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SYPHAnews - 28th June 2001

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

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STOP PRESS!! We are in the process of updating the DAW Buyers Guide in preparation for its launch in September. A pilot containing content from the last print edition is currently running at If you supply relevant products and haven't heard from us, please email Yasmin Hashmi via

For the NLE Buyers Guide @ we would like to welcome FAST Multimedia as a Silver sponsor and Hewlett Packard as a Bronze sponsor. We also have a new full listing for:

  • ivory - FAST Multimedia.

and new entries for:

  • HDBOXX - BOXX Technologies.
  • DV-Toaster - Electronic-Design.
  • Pci-LINK - Electronic Design.
  • LTN - Editing Technologies.
  • df series - director's friend.
  • MPEG Edit Studio - KDDI R&D Labs.

NLE news

Leitch to Ship NEWSFlash II.
Avid Plans Interactivity and DV Option.
FAST Multimedia Creates Free FAST.DV-Player Application.
Matrox Debuts and Certifies Panasonic Industrial's DVD-RAM Drive for RT2500.
Accom Shows New Software for Affinity.
NewTek Announces Features and Shipping Date for the NTSC Version of Video Toaster [2].
DPS Previews dpsQuattrus.
Canon USA and Media 100 Partner to Launch
Gee Broadcast GeeVS Servers Offer Multi-Camera Support.
Incite Demonstrates AAF Application.
Trakker Technologies Launches Web-Based Matchback Capabilities.
Drastic Technologies Releases MediaReactor for Video, Audio and Graphics File Conversion.
StageTools Announces v2.0 MovingPicture Plug-In for Nonlinear Editors.

Leitch to Ship NEWSFlash II
Leitch Technology has announced that it will be shipping NEWSFlash II imminently. Aimed at news applications, NEWSFlash II supports up to 4x faster than real time loading of DVCPRO material to its shared video data storage system, and also allows editing directly from tape for emergency rush-to-air news stories. The NEWSFlash II FX version additionally supports DVCPRO50 as well as an extended DVE, a character generator, third party plug-ins, and embedded interactive triggers. An optional controller with 4 or 8 audio faders is also available. See

Avid Plans Interactivity and DV Option
Avid Technology is planning interactive media management tools for its editing systems. These will allow interactive elements, such as HTML and Javascript triggers, to be incorporated into and synchronised with media in the Avid timeline, and then distributed to multiple channels such as interactive TV, broadband, wireless and DVD. Avid also plans to provide a DV option for the Media Composer 1000 XL system by the end of 2001. This will allow it to share DV25 and DV50 media with NewsCutter Effects, and DV25 media with NewsCutter XP. See

FAST Multimedia Creates Free FAST.DV-Player Application
FAST Multimedia has created a new free utility for all DV users, the FAST.DV-Player. This supports playback of DV files on PCs without DV codecs, by installing a Direct-X filter that turns the Microsoft Windows Media Player into a .DIF compatible viewer. It is claimed to be the only media player to support DVCPRO in NTSC and PAL, and can also be used to view QuickTime, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files. See

Matrox Debuts and Certifies Panasonic Industrial's DVD-RAM Drive for RT2500
The video hosting web site is now online providing a free service to all registered owners of Matrox DigiSuite, RT2000, RT2500, and RTMac video editing platforms. Initially, each customer is allocated 20MB of space and 1GB of transfers per month and can upload videos to public or private areas. Also, Matrox has certified that the Panasonic DVD-RAM drive is compatible with the RT2500 for archiving and distribution of video content. The Panasonic DVD-RAM drive provides 4.7GB per side of removable, rewritable storage capacity for less than a penny per Megabyte and data transfer rates of up to 22.16Mb/s. See and

Accom Shows New Software for Affinity
The new version 8.2 software for the Accom Affinity allows it to control the Abekas 6000 server and transfer metadata via Ethernet. Other new features include audio rubberbanding, DVE splining, enhancements to automation, faster operation and a real time build-to-disk function for Internet streaming applications that can handle one overlay track, one title track and 4 audio tracks simultaneously. See

