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SYPHAnews - 28th February 2003

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In case you missed our newsflash, the all-new Pro Camera Guide is now launched. It gives you FREE online access to our database of over 100 broadcast and professional cameras and camcorders. The search page has been redesigned for ease of use, and new search criteria include frame rates, tapeless recording media and TV standards. We would like to thank Panasonic and JVC for their continued support.

Finally, for anyone who could not attend the AAF Technology Awareness Event in London last week, the presentations are available at

Camera news

Panasonic Introduces Low-Cost DV Camcorder
Panasonic has introduced the AG-DVC7, an entry-level DV Proline series camcorder. It has a 340,000 effective pixel IT CCD, a minimum illumination of 1 lux, and a large-diameter 15x optical zoom lens and features a shoulder-mount body style for steadier images. Its IEEE-1394 digital interface allows for the transfer of digital video into nonlinear editing systems, as well as direct dubbing to the Panasonic AG-DV2000 DV format or AJ-D455 DVCPRO format VTRs and the new DMR-T3040 DVD recorder. The camera includes internal wipe, mix, strobe, gain-up, trail, mosaic and mirror picture effects, and a cinema mode enables 16:9 widescreen format recording. See

JVC Announces Hand-Held Professional High Definition Camcorder
JVC Professional Products has announced the JY-HD10U, a professional hand-held camcorder with high definition and standard definition recording on common MiniDV tape. It features one 1.18 million pixel CCD and offers three recording modes: 720/30p, 480/60p or 480/60i. The two progressive modes use native 16:9 from the CCD with MPEG-2 compression, and the interlace mode is 4:3 with DV compression. It provides format conversion while playing back through its analogue component outputs, and can upconvert or downconvert to 1080/60i, 720/30p, 480/60p, and 480/60i. It has an IEEE-1394 interface, and the new JVC nonlinear editing software package provides frame accurate editing of the MPEG-2 footage. See

JVC Announces a Hard Disk Recorder and an MPEG-4 Encoder for the GY-DV5000
JVC Professional Products has announced two new production modules for the GY-DV5000 camcorder: the DR-DV5000 hard disk recorder and the KA-DV5000 MPEG-4 encoder. The DR-DV5000 was co-developed with Focus Enhancements and is fully integrated with the GY-DV5000, providing extensive status information and playback through the viewfinder and LCD display. It records the DV signal onto a removable, standard 2.5 inch compact hard disk, with an 80GB disk providing over 6.5 hours of digital recording time. It can be user-configured to record in the native file format of most nonlinear editors including: Avid OMF-DV, QuickTime-DV, RawDV, AVI Type 1-DV, AVI Type 2-DV, AVI Type 2C-DV, and Matrox AVI-DV. In addition, when recording to tape, the DR-DV5000 can be used for automatic digital back-up recording, and it can also be used with the JVC GY-DV500 and GY-DV700 camcorders. The KA-DV5000U MPEG-4 pack has a built-in unicast server for web streaming. Up to ten clients can connect directly to the camera using a simple Media Player, and it also has a built-in web server that supports remote control and capture of a video stream. It is compatible with a wired/wireless LAN, and includes a Scene Capture feature which automatically stores a scene log into a CF memory card, and Scene Viewer software for viewing and managing the MPEG-4 clips on a PC. See

BBC Outside Broadcasts Debuts Crowd-Cam
BBC Outside Broadcasts debuted crowd-cam, a new crowd camera technology, during the BBC Sport coverage of the RBS Six Nations Rugby. This small cable-free device, is designed to deliver sports output that recreates the mood and view-point of the live experience for the viewer at home. It is based on a conferencing camera fitted with a COFDM digital mobile link, and is robust enough to transmit images of a high-standard that can be matched with pictures from the other cameras in the stadium. It fits into the back-pack of a single camera operator, enabling the wearer to go through the turnstiles of the stadium, to mingle in the crowd and provide broadcast-quality coverage of the rest of the fans and the action from any point in the stadium, with a minimum of health and safety problems associated with larger equipment. See

NLE news

OmniBus Launches HeadLine Media Editor Series
OmniBus Systems is set to launch the HeadLine Media Editor Series, a new family of timeline-based desktop editors. Designed to be journalist-friendly and to provide integrated desktop tools in the newsroom or on location, the series comprises three products, each sharing a common user interface and core functionality. Operation is via a standard keyboard and mouse or using a specialist jog and shuttle panel. Edit 1000 works with browse resolution media as part of an OmniBus newsroom solution. Edit 2000 works with pre-recorded content, including broadcast resolution, with additional audio crafting features. Edit 3000 is designed for journalists in the field and adds a DV capture card and simple video effects. The HeadLine Media Editor series will be debuted at the NAB 2003 Convention and available for delivery in Q2 2003. See

