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SYPHAnews - 28th May 2003

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STOP PRESS!! We've streamlined the web site in an effort to make it easier and faster to use. It still gives you free access to our NLE, DAW and camera databases, but now the search pages provide simple and advanced functions. Please let us know what you think.

The AAF Association is holding another technology awareness event on 13th June 2003, this time at the SAIC McLean Conference Center, Virginia, USA. The registration deadline is 4th June and you can register online at

NLE news

Avid/Digidesign Acquires Rocket Network Assets
Avid Technology has announced its acquisition of the assets of privately-held software company Rocket Network, a San Francisco-based developer of internet media collaboration and delivery products for audio and video media. Avid plans to provide such products or services based on Rocket Networks' technology through its Digidesign audio business unit. Prior to the acquisition, Digidesign had incorporated the Rocket Network technology into Pro Tools DAWs as part of the DigiStudio online service for track-based collaboration over the Internet. This utilised near realtime interaction along with a remote centralised data server for storage and billing. Using secure delivery methods, the technology works with any type of media. While further integration will focus initially on audio workgroup collaboration, it can also be applied to video applications, and so may be expanded to the entire Avid product family as opportunities arise. See

Adobe Acquires Syntrillium Software Assets
Adobe Systems has announced an agreement to acquire the technology assets of Syntrillium Software, maker of the Cool Edit Pro audio editing software. This will join the existing line of Adobe professional digital video products such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore DVD and Adobe Photoshop. By adding Cool Edit Pro to its product line, Adobe aims to deliver a complete workflow for video professionals and DVD authors. Cool Edit Pro features include support for up to 128 audio tracks, advanced loop mixing, waveform editing, professional DSP effects, mastering and analysis tools, audio restoration, a multichannel encoder for surround sound, and DirectX, MIDI and video support. During the transition, Syntrillium products can still be purchased from the company's website at For further details see

Sony Pictures Digital to Acquire Sonic Foundry Assets
Sony Pictures Digital has announced that it has struck an agreement to purchase all of Sonic Foundry's desktop software products. These include the Sonic Foundry ACID, Sound Forge and Vegas series of software products, as well as other related assets. The acquisition follows the recent retail release of the Sony Pictures Digital Screenblast Movie Studio and Screenblast Music Studio video and music mixing applications that were created in conjunction with the Sonic Foundry software team. Sonic Foundry expects to close the transaction within a few days following a shareholder meeting in June 2003. It will use the proceeds to pay off debt and fund its operations for its Web-based rich media communications product, MediaSite Live and related offerings. See or

Quantel to Support 4k with iQ for HD-RGB
Quantel has introduced a new model to the iQ range and has previewed new compositing hardware that will allow handling of 4k material in iQ digital intermediate (DI) systems. iQ for HD-RGB is the new entry-level to the iQ DI range, and is designed as a post production complement to the new generation of 10-bit RGB HD cameras. It offers interactive, full-resolution editing and effects while maintaining the resolution, colour and image quality of the original material. The QColor in-context grading option is also available, adding powerful colour correction capabilities. As a hub in the high-resolution facility, iQ for HD-RGB's open gigabit networking enables exchange of material with effects, audio and titling outstations as well as SANs, and its full resolution co-existence allows material of any resolution to be freely mixed on the timeline and different format versions to be output on the fly. The 4k option enables the import and compositing of 4k material to be used as 4k backplanes in effects shots for example. The option is due for release in Q4 2003. See

DVS Announces CineControl and CineReel for On-set Digital Film Capture
DVS has announced two products for film capture, review and editing on location. The portable DVS CineControl weighs 15kg in a compact case, and supports data rates of up to 325MB/s. It can acquire data from all modern digital video cameras via single- or dual-link HD-SDI, and an additional multi-core cable for camera control is also available. It includes a simple-to-operate user interface and a high-resolution preview monitor on which the incoming footage can be viewed in real time. The DVS CineReel storage module is available in capacities between 500GB and 2TB. It can be swapped out when full, and the data is available immediately for further processing. The DVS CineReel can be connected either by fibre channel or SCSI directly to an editing system. See

Matrox Offers Trade-up to Xtreme Program
Matrox Video Products Group has announced that Matrox RT2000 and RT2500 owners can trade-up to the new RT.X100 Xtreme professional realtime video editing and DVD authoring platform from US$599 in North America or GB£399 in the UK. The trade-up offer is available from authorised resellers worldwide until 30 June 2003. The Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme is normally priced at US$1299 in North America including the full versions of Adobe Premiere 6.5 and Sonic Solutions ReelDVD Studio. It is designed to leverage scalable CPU power with the performance of dedicated hardware to support features such as realtime DV and MPEG-2 encoding, advanced colour correction with professional waveform and vectorscope monitors, realtime super-smooth field-blended slow-motion, and XtremePreview for editing many layers and effects without rendering. See

