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SYPHAnews - 27th July 2001

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

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STOP PRESS!! We are in the process of updating the DAW Buyers Guide in preparation for its launch in September. A pilot containing content from the last print edition is currently running at htp:// If you supply relevant products and haven't heard from us, please email Yasmin Hashmi via

For the NLE Buyers Guide @ we would like to welcome FAST Multimedia as a Silver sponsor and Hewlett Packard as a Bronze sponsor. We also have a new full listing for:

  • FASTstudio.DV - FAST Multimedia
  • HP DV Production Bundle - Hewlett-Packard
  • DigiSuite Series (including DigiSuite MAX) - Matrox
  • Clipbox Studio - Quantel

and new entries for:

  • FD1000 - Darim Vision
  • Sting - Edifis
  • MovieXone & MovieXone PLUS - AIST MediaLab
  • MoviePack PRO & MoviePack VE - AIST MediaLab
  • MovieDVsuite & MovieDVsuite for Laptops and Notebooks - AIST MediaLab
  • MovieDV - AIST MediaLab
  • DVpics - Adaptec

NLE news

Avid Ships Symphony v3.5, Media Composer v10.5, Film Composer v10.5 and Avid Xpress v4.5.
Avid Ships NewsCutter Effects 2.5.
Pinnacle Systems Unveils Professional Real Time Editing and DVD Authoring Solution.
Matrox Ships DigiSuite MAX Real Time Editing Platforms.
DPS Releases Standard Windows Capture Driver for dpsReality Hardware.
FAST Multimedia Establishes Operations within North America.
Grass Valley Opens European Engineering Design Centre.
Media 100 Digital Media Solutions Support Next Generation G4 Macintosh.
Canopus DVRaptor Goes Real Time.
MacroSystem adds DV to Casablanca Avio.
Panasonic Ships DVDBurner.
Ulead Delivers Editing Solutions for Panasonic DVDBurner.

Avid Ships Symphony v3.5, Media Composer v10.5, Film Composer v10.5 and Avid Xpress v4.5
Avid Technology is shipping new versions of the Avid Symphony, the Media Composer family and the Avid Xpress system. Now compliant with the Windows 2000 platform, features of these new releases include software crawling titles, enhancements to real time moving mattes, intraframe editing enhancements, support for broadcast WAV, user interface enhancements, and Avid workflow capabilities. The MSRP pricing for Avid Symphony v3.5 is US$105,000, for Media Composer v10.5 is US$85,000. Avid Xpress v4.5 is available in three models at US$12,999 for the Plus model, US$19,999 for Deluxe and US$29,999 for Elite. Upgrades to Symphony v3.5 and Media/Film Composer v10.5 from versions 3.0/3.1 and 10.0/10.1 respectively are available for US$495. Upgrades to Avid Xpress v4.5 from version 4.0/4.1 are available for US$200. See

Avid Ships NewsCutter Effects 2.5
Avid Technology will begin shipping Avid NewsCutter Effects v2.5 at the end of July. This version conforms to the D10 50Mbit I-frame MPEG standard recently codified by SMTPE. The D10 format defines an MPEG video format having constant length frames, which can be easily edited and converted to and from more condensed MPEG formats used for transmission, it is also directly compatible with the Sony MPEG IMX format. NewsCutter Effects v2.5 is compliant with the Windows 2000 platform, and new features include Auto Voiceover, which enables quick re-purposing of news stories, and Script-based In/Out, which allows journalists using the Avid iNEWS newsroom system to mark video in and out points within the script text to calculate the required length of a video clip. See

Pinnacle Systems Unveils Professional Real Time Editing and DVD Authoring Solution
Pinnacle Systems has announced the Pinnacle Pro-ONE, a real time DV-based editing and authoring solution for creating broadcast-qality video and interactive DVDs. It comprises a DV capture and effects card with digital and analogue video and audio I/O, and includes Adobe Premiere 6.0, Pinnacle Hollywood FX-RT, TitleDeko RT for video editing and Pinnacle Impression DVD-SE for DVD authoring. It allows users to combine two digital video streams with titles, graphics, and 3D objects and to apply up to ten digital video effects simultaneously in real time. It will be available late summer in the US at a suggested retail price of US$1299. See

Matrox Ships DigiSuite MAX Real Time Editing Platforms
The Matrox DigiSuite MAX line of real time editing platforms is now shipping worldwide. Features include the new Matrox Flex 3D architecture which supports fully keyframable real time 3D effects and transitions, an additional 2D effects channel, two YUV colour correction channels, independent transparency control on all layers, 32-bit animated graphics, two advanced chroma/luma/matte keyers, a customisable wipe/tile generator, and productivity tools. A subsequent software release, scheduled for Summer 2001, will provide real time DV print-to-tape, new Flex 3D effects including real time blur, Matrox Media Export for hardware-assisted Web video encoding in RealVideo and Windows Media formats, and Matrox MediaTools for single-pass scan and capture of DV material. The cost is US$5,995 for DigiSuite LX MAX or DigiSuite LE MAX, and US$7,995 for DigiSuite DTV MAX. The MAX card is also available as an upgrade option, priced at US$2,495 to Matrox DigiSuite LX, DTV, and LE owners. See

DPS Releases Standard Windows Capture Driver for dpsReality Hardware
DPS, a business unit of Leitch Technology, has released a new Microsoft Windows media capture driver for the dpsReality digital disk recorder. This opens the dpsReality hardware up to a wider range of application software including RealNetworks RealPresenter, Sorenson Broadcaster, Microsoft NetMeeting, CUseeMe etc. The new driver is available to registered dpsVelocity and dpsReality users as part of the AVI Codec for dpsReality, which is a free download at

