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SYPHAnews - 29th August 2003

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a free newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at

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STOP PRESS!! The International Broadcasting Convention 2003 is almost upon us and we look forward to meeting those of you who are attending - our stand will be in media alley between halls 8 - 9/10.

We are putting the final touches to the all-new DAW Buyers Guide in readiness for its pre-IBC launch - every entry is being updated - so watch out for a newsflash announcing that it's live.

We would also like to welcome Adobe as a Bronze sponsor of the NLE Buyers Guide and the DAW Buyers Guide.

Camera news

JVC Introduces Hand-Held Professional HD Camcorder into European Market
JVC has announced the JY-HD10E professional hand-held camcorder with complete HD recording capabilities. Designed to allow programmes to be produced on a limited budget, the single 1.18 million pixel-CCD professional camcorder can record at various resolution modes, including 720p, and will output both 720p and up-converted 1080i signals. Recording is performed using native 16:9 from the CCD with an MPEG-2 HD compression algorithm, directly onto standard-size Mini-DV cassettes. The camcorder also incorporates a standard 4:3 mode with DV compression of MPEG-2 at 480/60p or 480/60i, and offers realtime up and down-conversion - allowing the flexibility of shooting in HD and then playing back HD recordings on any display device with component inputs. Other features include a manual switch for the optical image stabiliser system, still photo capture, two audio XLR connectors, and an IEEE-1394 interface for connection to D-VHS or a PC for simple downloading, editing and archiving. The camcorder comes complete with a high definition lens, and is bundled with NLE software for frame-accurate MPEG-2 editing. Third party software is also available to allow HD signals to be edited using Adobe Premiere 6.5. See

JVC Offers Time and Cost Savings with Focus Enhancements
JVC Professional Products Company has announced the availability of the Focus Enhancements FireStore DR-DV5000 portable disk recording module exclusively through JVC Professional Products Company dealers. JVC is offering a special US$500 rebate to customers that purchase the JVC GY-DV5000U camcorder together with the FireStore DR-DV5000 from now up to 26 September 2003. Focus Enhancements specifically designed the FireStore DR-DV5000 for the JVC line of professional DV camcorders. The DR-DV5000 offers significant productivity gains in video post-production and NLE applications with its Direct To Edit (DTE) technology. This records edit-ready video in native NLE file formats directly to internal or external hard drives. The DR-DV5000 mounts onto the JVC GY-DV5000U and connects though a 52-pin connector, allowing seamless communication of video input, power and status information between the devices. See

DVS Supports Panasonic Varicam
DVS has announced that version 2.6 HD software now supports the variable frame rate of the Panasonic AJ-HDC27 Varicam HD film camera. The disk recorders HDStationPlus and HDStationRGB, the on-set capturing system DVS CineControl, and the realtime editing workstation Clipster all now recognise the active frames of the 60fps transfer, and store only these active frames, allowing for slow- and fast-motion capturing. The DVS systems filter out the redundant data and thereby greatly reduce the overall amount of material stored, thus saving costs in storage and transfer times. The variable frame rate feature was developed by Panasonic to allow both slow- and fast-motion sequences to be recorded using frames rates from 4 to 60fps. The new DVS software supports ANC metadata, allowing timecode information to be stored via an HD-SDI link with the video data in DPX-file format. This seamless data transfer allows footage to be viewed on the user interface during playout. See

nNovia Ships QuickCapture
nNovia has announced that it is shipping QuickCapture, a portable IEEE1394 DV-to-disk recorder. Compact and lightweight, QuickCapture can be worn on a belt with the included belt bag and battery, or purchased with Anton Bauer Gold Mounts and attached directly to a camera. It is available in 40GB, 60GB and 80GB models, providing up to 6 hours of total recording time for NTSC or PAL material. QuickCapture completely supports both SBP-2 and AV/C protocols, allowing it to be connected directly to DV cameras as well as to computers and standalone editing systems. It can be operated as a VTR, or as a directly-connected disk drive containing 'edit-ready, render-free' AVI Type-2 material. When connected to a DV camcorder, QuickCapture allows source material to be organised in 'bins,' thus reducing or eliminating the need for traditional written logs. All of the clips contain camera timecode, and drop marks can be added for quick reference or rough cut editing during the recording process. QuickCapture is available for immediate delivery, and pricing begins at under US$1000. See

