Turnkey Configurations of dpsVelocity
The Post Production business unit of Leitch Technology has released two new turnkey configurations of dpsVelocity for the North American and Latin American markets. These turnkey systems integrate the dpsVelocity-3D nonlinear editor into mid-tower and 4U rackmount plug-and-go systems. Built around a dual-processor mainboard, the systems can be configured with one or two processors, up to 1GB storage and feature a custom removable drive bay subsystem for interchange of video hard drives. The systems also include audio hard drives, a CD-RW drive, a dual-VGA display card and a rugged chassis. Options include the JOG-4000 jog/shuttle controller, DVD writer, and a variety of digital video and audio I/O modules. See

Apple Introduces Final Cut Pro 3.0
Apple has introduced Final Cut Pro 3.0 (FCP3) as the first video editing application to deliver dual-stream realtime effects without the addition of specialised hardware. New features include OfflineRT (a native offline format for DV), a set of colour-correction tools, and a voice over tool for audio capture directly to the timeline. FCP3 requires Mac OS X v10.1.1 or MacOS 9.2.2, a Mac computer with a 300MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or G4 processor with built-in FireWire, and 256MB of RAM. A 500MHz (or higher) PowerPC G4 processor is required for G4 realtime effects, with 384MB of RAM recommended. FCP3 costs US$999 (or GBP829 including VAT in the UK), and registered users can upgrade for US$299 (or GBP249 including VAT in the UK). See

Canopus Adds Realtime 3D Capabilities to DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT and DVRex RT Professional
Canopus has announced the addition of realtime 3D transitions to DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT and DVRex RT Professional. This requires a Pentium 1.5 or AMD Athlon 1.4GHz or higher CPU. Users can choose from a collection of five transition groups (Page Peel, Fly Away, Single Door, Double Door and Sphere) and over 30 preset transitions. Each effects group has its own settings, which can be customised. The realtime 3D effects support Adobe Premiere 6.0, Storm Edit and Rex Edit applications. The upgrade can be purchased for GBP79/US$99, but is free to customers who purchased DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT and DVRex RT Professional after 1 October 2001 (UK) or 26 November 2001 (USA). A free trial version is also available. See or

Sonic Foundry Releases Vegas Video 3.0
Sonic Foundry has released version 3.0 of its Vegas Video desktop video and audio editing software. Features include new video effects, batch capture with automatic scene detection, Red Book audio CD mastering, a new DV Codec, DV Print-To-Tape from the timeline, Windows Media File editing, a new MPEG plug-in for DVD production, dynamic RAM previewing, and VideoCD and Data CD burning. The MSRP is US$599.95. It is offered direct from Sonic Foundry for US$419.97 as a download, or US$479.96 for the boxed product. See

EVS Announces LSM-XT Broadcast Server
EVS Broadcast Equipment has announced the LSM-XT, its next generation live editing and slow motion replay server. The compact chassis incorporates the HCT-S high bandwidth disk controller, which can sustain 6 video channels, up to 5 of which can record at 50Mb/s, and up to 3 can play simultaneously at any speed. The system features the MultiCam unified software, and can be configured to run in either normal or in super motion mode, or a mixture of both. Upgrade packages are available for existng LSM equipment. See

DAW news

AES31 Trade Association Proposal
A meeting to discuss the setting up of an AES31 Trade Association was held at the recent AES Convention in New York. A proposal outlining the mission, structure and membership for the Trade Association was presented. AES31 is a standard for project interchange which is already implemented, or is in the process of being implemented by many manufacturers, including SADiE, DAR, Zaxcom, Merging Technologies, WaveFrame, Euphonix, Genex, Fairlight, Studer, Steinberg, Mackie, Tascam, Akai, iZ Technologies and SEK'D. For more information about the AES31 standard see Any manufacturers or audio equipment suppliers who are interested in the Trade Association can email for more information.

