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SYPHAnews - 28th November 2002

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For the NLE Buyers Guide, we have new or updated listings for:

  • Leitch Technology - NEWSFlash-II
  • MacroSystem Digital Video - Casablanca Prestige.

For the DAW Buyers Guide, we new listings for:

  • SADiE - DSD2
  • SADiE - DSD8
  • SADiE - PCM4
  • SADiE - PCM8.

Camera news

Hitachi Announces Professional DVD-RAM Camcorder
Hitachi Denshi America has announced that it is scheduled to ship the new Z-3000/CR-D10 professional DVD-RAM camcorder by the end of November 2002. The CR-D10 records digital video from the Z-3000 series of cameras as computer files onto DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs. The recorder employs variable rate MPEG-2 compression and uses the recently released DVD-VR specification for video recording. It can record up to one hour of full-motion MPEG-2 video on a single 4.7GB 8cm DVD-RAM/ DVD-R disc, and can additionally be used as a standalone recorder for audio and video from other sources. With DVD-RAM technology, video can be edited in the camera, allowing users to re-order scenes. Customised playlists can be generated to include only marked clips for use in a nonlinear editor timeline at the time of file import. Metadata such as time, date, description, and duration can be manipulated within the CR-D10 via its operation menu displayed on the LCD colour screen. The recorded DVD media can also be removed from the recorder for conventional archiving of edited programs. Hitachi collaborated with Heuris to develop the Heuris DVD ConnexIT software plug-in for Adobe Premiere 6.5 for Windows editing software, which allows it to instantly read video files from a DVD-RAM disc. Additional nonlinear editors that support DVD-VR include the Ulead Video Studio 6 SE and the AIST extreme DV and MovieDV4. The recorder weighs less than 5.7 pounds (excluding battery) and is available for a suggested list price of US$5,990. See

NLE news

Avid Offers Trade-in and Save on Avid|DS HD Editor
Avid Technology is offering a discount on the Avid|DS HD Editor system by trading in a competitor's system or a qualified Avid ABVB system and purchasing Avid Assurance at the same time. You can save 24% off the USMSRP by trading-in any qualified ABVB system, and 12% by trading in a competitor's system such as Pinnacle Cinéwave HD, Discreet Edit, Smoke or Flame. These offers run until 27 December 2002. See

BBC Technology and Quantel Collaborate to Develop Digital Newsroom Production Solutions
BBC Technology and Quantel have announced plans to collaborate on the development of integrated, end-to-end digital newsroom production solutions for the global broadcast market. The companies are developing solutions which will comprise enterprise-level scaling features, powerful search tools across multiple broadcast centres, integrated archive facilities and a fully integrated desktop experience with Quantel edit at high resolution. BBC Technology and Quantel are already working together on the BBC News landmark 'Jupiter' project - the centralising of video content for BBC News, for which Quantel will supply a substantial generationQ news system. See

Leitch Releases 2.0 Software for NEWSFlash-II
Leitch Technology has released version 2.0 software for its NEWSFlash-II nonlinear editing system. Key features in this upgrade include direct import of dpsVelocity DV files for further editing, field-based slow motion with the ability to choose interpolation and compensation, saving of user settings including identification, privileges and settings, and clip consolidation to conserve space on the RAID set. In addition, NEWSFlash can now ingest and store Sony IMX in its native form with a hardware upgrade, and IMX, DV, and MPEG2 can all be edited on the same timeline. See

Avid Announces Unity MediaManager Select
Avid Technology has announced the immediate availability of Avid Unity MediaManager Select. This new solution, offered as an option to the Avid Unity MediaNetwork, allows broadcast and postproduction facilities to streamline production workflow by giving users instant access to dailies, rough-cuts, feeds and other production and postproduction media from any desktop connected to a LAN using a web browser, or dedicated media player. Users can review and re-order media clips, mark 'in' and 'out' points, add sub-clips, or bring in stock footage or audio from sound libraries. It offers a virtual screening room to securely review dailies without the need to copy and distribute tapes. Varying levels of access control prevent unauthorised manipulation of media, and advanced security safeguards protect the media from piracy or premature release. A one-time, per workgroup license of Avid Unity MediaManager Select has a USMSRP of $10,000. See