Canopus Launches ACEDVio NLE for Analogue and DV
Canopus has announced the availability of ACEDVio. This is an OHCI-based video editing package that delivers analogue and DV capture and output with native OHCI support for all popular video cameras and decks including VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8 Digital8, DV and DVCAM. The OHCI card supports Mac and Windows-based systems, and is bundled with the Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 Windows-based integrated realtime video and audio NLE with comprehensive features that allow for multitrack mixing, compositing, colour correction, titling, streaming media encoding and 5.1 multichannel surround sound. It also includes the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2.0 SE DVD creation software. The ACEDVio is available for a suggested retail price of GB£349 (excluding tax) in the UK or US$499 in the US. See

Canopus Announces RES-150 and RES Flex Series Editing Stations
Canopus has announced the RES-150 and the RES Flex Series, a new line of video editing workstations. Based on the Canopus DVStorm2 with hardware MPEG encoding and StormBay breakout box, the RES systems offer realtime performance, including five simultaneous video streams, unlimited title and graphics layers, 3D effects, MPEG encoding and DV output, realtime colour correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, DV chroma key, auto white balance, and region filter. The RES-150 starts at US$5499 and has an Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor, a 160GB disk array for more than 10 hours of storage, and a three-port FireWire card to allow capture from three cameras simultaneously. It is bundled with Canopus StormEdit, Imaginate, Xplode Professional 4.0 and PhotoAlbum2.0, Adobe Premiere 6.5 and After Effects 5.5, Sonic Foundry Acid Style and Ulead DVD Workshop with AC3 encoding. The RES Flex Series starts at $6999 and can be tailored to customers' needs. It includes the same realtime features and software, as well as dual Intel Xeon processors, Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4.0 with surround mixing, Canopus ProCoder and Boris FX. See

Dayang Launches X-edit DV Mobile NLE
Dayang Technology has launched X-edit DV, a mobile realtime laptop-based NLE. As one of the core products of the X-series post production systems, it includes Dayang NLE technology as well as the same X-CG title and animation tools as can be found in the X-edit desktop version. Its light weight and modest size are designed to allow customers to edit anywhere, while its long-distance transfer function allows them to transfer finished clips via an integrated FTP module. Designed for true network programme exchange, the long-distance transfer function offers low data rates, a high compression ratio, good quality, and short transfer times. X-edit DV also offers a code converting module for web streaming. See

Sony Introduces DVLince All-in-One Digital Production System
Sony has introduced DVLince, a practical and comprehensive digital production system for corporate, government and education customers, as well as small-market broadcasters. The all-in-one server-based system offers a broad range of professional production applications, including nonlinear editing, automated play-to-air, character and graphics generation, teleprompter control, switcher control and automatic publishing to the Internet. It also has tape-to-tape editing capabilities for television stations that are establishing news operations, and incorporates i.LINK (IEEE-1394) interfacing for video operations using DVCAM for acquisition. DVLince is already available in Europe and is planned to be available in the U.S. later this spring for between US$180,000 and US$300,000. See

QuVIS Upgrades QuBit ST
QuVIS has upgraded its QuBit model ST disk recorder with a new set of features that address the increasing needs of the post production, presentation and digital cinema markets. The new features include additions to the more than 50 supported video/graphics output formats, a new high-speed QSDTI media transport interface, a redesigned audio processing architecture, hot-swappable drives, two front-removable drives and a future upgrade path to a variety of additional 2k resolutions. The QSDTI allows faster than real time transfers of content using existing HD or SD SDI video infrastructures, and QuBit avoids the traditional weaknesses of SDTI implementations such as signal interruption and data loss by adding a network-based error correction system. The QuBit audio subsystem now supports up to 8 independent channels with sub-sample access for fine editing, and allows any recorded audio asset to be synchronised and played back with any recorded video asset, regardless of the video frame rate. New to QuBit is support for a 2k (2048 x 1080) image format. An upgrade path to 2048 x 1536 and 2048 x 1556 as well as 1920 x 1080 4:4:4 and 1920 x 1080 p60 will be available with the dual-link SMPTE 292 option in Q3 2003. The scalable architecture of the QuBit product line allows support for image resolutions up to 4k to be added as the market dictates. See

Edirol Demonstrates 3D Sound in New Pro Version of DV-7
Edirol, a member of the Roland Group of companies, has previewed the new Pro version software for its DV-7 dedicated NLE. Due in July 2003, the new DV-7 software includes RSS audio surround technology that supports 3D sound for playback on a stereo speaker field. The new software also adds 50 new effects and features including MTC/MMC control for synchronisation with hard disk recording devices, 9 more transition effects, 5 filter effects, 4 new audio effects, the ability to import DV video clips from CD, and the ability to import pictures from hexadrive such as compact flash, microdrive, memory stick, or smart media. The suggested retail price of the DV-7 Editing System is US$3995, and the new DV-7 Pro software is US$399. See