FAST Multimedia Establishes Operations within North America
FAST Multimedia has announced that it will establish operations within North America and that it has hired Chuck Buelow as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America. The company will open up facilities on the East and West coasts during the next six months and will continue to maintain its Technical Support Center in Woodinville, Washington. Micro-PACE based in Champaign, Illinois, will remain as its key distribution partner servicing dealers and systems integrators within the U.S. See

Grass Valley Opens European Engineering Design Centre
Grass Valley Group has announced the opening of a European Engineering Design Centre outside London. This joins the company's other design centres in Beaverton, Oregon; Nevada City, California; Boston, Massachusetts; and Bangalore, India. Jean-Marc Hoffer was also announced as vice president of operations for the European/Middle Eastern/African (EAME) region and he will report directly to Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO of the Grass Valley Group. See

Media 100 Digital Media Solutions Support Next Generation G4 Macintosh
Media 100 has announced that its Media 100 i production solution and Media 100 ICE hardware accelerated effects generation systems, are certified with the Apple Computer next generation G4 867MHz Power Mac, and are currently being tested with the new 733MHz and 800MHz systems. The next generation G4 provides Media 100 users with a higher performance platform, and the new dual head graphics option facilitates production workflow and minimises slot requirements. See http://www.media100com.

Canopus DVRaptor Goes Real Time
Canopus has released DVRaptor-RT, a real time DV capture and nonlinear editing solution for video enthusiasts and corporate videographers. It includes Adobe Premiere 6.0 and offers real time capture, effects, titles and filters, multiple moving titles and graphics layers using three streams of video, and advanced MPEG encoding for CD, DVD or Web streaming. The suggested retail price is US$599. It is also available as an upgrade to registered users of DVRaptor, as well as registered users of Adobe Premiere 6.0 for US$399 (excluding Premiere 6.0), and to registered users of Canopus EZDV for US$449 (excluding Premiere 6.0). See

MacroSystem adds DV to Casablanca Avio
MacroSystem US has released the Casablanca Avio DV, an IEEE-1394 version of its turnkey Avio video editing system. The Avio DV costs US$1,795, and is also available as an upgrade from ST (standard) models for US$695. The company has also released new software for both the Casablanca Avio and the Casablanca Kron, including more than 100 fonts and many new effects, a surround-sound creation system, 3D, 2D and liquid-like transitions, and display options that provide kiosk-style playback capabilities. In addition, MacroSystem has announced a site license discount program allowing organisations to purchase additional copies of the same software at a 40% discount. See

Panasonic Ships DVDBurner
Panasonic has begun shipping DVDBurner, a combination DVD-RAM/R drive, to its OEM customers. DVDBurner can write to and read from general-purpose 4.7GB DVD-R discs and 2.6GB/5.2GB to 4.7GB/9.4GB DVD-RAM discs, and using 4.7GB DVD-R general media, it provides a transfer rate of up to 11.08Mb/s. For retail customers, the company will begin shipping its branded DVD-RAM/R drive in October and this will include DVD video recording/editing software, and be backed by a one-year Panasonic warranty. The retail pricing will be under US$600 (for the ATAPI internal version). See

Ulead Delivers Editing Solutions for Panasonic DVDBurner
Ulead Systems has released the Ulead VideoStudio 5.0 DVD Edition which supports the Panasonic DVDBurner, a combination DVD-RAM/R drive. The company is also offering a downloadable version of the Ulead DVD plug-in so VideoStudio 5.0 and MediaStudio Pro 6.0 users can record DVD videos directly to a Panasonic DVDBurner drive. The estimated street price for VideoStudio 5.0 DVD Edition is US$129.95. and for MediaStudio Pro 6.0 is US$495. For owners of VideoStudio 5.0 and MediaStudio Pro 6.0, the DVD plug-in is available for US39.95 from

DAW news

Emagic Announces Music Production Suite for MacOS X.
CreamWare Releases STS-5000 as a Plug-In for Pulsar and Luna II.
Edirol Announces the DA-2496 and UA-5.

Emagic Announces Music Production Suite for MacOS X
Emagic has presented an integrated suite of its professional software and hardware products for MacOS X. Now in beta form, final MacOS X versions of Logic Audio 5.0, and drivers for the Unitor8 MkII, AMT8 and MT4 MIDI interfaces and the EMI 2|6 audio interface will be available in September 2001. Emagic products will benefit from new MacOS X features including memory protection for increased system reliability, a new graphics engine with transparency and flicker-free performance, real time window sliding, and improved memory management. See

CreamWare Releases STS-5000 as a Plug-In for Pulsar and Luna II
The STS-5000 real time audio transforming DSP sampler is now available as a plug-in for the Pulsar and Luna II DSP systems. As well as the usual features found in a professional studio sampler, the STS-5000 offers real time time-stretching and pitch-shifting, formant shifting, the Robot Mode (all pitch information is removed from the sample then new pitch information is added via MIDI which the sampler interpolates into the prior pitchless sample), plus 25 available filter types, with resonance. The price is Euro 459 (approximately US$390) and is available from the online shop at

Edirol Announces the DA-2496 and UA-5
Edirol has announced a number of new products including the DA-2496 and UA-5. The DA-2496 is a computer audio interface housed in a rackmountable module that connects to a PC or Mac via the provided PCI board. It offers 24-bit, 96kHz audio with 8 inputs and 8 outputs, S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI, and is compatible with most popular sequencer/audio recording software. Top of the line of the new Audio Capture products is the UA-5, a USB audio recording system, for use with both desktop and laptop computers. It offers selectable audio resolution up to 24-bit, 96kHz, a range of input connectors, including 2 universal TRS inputs and outputs, 2 line RCA input/outputs, S/PDIF, and is compatible with most audio production software. The DA-2496 and UA-5 will begin shipping from October 2001 with prices to be announced. See

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