nNovia Introduces QuickCapture A2D
nNovia has announced the introduction of QuickCapture A2D. Aimed at professional videographers, QuickCapture A2D offers tapeless recording from analogue or digital sources, IEEE1394 connectivity with 'edit-ready, render-free' AVI Type-2 material, and playback of source material in either analogue or digital formats. QuickCapture A2D is also an analogue/digital media converter, allowing source material in one format to be output in the other. Compact and lightweight, QuickCapture A2D is wearable or can be camera-mounted, and offers all of the standard features of the nNovia QuickCapture product, including complete support for both SBP-2 and AV/C protocols, up to 99 'bins' for 'organise as you acquire' convenience, and compatibility with both computer-based and standalone editing systems. With its analogue-to-digital conversion feature, QuickCapture A2D also bridges the gap between legacy analog camcorders and monitors, and digital video equipment. QuickCapture A2D is planned for October 2003 delivery. Pricing begins at under US$1400. See

NLE news

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro to 4.0.1
Apple has released a 4.0.1 update to Final Cut Pro. The new version provides performance improvements and enhancements in several key areas, including changes to the Trim Edit window; increased render speed; more-effective use of match-frame against split edits and speed-adjusted clips; and improved performance on trimming track-gaps. The update also adds video updates in the Canvas while Range Checking is on; the use of selected font for text generators; and more-accurate filter-keyframe positioning when using Media Manager on clips with speed changes. Print to Video and Edit to Tape now maintain audio transitions, 2kHz audio-capture functions properly, and 24p-format sequences playback accurately with audio. The new version also has improved detection of timecode breaks for many cameras, and addresses iMovie 3.0.3 importing issues. Updates for Compressor, Soundtrack, Cinema Tools, and LiveType are also available. See

Pinnacle Announces Interoperability with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004
Pinnacle Systems has announced interoperability between Pinnacle Liquid and Pinnacle Edition high-end editing solutions and the new Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004. Using Pinnacle's XSend functionality, Liquid and Edition users can seamlessly publish clips and projects as Flash video objects for enhancement with content and interactivity targeted specifically for the Web. The Pinnacle XSend-to-Flash Video plug-in automatically converts clips and sequences directly into the Flash .flv format for immediate enhancements in either Macromedia Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX Professional 2004. The Pinnacle XSend-to-Flash Video plug-in will be available as a free download from the Pinnacle website from 12 September 2003. See

Leitch Ships Version 8.2 of dpsVelocityQ and dpsVelocity
Leitch Technology has announced that version 8.2 of its dpsVelocityQ multistream NLE and dpsVelocity dualstream NLE is now shipping. dpsVelocityQ 8.2 and dpsVelocity 8.2 sport a new interface featuring flexible interface customisation options, timeline picons, a new colour scheme and the EyeCon View. EyeCon View continuously displays the picons and individual clip timecode of all visible layers based on the current playhead position, providing constant visual reference for all layers on the timeline while scrubbing and aligning clips, and making it easy to precisely align specific frames across layers. Other new features include native file export to Leitch servers, support for Windows Media Format version 9, Direct Show audio plug-in access directly in the timeline, and support for the forthcoming specially-priced Interoperability option featuring AAF and OMF import and export. Version 8.2 also incorporates over 100 enhancements in direct response to user feedback. See