NewTek Announces Features and Shipping Date for the NTSC Version of Video Toaster [2]
Designed as a PC-compatible TV studio-in-a-box, Video Toaster [2] supports the in-sync Speed Razor NLE software and allows real time compressed and non-compressed editing, effects, graphics, live switching, and Internet streaming of both edited productions and live events. The NTSC version of Video Toaster [2] is scheduled to ship on July 31, 2001, with a suggested retail price of US4995. See

DPS Previews dpsQuattrus
DPS, a division of Leitch Technology, has previewed its next-generation of editing hardware platform. On show at NAB 2001 as a technology demonstration, dpsQuattrus allows simultaneous playback of four video streams in any combination of compressed or non-compressed video, plus six dynamic graphics streams. An optional quad 3D DVE module adds four channels of 3D effects including perspectives and warps, without requiring an additional slot. It includes analogue video and audio I/O as standard, and digital I/O as an option. It will be available in OEM configurations and as an NLE package for end users based on dpsVelocity software. See

Canon USA and Media 100 Partner to Launch
Media 100 and Canon have unveiled, an online educational channel designed to provide tips, techniques and tools for streaming on the Internet. In addition, customers purchasing Canon DV XL1 and GL1 DV camcorders will receive a free copy of the Media 100 CineStream interactive streaming media authoring software. See and

Gee Broadcast GeeVS Servers Offer Multi-Camera Support
The Gee Broadcast GeeVS server has a new Multi-Camera option for sports and other multiple camera recording situations. In Multi-Camera mode, 2, 3 or 4 camera feeds can be recorded simultaneously and frame accurately. The recorded material can be played back with the material locked together in time, and if needed one recording can be slipped in time relative to the others. In addition, keyframes can be marked while recording to create an initial cut list between the sources. The cut list can then either be used within GeeVS or exported as an EDL for use in an editing system. See

Incite Demonstrates AAF Application
Incite Multimedia was invited by the BBC to provide a nonlinear editor with Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) import for the Kingswood Warren Research Department open days. The Incite Editor successfully imported timelines and source essences, in AAF format, from the BBC ORBIT system. ORBIT demonstrates how inexpensive IT equipment can perform the majority of broadcast production processes currently requiring expensive specialised equipment. See and

Trakker Technologies Launches Web-Based Matchback Capabilities
The new Trakker Technologies Web-based application,, is designed to allow filmmakers to take advantage of the new 24P high definition video standard. A filmmaker would shoot their movie at 24P high definition, then transfer the raw footage to 30fps NTSC (or 25fps PAL) for offline editing, and then use to convert their NTSC (or PAL) EDL back to a 24P high definition EDL. See

Drastic Technologies Releases MediaReactor for Video, Audio and Graphics File Conversion
Drastic Technologies has released two versions of its MediaReactor file conversion software that can manipulate approximately 200 industry-standard file types and compression formats. The Windows NT/2000-based MediaReactor NLE supports NTSC, PAL and HDTV and codecs such as OMFI, QuickTime/MOV, and Video for Windows/AVI. It can change file type, compression scheme, bit depth (colour resolution), compression quality settings, keyframe intervals, audio sample rate and bits per sample, and can also combine or split files, perform frame scaling and de-interlace to progressive scan. MediaReactor 2MR is designed to convert files to specific video hardware-compatible formats. See

StageTools Announces v2.0 MovingPicture Plug-In for Nonlinear Editors
StageTools has released version 2.0 of its Windows-based MovingPicture pan and zoom application. This offers a rendering speed increase up to 300% faster than before on Pentium-based systems, as well as enhancements suggested by users, such as per keyframe eases and QuickTime rendering. The MovingPicture Plug-In is priced at US199, and a free upgrade is available to registered users. See

DAW news

AMS NEVE Announces Plug-Ins and Pro Tools Compatibility for AudioFile SC.
Digidesign Approves the Magma Expansion System.
Akai Previews DPS24 Digital Personal Studio.
Nagra Shows the Nagra V.
iZ Technology Announces Free Software Upgrade for RADAR 24.
DSP Media Moves and Announces New Feature for AVtransfer.
Soundscape Digital Technology Announces New Integration Partners.