SADiE Releases Disc Editor Software Version 4.2 and Updates Super Audio CD Mastering Editor and DVD-A Direct
SADiE has released version 4.2 of its Disc Editor Software. It is a 32-bit application and is designed for current SADiE systems: 24.96, ARTEMiS and RADiA. Version 4.2 offers many new features including individual vertical zoom settings for EDL streams, large or small PQ and video stream settings, enhanced waveform viewing for greater editing precision, and a completely reworked Trim Editor. SADiE also announced the addition of new features to the Super Audio CD Mastering Editor and the DVD-A Direct Windows-based authoring system. See

WaveFrame Releases WaveFrame/7 Version 7.1 and FrameWorks/DX Version 4.0
WaveFrame has released Version 7.1 of the WaveFrame/7 digital audio workstation. Focused on interoperability and workflow for post production, Version 7.1 adds support for integrated digital video, new 24-channel AES I/O hardware, import and export of AES-31, OMF, WaveFrame 6, and OpenTL file formats, import and export of Sound Designer II and AIFF media files, support for the DSC100 remote control, and additions to the Sound Selector media database. WaveFrame has also released Version 4.0 of FrameWorks/DX. This adds support for running up to 8 Mykerinos DSP boards in the same system, giving I/O configurations of up to 64 channels and more simultaneous DSP-based effects processors in the integrated surround mix architecture. Additional features include support for high density 24-bit/192kHz audio, a new 8-channel DSD/SACD option and support for OMF import and AKAI DD series direct file import and export. See

Digidesign Ships Latest Generation DigiDrives
Digidesign is shipping 36GB and 73GB new generation Ultra160/LVD DigiDrives for Pro Tools systems. These new drives operate at 10,000RPM, claim 64% higher sustained data transfer rates than their predecessors, and allow for faster seek times and higher resolution material. This generation supports playback of 2:1 compressed video from a single drive (two drives were required for the previous generation), and playback of completely uncompressed video from only two drives (instead of the previous four). Fitted with Digidesign/Avid QuietDrive technology, DigiDrive enclosures reduce drive noise by up to 20dB. Both models support an increased SCSI chain length (up to 12 meters) and better data integrity than previous generations. See

Tascam Ships MX-2424SE and MX-2424 Version 3.0 Software
Tascam has begun shipping its new MX-2424SE hard disk recorder. Based on the MX-2424 24-track, 24-bit hard disk recorder, the MX-2424SE features a removable 18GB hard drive located on the front panel. It also takes advantage of recent software updates for the standard MX-2424 model, including the ability to synchronise via Sony P2 9-pin control. The MSRP for the MX-2424SE is US$4,499. Tascam has also released Version 3.0 software for the MX-2424. New features include the new MX-View sample-level waveform editing interface, and Mix Mode which allows up to 24 tracks to be recorded while up to 24 tracks are simultaneously played back for mixdown and mastering purposes. This software update is available as a download from or

Doremi and Driveline Announce Development of Shared Virtual Storage Solution
Doremi Labs and Driveline Networks have announced the joint development of a shared virtual storage solution for multiple Doremi V1 video disk recorders, Digidesign Pro Tools and Tascam film dubbers. DrivelineNet software lets up to 20 Doremi V1s to be attached to a single drive on a Driveline SAN environment, allowing multiple audio post production workstations to share the same piece of video. See

EGO Systems Announces 192 Series of PCI Interfaces
EGO Systems has announced the 192 series of PCI-based multichannel 24-bit/192kHz audio interfaces for Windows XP, 2000, ME, and 98SE platforms. The series comprises the Waveterminal 192L and Waveterminal 192X PCI cards, both with stereo inputs and six outputs, and the 4 in/8 output WaMi Rack 192X single-rackspace unit. The series is priced at US$199 for Waveterminal 192L, US$299 for Waveterminal 192X and US$799 for WaMi Rack 192X. See

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