Aurora Extends Special Summer Pricing For IgniterX
Aurora Video Systems has announced that it will extend its 'Summer Sale' of up to fifty percent off the usual price of the IgniterX series of video capture/editing solutions, up to 30 September 2003. During the Summer Sale, IgniterX Pro and IgniterX SDI systems are available for US$2999. IgniterX Pro supports Betacam, Betacam SP, analogue I/O of Digibeta decks, and other high-end DVCAM decks without the need for transcoders or adapters. IgniterX SDI is designed for capture and playback of SDI video into Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, as well as monitoring of broadcast graphics with Adobe After Effects or Discreet combustion and an SDI-capable monitor. The IgniterX Studio editing system for Final Cut Pro is being offered for US$3999. This combines all the features of IgniterX, IgniterX Pro, and IgniterX SDI, and enables native capture of any professional format at the highest image quality, without requiring converters or patches. A new dongle-only version of the SDI Option (without breakout box) is available for US$999. See

MainConcept Releases Preview Version of MainActor 5 for Linux
MainConcept has announced the release of a Linux preview version of its MainActor 5 video editing software. MainActor 5 Linux Video Editing will offer substantially the same features as MainActor 5 for Windows, although not all features are implemented in the preview version. The Linux preview does include transitions, effects, filters and a titler. It also features DV support including DV-AVI Type 1 export, and supports most popular video and image formats, such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and TGA. The release version of MainActor 5 for Linux will be available in Q4 2003. It will include MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 support as well as MPEG-1/2 export. It will also contain additional modules such as DV capture. Developers can write a wide variety of add-on modules for the MainActor 5 plug-in API using the SDK available from the MainConcept website. See

ADS Unveils PYRO Professional with Full Versions of Adobe Software
ADS Technologies has unveiled PYRO Professional, a complete hardware/software solution for capturing, editing and authoring high-quality DVDs on the Windows platform. Aimed at corporate video producers, event videographers, educators, and dedicated hobbyists who want an end-to-end DV-to-DVD solution, PYRO Professional speeds up the workflow of DVD content development by combining an OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394/FireWire realtime capture card with full versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD and Adobe Audition. PYRO Professional is scheduled to begin shipping 15 September 2003, with an MSRP of US$499. See

Canopus Announces DVStorm2 Ultra Bundle
Canopus Corporation has announced the DVStorm2 Ultra Bundle, which combines the Canopus DVStorm2 realtime editing solution and its Storm Bay breakout box with Adobe professional software, including Adobe Premiere Pro for nonlinear video editing, Adobe Encore for DVD authoring and Adobe Audition for professional audio editing. When using the new DVStorm2 Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in, users can preview and output both native Premiere Pro effects and Canopus effects simultaneously in realtime. With Adobe Premiere Pro, DVStorm2 also delivers five simultaneous realtime video streams and unlimited title and graphics layers. DVStorm2 provides realtime colour correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, DV chroma key, auto white balance, region filter, and more. The DVStorm2 Ultra Bundle will be available for a suggested retail price of $1299. See

Automatic Duck Offers Avid and Final Cut Pro Translation for After Effects and Boris RED
Automatic Duck has announced the release of Automatic Duck Pro Import 2.0. Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, this new translator offers all of the functionality of the company's Automatic Composition Import (ACI), ACI DV, and ACI FCP software products, plus additional features. Acting as a plug-in to Adobe After Effects or Boris RED 3GL, Automatic Duck Pro Import 2.0 allows the complex translation process, that once took hours or even an entire day, to be completed in seconds. Edited sequences can be seamlessly imported, complete with keyframed effects, from Avid editing systems and Final Cut Pro 3.0 into After Effects or Boris RED. New features include translation of more Avid effects; translation of audio levels and keyframes from Avid and Final Cut Pro into After Effects; and AAF import including translation of Avid locators into After Effects and RED. Users of ACI and ACI FCP who purchased before 1 May 2003 can upgrade to Automatic Duck Pro Import 2.0 for US$195. Automatic Duck Pro Import 2.0 for After Effects and Boris RED is shipping for US$495. See

