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SYPHAnews - 27th November 2001

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up to date with nonlinear audio and video news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

New at

STOP PRESS!! We have just launched our redesigned website which, thanks to your input, is simpler and faster to use - as always we look forward to your feedback.

We have introduced a number of features as part of this redesign, including all-inclusive manufacturer and system name fields on the search pages, 'buy from' and 'associated products' pages, and a partnership scheme to fill in the gaps that we don't cover - not to mention new advertising opportunities. Watch out for these to become active over the next few weeks.

For the DAW Buyers Guide we have a new full details listing for:

  • SoundScape by Mackie - Mixtreme & Mixtreme 2000/8000 Digital PowerPAK

and a updated entry for:

  • iZ - RADAR 24.

For the NLE Buyers Guide we have an updated full details listing for:

  • Canopus - Storm SE, Storm SE Plus & Storm Rack

and updated entries for:

  • Accom - Abekas 6000 On-Air Production Server
  • Accom - AFFINITY & AFFINITY/san
  • MacroSystem Digital Video - Casablanca Kron
  • NewTek - Video Toaster [2].

NLE news

Avid Announces Repackaging and Repricing of its Digital Media Solutions
Avid has repackaged and repriced its Avid Xpress, Media Composer, Avid Symphony, Avid|DS HD and Avid NewsCutter product lines. The entry points on Avid|DS standard definition and Avid|DS HD systems have been repositioned and all SCSI-based Avid|DS products now ship on HD-ready hardware platforms. Symphony has been consolidated into a single product that now includes Universal Mastering as standard, and the system has been repriced with a 24 percent reduction overall. Changes to the Media Composer family include price reductions of up to 29 percent, plus simplified model offerings. For Avid Xpress the Plus, Deluxe and Elite bundles are no longer available. Instead the new basic Avid Xpress has various options, including the newly available Real-time Dual-stream Uncompressed Video Option (this requires the Real-time 2D Effects Option), giving more functionality. See

Pinnacle Announces Windows 2000/XP Drivers for Pro-ONE and the Pinnacle Switch Promotion
Pinnacle Systems has announced that Windows 2000/XP drivers will be available for its Pro-ONE DV-based editing and authoring solution as of the end of November 2001. This will allow reverse playback in real time with no flickering or artefacts, smoother movements of video and graphics windows, and optimised picture quality during real time video output using a new algorithm. The price of Pro-ONE has also been reduced to GBP749 (excluding taxes). Pinnacle has also announced the Pinnacle Switch promotion for selected products, which runs until January 31 2002. This allows you to trade in your old editing solution, regardless of the brand or model, and receive EUR20 for buying Pinnacle Studio, EUR50 for Studio DVplus and EUR100 for DV500plus. See

Matrox Ships Release 3.1 and Announces Windows XP Support for RT2500 and RT2000
Matrox Video Products Group has announced the availability of Matrox Video Tools release 3.1 for the RT2500 and RT2000 real time video editing cards. New features include multi-language support, Matrox TurboDV software engine with dual-processor support for ultra-fast DV exports, Intel Pentium 4 support, a new Matrox audio mixer, and additional control over colourisation settings. Matrox has also announced that Microsoft Windows XP has been validated for use with RT2500 and RT2000 (Matrox Video Tools release 3.1 is required). Release 3.1 is available as a free download to registered users. It will also be available on CD from the Matrox web store at a nominal shipping and handling charge. See

Quantel Launches New Website and iQ Workshops
Quantel has launched a redesigned and restructured website featuring the latest software versions to download for its system owners and users. Also as part of its regular roadshow programme, Quantel is running iQ workshops worldwide enabling you to catch up on the latest developments and partnerships as demonstrated at IBC 2001. See

Canopus Bundles Sonic Solutions DVDit!
Canopus has announced that it will bundle Sonic Solutions DVDit! with its line of digital video editing and MPEG encoding solutions. DVDit! allows you to publish interactive content in DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, and cDVD formats. Canopus DVRex RT Professional, Amber and DVBooster Pack will include DVDit! SE. The DVRex RT Mega Bundle and EZDV will include DVDit! LE, and Storm SE, Storm SE Plus and DVRaptor-RT come with a trial version of DVDit! SE. See

Edifis Announces Format-Independent Signal Store and Interface
Edifis announces Gearbox, a multi-role toolkit which comprises high capacity non-compressed video storage and data interfaces. Its applications include recording new television material, versioning clips, dubbing, storing pre-formed inserts such as colour bars and tone, archiving, playout and recording commercials or features with closed caption text. See

IPV Launches QuickTime Plug-Ins for Working with Video over the Internet
IPV has launched a range of QuickTime plug-ins aimed at broadcast professionals who want to work remotely with video over the Internet. FMA (Flexible Media Architecture) provides immediate access to the complete footage allowing users to begin browsing and editing timecode/frame accurate video across the Internet at broadcast qualities and above, whatever the Internet connection. FMA Flexbuilder is a management tool that prepares FMA video material for viewing, and FMA Flexviewer provides the playback of FMA enhanced video. See