Sony Provides Rough Cut Bundle Backup Solution for Video Editors
Sony Electronics has announced the Rough Cut advanced video editing storage kit. Designed for Mac-based video editors, the Rough Cut kit is built around the Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) data storage format, and allows editors to backup and archive their work throughout the editing process by storing all their project elements together as data files. If an editing project is interrupted or requires revisions - even several years later - the project can be restored onto the editing station with all the source elements, time coding, and work intact. The kit includes an AIT-2 drive with an i.LINK IEEE-1394 digital interface, Mezzo ES Generation 4 backup software for Macintosh computers, ten AIT media cartridges with a total capacity of up to 333GB, and cabling. The kit is compatible with Apple Final Cut Pro, as well as selected editing software from Avid, Adobe, Media 100 and Digidesign, among others. The initial AIT-2-based Rough Cut video editing storage kit, identified by the model number RCUT210MAC1, is now available for a suggested retail price of US$1999. See

DAW news

Fairlight Back in Business
Former Fairlight ESP CEO John Lancken has announced the formation of a new company. Trading as Fairlight, the new company was formed after Lancken, now CEO and a major shareholder, won the support of four other leading audio professionals and business partners around the world. Although the 'new' Fairlight has new owners, it has retained the experience of key R & D and management personnel to ensure continuity in product development, support and manufacturing. It has also purchased all the essential assets including intellectual property, trademarks, patents, inventory, plant and equipment of the old company. Manufacturing of new products is due to commence as soon as arrangements for new premises in Sydney, Australia have been finalised. In addition, the availability of an entire suite of software upgrades for the Dream family, as well as for products such as FAME, Prodigy and MFX3.48, should be announced shortly.

Mackie No Longer to Distribute SoundScape
Mackie Designs has announced that it is no longer distributing the Soundscape product line, but will continue to provide support for its Soundscape customers. In a separate statement, Eric Wijnen, former Managing Director of SYDEC, the original developer of the Soundscape products, is currently negotiating to acquire all the necessary Soundscape assets in order to restart the business, and hopes to make a concrete announcement shortly regarding the resumption of responsibility for the continued development, support and distribution of Soundscape products. See

AMS Neve Adds CEDAR Dehiss to AudioFile SC
AMS Neve and CEDAR Audio have announced the availability of the CEDAR Dehiss process for the AudioFile SC hard disk editor. The introduction of Dehiss brings the range of CEDAR processes for AudioFile to three by adding to the existing Auto declick and Auto decrackle processes. Dehiss is a sophisticated process that uses an enhanced version of spectral subtraction to identify and remove broadband noise from recordings. Users can manipulate the noise reduction parameters whilst auditioning, making Dehiss particularly suitable for cleaning up noisy location recordings or removing unwanted tape noise . The AudioFile SC allows users to manipulate many aspects of Dehiss in realtime, and the process requires no additional hardware to run on a SAM-equipped AudioFile SC. Other recently introduced DSP processes include EQ, all-new high-quality TimeFlex and pitch-shift algorithms, effects such as distortion and resonance, and the Synchro Arts VocALign post-sync dialogue matching application. See

Emagic Logic Platinum for Mac OS X with TDM Support Now Online
Emagic has announced that Logic Platinum 6.1 for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 is now available as a free download for all owners of Logic Platinum 6. The update allows the use of Digidesign TDM systems with Logic Platinum 6 under Mac OS X. It also provides the full functionality of Emagic's optional ESB TDM and PTHD extensions in Mac OS X. This now provides TDM users with the opportunity to use the Emagic software instruments, namely ES1, ES2, EVOC20, EVP88, EVD6, EVB3 and EXS24, in combination with TDM DSP hardware together with Logic Platinum 6 on the Mac OS X platform. Among the improvements for both Mac OS 9 and OS X versions is the import of Akai S1000/3000 samples for the EXS24 mk II under Mac OS X. Logic Platinum 5 users can also download version 6.1 and enjoy a free trial period for 28 days, without any restrictions. See

Digidesign Shows Pro Tools 6.1
Digidesign has previewed Pro Tools 6.1 software, an update to the recently released Pro Tools 6.0 software for the Mac OS X platform that added a set of new features and improvements to Pro Tools TDM and LE systems. Pro Tools 6.1 software allows Windows XP users to enjoy the enhanced Pro Tools functionality added in Pro Tools 6.0 for Mac OS X systems, as well as other new features. Along with a streamlined new look for the Mix, Edit, and Transport windows, Pro Tools 6.1 software includes the DigiBase file management utility, enhanced MIDI functionality including high-resolution groove templates, additional Beat Detective features, new Import Session options, plug-in functionality enhancements, MachineControl additions, and new enhancements to Pro Tools LE. Pro Tools 6.1 software for both TDM and LE systems offers near-parity across both Windows XP and Mac OS X computers, and supports interoperability with Avid Systems; AAF using the DigiTranslator 2.0 option; and the Propellerhead Software ReWire technology for realtime audio and MIDI streaming between compatible software synthesizers, samplers, and other host-based instruments and Pro Tools. 6.1 also supports the DV Toolkit option for Pro Tools LE that includes timecode ruler functionality, DigiTranslator 2.0, Synchro Arts VocALign Project and an AudioSuite-only DINR plug-in. These applications provide the ability to edit audio with timecode, the ability to import and export media files with other applications such as Avid Xpress DV, and the ability to replace bad on-camera dialog and repair/restore poor field audio. See

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