Aurora Releases Apple OSX Driver for Igniter
Aurora Video Systems has released a Beta Apple OSX driver for its IgniterLT, Igniter, and IgniterRT editing platforms, which is available immediately at no cost. The OSX driver set adds the Igniter Film bundle to any existing Igniter101, Igniter201, Igniter301, IgniterRT111, IgniterRT211, and IgniterRT311. In addition, the power of OSX graphical APIs allows perfect Mac screen previews of uncompressed video, and with the IgniterRT, allows many Apple QuickTime formats to be played directly from an editing timeline through all available IgniterRT outputs including SDI, component, S-video, and composite simultaneously, in either PAL or NTSC formats. The OSX driver is available from

Doremi Introduces Slow Motion Server for HD Video
Doremi Labs has introduced a high definition server aimed at slow motion replay applications such as live sports events. It is based on the V1-UHD video disk recorder and allows for independent record and play operation. One channel can be set to record the live event, while the other is free to playback any part of the recorded video in slow motion. The server records 720p at 8-bit resolution via its HD-SDI input, it is frame accurate and can be controlled by a slow motion controller via its 9-pin serial interface. The server can also be set to operate as a standard V1-UHD disk recorder for HDTV broadcast and post production applications and for digital animation capture and replay. See

Canopus Announces the ADVX-1000 OEM Card
Canopus has announced the ADVX-1000, a PCI-based DV and analogue input/output board which features the Canopus hardware DV codec technology. Aimed at OEMs, the card and its SDK are a cost-effective, customisable solution for system integrators who wish to build high-quality video capture and distribution systems. The ADVX-1000 and its SDK will be available at the end of November 2002. See

Blackmagic Design Announces a New QuickTime PCI Capture Card
Blackmagic Design has announced the immediate availability of Blackmagic DeckLink, a new 10-bit QuickTime PCI capture card designed specifically for connecting to digital broadcast tape decks. It features SDI video and audio input and output, a Sony compatible RS422 serial control port, and a 2x speed PCI interface running at 66MHz. It offers either uncompressed 10-bit or 8-bit video modes, as well as an Online JPEG mode. DeckLink has been designed as a low cost professional video post production tool, which eliminates the need for sync generators and other third party equipment, and can reduce the overall cost of building a complete editing and design workstation. DeckLink is available from authorised resellers worldwide for US$995. See

Media 100 Announces 844/X Product Line Expansion
Media 100 has announced a product-line expansion for its 844/X editing system. The new 844/Xi targets the marketplace of dual-stream editors and uses the proprietary Genesis Engine to process four streams, namely two video paired with two full motion alpha, simultaneously and in realtime. The 844/Xi also includes the same application software and Intelligent Layering Architecture (ILA) as the original 844/X. The original 844/X is now called the 844/Xe. The products share the same hardware platform, so providing 844/Xi owners with an easy upgrade path to 844/Xe. The 844/Xi will be available in December 2002 starting from GB£32,695. A GB£3,000 discount is available to current owners of Media 100i or iFinish systems until 20th February 2003. See

DAW news

Merging Enhances Audio Restoration Package and Time/Pitch Scaling for Pyramix
Merging Technologies has enhanced the existing audio restoration package in Pyramix V4.1 with the Algorithmix NOVA. This allows localisation, identification, and the precise removal of unwanted audio events without touching the remaining material. The removed sound is replaced by a signal re-synthesised from the surrounding material. Analysis of selected audio material results in a three-dimensional spectrogram with time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis and colour-coded amplitude of the spectral components. Merging Technologies has also announced MPEX2 time/pitch scaling for Pyramix 4.1. Developed by Prosoniq, MPEX2 offers multichannel time compression and expansion control in percentage ratios, BPM and timecode in/out positions with full pitch and formant control. Up to 8 channels can be processed in parallel with perfect time and phase alignment over all the tracks. There is a separate function for automatic 24fps to 25fps and 25fps to 24fps compression/expansion across multiple tracks. See