DAW news

SADiE Tests its Super Audio CD Mastering Editor
Since its debut at the AES Amsterdam in May 2001, the SADiE Super Audio CD Mastering Editor has been undergoing Beta testing. The hardware design has been finalised and the authoring functions have now been fully integrated. The authoring capabilities have been verified with a test pressing produced in Japan of a single layer disc which was recorded, edited and authored on the system. The first commercial master, Angel in the Dark by Laura Nyro on the Rounder Records label in the USA, has also been produced. See

Merging Releases DSD Multitrack Recorder/Editor/Mixer for Pyramix
Merging Technologies has released Version 4.0 software for the Pyramix audio workstation. This supports 8 simultaneous channels of DSD recording, editing and mixing as well as stereo and/or surround mastering. Plans include increasing this to 24 tracks later in 2002. Existing Pyramix users can upgrade by purchasing an additional Mykerinos DSP card and DSD I/O daughtercard and adding the SACD software option pack. See

CreamWare Announces Special Offers
CreamWare has announced two holiday specials until 31st December 2001. Firstly, the Pulsar II with Luna 2496 I/O Box package comprising the Pulsar II DSP card with version 3.0 software and Z-Link I/O board, giving a total of 28 I/Os (stereo analogue, stereo S/PDIF, one ADAT interface, two Z-Link interfaces) and the Luna 2496 I/O Box external converter unit with 8 analogue inputs/ outputs. The suggested net retail price for this package is EUR1,595 (down from EUR 2,070). Secondly, the Luna 2496 I/O Box for users of Luna II, Elektra or PowerSampler systems, or Pulsar II and SCOPE systems with the optional Z-Link daughterboard, has a suggested net retail price of EUR380 (down from EUR570). See

DAR Goes Live with Trigger
Digital Audio Research (DAR) has launched the Trigger audio replay system for live television productions, radio and theatre. It features record, edit and replay functions, 4 stereo outputs, 4 separate playlists, 32 instant play Trigger keys, and can be triggered by external events. It is supplied with an 18GB internal hard drive, plus removable media options including DVD-RAM, MO and Zip, and can be used as a standalone system or in a networked environment using the DAR D-net protocol. See

Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 5.1.3, DigiTranslator 2.0 and FilmFrame Upgrades
Digidesign is shipping Pro Tools version 5.1.3 software and DigiTranslator 2.0 for enhanced video and interchange functionality (the audio feature set remains the same as Pro Tools 5.1.1). Pro Tools 5.1.3 and DigiTranslator 2.0 is free of charge to all registered Pro Tools/Avid Unity users. DigiTranslator 2.0 is available as an upgrade to DigiTranslator 1.0 registered owners for US$95, or has an MSRP of US$495. FilmFrame is a software enhancement for AVoption systems, which adds support for true 24fps picture media. FilmFrame is available to registered owners of AVoption and AVoption|XL for US$995, or has a list price of US$4,995. See

Digidesign Ships Digi 001 Factory
Digidesign is shipping Digi 001 Factory. Similar to Digi 001, the Factory bundle features the 1176, LA-2A compressors and the moogerfooger lowpass filter from Bomb Factory, Supertap, Metaflanger, Q10 EQ from Waves, Dynamo 001 Edition from Native Instruments, as well as the DigiRack suite of plug-ins already included in Pro Tools software. The Digi 001 Factory also includes the iLok USB Smart Key, the new way to store authorisations for Digidesign and Development Partner products. The Digi 001 Factory has a MSRP of GBP1,009 (saving more than GBP1,600 over the retail cost of the individual components). See

Fairlight Adopts VST Plug-In Format
Fairlight has announced the incorporation of VST Plug-ins into its Fairlight Plug-ins Manager. Recently introduced, the Plug-ins Manager is an independent CPU that provides plug-in functionality without the reliability issues traditionally associated with third-party software integration. A selection of VST plug-ins may be accessed by Fairlight users at pro audio or MI retailers or on the Internet at

TC Works Ships SparkLE for Mac OS X
TC Works is shipping the SparkLE real time audio editing and authoring software which supports Mac OS X Core Audio functionality. SparkLE is also compatible with Mac OS 9, and includes a plug-in bundle. Key features are unlimited real time crossfading, export in Roxio Toast format for CD-burning, and enhanced QuickTime movie support. SparkLE costs US$49 and is available as a download from

Digigram VXpocket Now Compatible with SoundCheck Software
Digigram has announced that its VXpocket laptop sound card is now compatible with the SoundCheck electroacoustic test system by Listen Inc. Distributed by Brüel & Kjær, SoundCheck software is designed for the production line testing of loudspeakers, microphones, hearing aids, telephones and other acoustic transducers. Brüel & Kjær will offer SoundCheck bundled with VXpocket v2. See

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