Thomson Expands its Digital News Production Solution
Thomson Broadcast and Media Solutions has expanded its Grass Valley Digital News Production Solution with new products and enhancements targeted at small and mid-market broadcast news operations. New products include the Grass Valley Network Attached Storage (NAS) system and a software-based version of the Grass Valley NewsEdit nonlinear editor, and there are key enhancements to the NewsEdit system as well as the NewsQ manual playback and NewsBrowse web-based browser/editor systems. The NAS system uses an Ethernet architecture and Fibre Channel array to provide entry-level pricing for shared-storage users, with centralised access to everything from incoming feeds to archived clips, in multiple video formats including DV50. It scales to 14.6TB and provides CIFS-based applications support for the Grass Valley FeedClip interactive feed capture system, the NewsEdit, NewsEdit LT, and NewsEdit SC systems and the NewsQ manual playback system. The software-based NewsEdit SC is based on the NewsEdit nonlinear editor and has the same graphical user interface. It combines cuts-only edit bay capabilities, traditional A/B roll transition functions, and storage and network connectivity options. It supports DV25 media, offers tight DV camcorder integration, and features up to four channels of audio, internal storage, and a variety of networking options. The latest enhancements to the NewsEdit system include support for 16:9 production, interpolated slow-motion, security code system access, a dual VGA display option, and support for DV25 via IEEE-1394. Options include 3D digital effects, an external four-fader MIDI digital audio mixer, and an IMX encode/play capability. The Grass Valley NAS system is available now with a starting price of US$/€69,900. The NewsEdit SC system is also available now with a starting price of US$/€12,900. Updates for the NewsEdit and NewsBrowse systems are scheduled to be available at the NAB 2003 Convention. See

Leitch Upgrades dpsVelocity to Version 8.1
Leitch Technology has upgraded its dual-stream dpsVelocity nonlinear editor to version 8.1. This update focuses on enhancing the editing interface and workflow. In addition to new features such as realtime garbage mattes (with full DVE control of the mask), two-camera editing and realtime support for video files with alpha channel, it includes interface enhancements such as customisable hotkeys and user-selectable A/X/B or single-track timeline modes that can be toggled on-the-fly. It also adds full project compatibility with the dpsVelocityQ multi-stream NLE, allowing complete projects to be interchanged seamlessly between the two platforms. Upgrade kits are available for existing dpsVelocity users at special pricing in a variety of configurations, and it is free to registered users of dpsVelocity version 8.0. See

Digital Voodoo Introduces HD|Vengeance
Digital Voodoo has introduced HD|Vengeance, a high-definition PCI card for Mac OS platforms, featuring two 10-bit HD-SDI outputs and one HD-SDI input. The card has a standard-definition SDI down-converter to allow users to view HD and SD pictures simultaneously, selectable between the key channel and video channel. It supports uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual-link video directly in YUV colourspace. It is fully compatible with both Apple Xserve and Apple G4 dual 867 or higher Powermacs, however dual-link 4:4:4:4 operation is only possible with an Apple Xserve. It is bundled with the Digital Voodoo Media Transfer application for frame-accurate capture and insertion from and to RS-422-controllable digital tape decks. Available immediately from Digital Voodoo resellers, HD|Vengeance is priced at US$11,995. See

Canopus Announces DVRaptor RT2 and RaptorRT Power Tools
Canopus has announced DVRaptor RT2, the next generation in the DV Raptor series, and RaptorRT Power Tools - a collection of powerful effects tools, including realtime 3D Picture-in-Picture for use with Adobe Premiere 6.5. DVRaptor RT2 combines the Canopus DV CODEC and realtime DV and analogue output in Adobe Premiere. It is fully scalable so that as CPU speed increases, so does editing performance. It includes EzEdit nonlinear editing software, a DV capture tool which captures up to three video streams at once, SoftMPG for creation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video and the Ulead DVD Workshop SE authoring software. With Adobe Premiere 6.5, DVRaptor RT2 offers the ability to handle multiple moving titles and graphics layers using three streams of video. DVRaptor RT2 is available from authorised dealers for a suggested retail price of US$499/GB£329. RaptorRT Power Tools is priced at US$99/GB£69. See

NewTek Releases XP-Compatible Video Toaster [2]
NewTek has released the seventh free update to Video Toaster [2]. The primary feature of this update is that Video Toaster [2] now runs under the Windows XP operating systems. This update also offers several new improvements in ToasterEdit, Digital Disk Recorder and other modules. Windows XP Professional joins Windows 2000 Professional as a recommended OS for Video Toaster [2], since it natively supports RAID 0 drive array striping, which is necessary for editing and realtime layering of multiple streams of uncompressed video and graphics. Users of Windows XP Home can perform editing of compressed video files from a standard EIDE or SCSI hard drive system, and also live-switching without video playback. XP Home users may gain access to uncompressed editing and layering features by using a system equipped with a hard drive controller that provides drive array striping. Registered owners of Video Toaster [2] can download the update from the NewTek website, or order the required new install CD from NewTek for US$29.95 plus shipping and handling. Registered owners of Video Toaster 1.0 may purchase the Video Toaster [2] update for US$495 from authorised NewTek resellers worldwide. See