Emagic Releases Logic Series 5.5
Emagic has announced the release of Logic series 5.5 for MacOSX, MacOS9.x and Windows 98Se/Me/2000/XP. New features include support for the Emagic EXS24 mk II software sampler, enhanced Logic Control support, new Strip Silence functionality in the Arrange Page in Logic Gold and Logic Platinum, and the addition of OMF support in Logic Platinum for MacOSX and Open TL file import and export in Logic Platinum, Gold and Audio for MacOSX. The Audio Unit functionality of Logic for MacOSX has been enhanced resulting in improved user interface design, and newly-added support of Music Effects. The update is available as a free download for all owners of Logic 5 for MacOS9.x, MacOSX and Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP. See

Digidesign Announces Availability of Windows XP support for Mbox
Digidesign has announced Windows XP support for the Mbox interface thanks to the Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 software release. Mbox offers two analogue I/Os, 1 x S/PDIF I/O, USB-powered operation, two analogue TRS inserts, 48V phantom power, and a headphone amp and output. It boasts a 24-bit front-to-back audio path, Focusrite preamplifiers on the analogue inputs, and near 'zero-latency' monitoring, and in combination with Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 on Windows XP, provides a complete 32-track system, with sessions that are interchangeable with other Pro Tools systems. Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 also includes a new ASIO multichannel sound driver that allows third-party audio programs that support the ASIO standard to record and play back through Mbox. Pro Tools LE 5.3.3 for Mbox on Windows XP is available as a free download to existing Mbox owners. The MSRP for Mbox on Windows XP and Mac OS 9 is US$495. See

Digital Music Systems Develops DigiSAM
Digital Music Systems has developed digiSAM, a digital storage, editing and playback device. The system comprises a rackmount or freestanding unit and a flat panel touchscreen. Facilities are included to capture audio segments from a wide variety of sources, including directly from CD media at up to 24x, and from any balanced line or SPDIF audio source. It features playlist management, redundant mirrored hard disk audio storage, and an optional hot-swappable removable drive. The base system offers 6000 buttons and 130 hours of music storage. DigiSAM has a retail price starting from US$3,495. See

Zoom Introduces the MRS-1266 Digital Audio Recorder
Zoom has introduced the MRS-1266. This fully integrated digital workstation offers 10 recordable audio tracks, plus two independent drum and bass tracks, and a stereo master channel for mixdown. It also supports live recording through six simultaneous inputs, and features an expanded programmable drum & bass rhythm section with 12 touch-sensitive pads. Input and output stages use 24-bit converters, the recording section samples at 44.1kHz using linear PCM, and songs can be stored on the 20GB hard drive, or burned to CD-R/RW using the optional CD-R/RW drive. Like other MRS Series recorders, the 1266 has customisable digital effects for mics and instruments, as well as proprietary guitar amp modelling. I/O is via two XLR inputs, eight 1/4" unbalanced inputs (two instrument / six line), stereo RCA outputs, S/PDIF optical digital output and MIDI in/out, as well as a SCSI and USB interface for use with an optional plug-in card. The MSRP of the MRS-1266 is US$1329.99, and the MRS-1266CD with CD-R/RW drive is US$1899.99. See

Steinberg Ships WaveLab Essential
Steinberg has announced that it is shipping the WaveLab Essential digital audio editing software designed for project studios. Based on WaveLab 4.0 technology, WaveLab Essential has been scaled down to offer the most important digital audio editing features, at a commensurate price. Features include a stereo editor, clip-based audio montage, ASIO, WDM and MME support, VST and DirectX effects support, virtual effects processors, a master section with simple rearranging of the effects chain, MP3 encoding and decoding, unlimited undo/redo, audio and data CD burning, label editing for CD cover creation, and the QSC audio file format for lossless audio compression. WaveLab Essential has an MSRP $299. See

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