AMS NEVE Announces Plug-Ins and Pro Tools Compatibility for AudioFile SC
AudioFile SC software version SC2.10 provides the ability to import Pro Tools 5.0 session files either by rendering during import or by converting to AudioFile real time fades. The resulting events list can then be played and edited as desired. The other key feature of version SC2.10 are three categories of DSP plug-ins, namely time-based, frequency-based and a suite of creative sound effects. See

Digidesign Approves the Magma Expansion System
After successful testing, Digidesign has approved and officially supports the Magma 2 Slot CardBus PCI Expansion System. Pro Tools|24MIX or Digi 001 G4 PowerBook users can now use the same PCI audio, video or SCSI cards that are available for desktop MacOS systems. The 2-slot chassis is available either with or without an on-board SCSI controller. See

Akai Previews DPS24 Digital Personal Studio
The Akai DPS24 is a compact recording, editing and mixing unit that includes a 44-channel digital automated mixer with 100mm long throw motorised faders and 3-band EQ per channel, and a dedicated editing section that supports multitrack editing and DSP functions such as timestretch. pitch shift and BPM match. It will support 24 tracks of recording and playback and 24-bit/96kHz operation, and is scheduled to be available in November 2001 with a target price of US$4995. See

Nagra Shows the Nagra V
The Nagra V is a removable hard disk based two-channel recorder designed primarily for film, television and video location recording applications. It uses linear 24-bit recording, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling, supports full SMPTE/EBU timecode capabilities, and stores audio in the Broadcast Wave (BWF) format. Microphone inputs are via a pair of XLRs, and a stereo line level input is also provided. Outputs appear as a stereo line and a 24-bit AES/EBU data stream. The unit is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack, or from eight D cells, or direct from the mains. See

iZ Technology Announces Free Software Upgrade for RADAR 24
The 3.1 software upgrade supports export to Broadcast Wave format and .WAV functionality allowing RADAR 24 projects and files to be imported into other digital audio workstations for mastering or mixing. Other features include the ability to transfer files between RADAR 24 machines via Ethernet while avoiding backup and restore cycles or unnecessary drive swapping due to unique IP addresses being assigned to each unit. See

DSP Media Moves and Announces New Feature for AVtransfer
DSP Media has moved its production and development division to a building in Homebush Bay, Sydney, which is three times the size of it current space and which housed the German broadcast centre during the 2000 Olympics. The company has also announced a new OMF Smart Filter feature for its AVtransfer multi-format, multi-standard conversion software. This automatically detects and, where possible, corrects errors found in OMF files, making it possible to open a whole range of OMF v1 and v2 files and export them as separate BWAV or AIFF/C files or as clean, error free, OMF v1 or v2 files. See

Soundscape Digital Technology Announces New Integration Partners
In-sync offers full support for the Soundscape Mixtreme audio card to provide its Speed Razor 2000x video editing software with multichannel audio I/O. RCS uses Soundscape iBox interfaces and Mixtreme audio cards for its Master Control radio on-air automation and Selector scheduling system, so allowing several radio stations to broadcast from the same server and audio hardware. Dalet Digital Media Systems has approved Mixtreme and iBox interfaces for use with its on-air radio automation software, and integrates the mixing functions and plug-in DSP effects of Mixtreme into the Dalet radio editing/mixing software. DSP Media has integrated the Mixtreme card with its plug-in capabilities into the digital mixer of its Postation II, so expanding the mixing capacity of the system to third party manufacturers such as TC Electronics, Wave Mechanics and Dolby. See,,, and

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