DAW news

SADiE Ships Series 5 Product Range
SADiE has begun shipping the Series 5, its next-generation PCM and DSD editing workstation products. The Series 5 comprises four new workstation products specifically designed to meet the growing need for more powerful high-speed processing required by today's high-resolution audio formats. The DSD8 is a true 64fs processing multichannel system that is also a fully-fledged 8-channel PCM editor supporting all high-resolution formats. The DSD2 is a 2-channel version that is upgradable to the DSD8. The PCM4 replaces the existing RADiA workstation as an entry-level product with a greatly enhanced feature set and a significant increase in processing power. The PCM8 replaces the existing 24¥96 system and offers similar functionality to the PCM4, but with 8 channels of I/O. See

Merging Releases Pyramix V4.1 Software
Merging Technologies has released Pyramix V4.1 software which includes an array of new features and enhancements designed specifically for film and TV and DVD post-production, multitrack music and CD, DVD and SACD mastering. New features include direct project interchange formats including AES31, Open TL, Pro Tools and Sonic Solutions, an advanced crossfade editor, multi-point source/master editing, an advanced PQ coding section, the POW-r wordlength reduction plug-in, an integrated IEEE-1394 Firewire video solution, and virtual transport synchronisation that allows Pyramix to synchronise and control third party applications running within the same PC, over networks and to external timecode based machines using TCP/IP, RS232 or RS422 communication. See

Merging Increases Pyramix DSD to 16 Channels for SACD Production
Merging Technologies has announced a new 16-channel Pyramix DSD system. By using the same Mykerinos hardware, this is just an upgrade for standard Pyramix or existing 8-channel DSD systems. The new architecture also offers up to 256 I/O channels at 48kHz, 128 I/O at 96kHz and 64 I/O at 192kHz. There is also a new de-noise plug-in for the DSD system, developed exclusively for Pyramix by Purnotes. This upgrade for DSD re-mastering will also be available for Pyramix at the lower sample rates. See

Cube-Tec Announces New Products
Cube-Technologies has announced new products within the AudioCube, CubeDVD-A, and QUADRIGA product groups. For AudioCube there are seven new Virtual Precision Instruments: VintageComp, AttackDesigner, Vitalizer, Multi-Shuffler, AnalogComp, BrickWall EQ and Spectrapolator, as well as SpectralDeHiss Expert which is an expert version of SpectralDeHiss with a new noise-free equalizing mode that allows the output signal to be changed without changing the noise-floor. For CubeDVD-A the MLP-BatchEncoder creates MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) files from a variety of input sources including WAV, AIFF, BWF, and up to 6-channel LPCM. File conversion is handled automatically and a quality check is done as a background batch process. For QUADRIGA there are two new modules: BrowsingCopy and ScanModule, and an addition to the Inspector Series of products called U-Matic-Inspector. See

Fairlight Announces DREAM Software Version 2.0
Fairlight has announced version 2.0 software for the DREAM range. This provides many enhancements and new features including Plug Ins manager 5 for enhanced plug-in operation, RAPID open protocol for third-party plug-ins and programmes, Bus Reduction for multi-format mixing, and Mix Edit which extends the editing tools to mix editing. See

SEK'D Introduces New Software for Prodif 88
SEK'D has introduced new software for the Prodif 88 PCI card for the transmission of multichannel AES/EBU with 24-bit/96kHz resolution. The new software provides support for 'single-channel double-frequency' mode, allowing 88.2/96/176.4/192kHz mono data over a single 44.1/48/88.2/96kHz AES/EBU pair. A total of 4 AES/EBU-connections are available using a breakout cable, and up to four cards can be cascaded within one PC, giving a total of 32 channels. See

BIAS Ships PEAK 3.2
BIAS has begun shipping Peak 3.2, a new version of its digital audio editing application. It is native for Mac OS X and fully compatible with Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar and the OS 10.2.3 update, which addresses several issues with audio on OS X including reliability with USB audio device playback and recording. A version is also available for Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x. This update adds support for the new BIAS SoundSoap audio restoration product as a Mach-O VST Plug-in. SoundSoap is designed to be easy to use - by adjusting just two knobs, unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise can be reduced/removed from almost any digital media file. Peak 3.2 is available through BIAS dealers and distributors worldwide for an SRP of US$499. Upgrades to Peak 3.2 are free to owners of Peak 3 as a download from the BIAS web site. See

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