DAW news

Emagic Offers Logic Platinum 6.2 on the Power Mac G5
Emagic is offering the first Logic version optimised for Apple's new 64-bit flagship personal computer, the Apple Power Mac G5. Due for release on the same day as the G5, the update to Logic Platinum 6.2 will be available as a free download to registered owners of Logic Platinum 6.x. Users will experience a dramatic increase in both speed and performance, with the ability to work on noticeably larger projects than ever before, including more software instruments, audio tracks and effects plug-ins. Audio applications will benefit from the new G5 Frontside Bus, especially when large amounts of audio data must be streamed, or moved in memory, and Logic Platinum 6.2 also includes special performance optimisations for Power Mac G5 models with dual processors. See

Steinberg Ships Studio Case
Steinberg, The Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems, is now shipping Studio Case. This is a suite of virtual instruments combined with Cubase technology to form a complete music production software package, all in one box and at one low price. The Studio Case delivers five creative virtual instruments based on Steinberg technology and Cubase SE - a streamlined version of the latest Cubase SL and SX digital audio sequencers. Virtual instruments include Virtual Guitarist EE SE, Groove Agent SE Virtual Drummer, The Grand SE Piano, D'cota SE Synthesizer, and HALion SE Sampler. The package contains over 700MB of sounds, is upward-file-compatible with Cubase SL, SX and Nuendo, works on Mac OSX and Windows 2000 or XP, and offers 24-bit/96kHz audio quality. The Studio Case is designed to offer the entry-level computer musician all the software needed to begin making music. It also serves existing Cubase users as a Virtual Instrument system with VST System Link support. The Studio Case has a retail value of US$599.99 and is available at Steinberg dealers for a special bundle price of US$299.99. See

M-Audio Announces Acquisition of Evolution Electronics
M-Audio has announced the 100% acquisition of Evolution Electronics, a UK-based manufacturing company of USB MIDI keyboards and controllers. M-Audio has acquired all Evolution products, software, and intellectual property rights, along with all other assets and liabilities of the company in exchange for an undisclosed sum. The transaction makes M-Audio the largest supplier of USB MIDI keyboards and controllers in the world. See

Digigram Adds 'PC codec mp3' Option for PCX and LCM Sound Cards
Digigram has released a new optional mp3 codec for its PCX and LCM card range. 'PC codec mp3' improves the performance of mp3 playback using Digigram PCX/LCM cards, by allowing a larger number of mp3 files to be decoded simultaneously. The new codec also allows recording of mp3. Available through Digigram OEM development partners, PC codec mp3 launches an mp3 codec that runs on the host computer's processor. Encoding and decoding of mp3 files is performed on the host CPU, with mixing performed on the sound card. One single codec can manage mp3 coding and decoding for multiple sound cards installed in the same PC. PC codec mp3 will work with the following Digigram sound cards: PCX22v2, PCX442, PCX822v2, PCX924v2, PCX924-Mic, PCXpocketv3, PCXpocket440, PCXpocket240, and LCM440v2, as well as with the discontinued models PCX22, PCX440np, PCX821np, PCX822np, PCX924, and LCM440. A separate PC codec with MPEG Layers I, II, and mp3 features for the Digigram miXart 8 range is also available. PC codec mp3 will not work with the Digigram VX-range of sound cards. See

Creamware Files For Insolvency
The management of CreamWare Datentechnik GmbH has filed an application for protection from creditors with the district council in Bonn, Germany. The business of CreamWare GmbH will remain in full operation and the Company will maintain its full staff of 55 employees. The Company plans, in collaboration with the insolvency administrator, to secure and maintain all operations on a long-term basis. A preliminary insolvency plan that builds on continuing all business activities and satisfying current creditors is currently under examination for feasibility. According to management, the Company's booked sales and manufacturing utilisation is better than average. The application was filed due to the software for the Noah synthesizer being delayed until May, while the Noah hardware was already in full production since March 2003, so causing unforeseen financial strain on the Company. The Noah synthesizer product, which is now available and shipping, has already provided respectable sales. The Company and the preliminary insolvency administrator are currently concentrating on securing supplier agreements and existing relationships. See

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