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SYPHAnews - 30th June 2003

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a free newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at

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STOP PRESS!! We are about to start the process of spring-cleaning the DAW Buyers Guide. If you manufacture a new digital audio workstation or tapeless recorder, including turnkey systems and card and software packages, then please let us know.

We'd also like to welcome Leitch as a Bronze sponsor of the NLE Buyers Guide.

On a completely different note, SYPHA has just launched a new publication called HiddenWires which is aimed at high-end home entertainment and automation. HiddenWires has its own monthly ezine and anyone who is interested can subscribe by completing the registration form at

Camera news

JVC Introduces GR-PD1 Digital Full Progressive Video Camera
JVC has introduced a new 1.18 megapixel digital video camera particularly designed for the European market. The GR-PD1 is able to record PAL progressive 625 scanning line 16:9 wide-screen images in MPEG-2 format on MiniDV cassette, and comes bundled with a full set of creative software including applications for frame-accurate MPEG nonlinear editing and authoring to DVD. Features include a 1/3-inch 1.18 megapixel progressive scan CCD with a pixel array of 1280x659 (for moving images) and 1280x960 (for stills), and progressive scanning to sample the entire picture at once. The Hybrid Complementary-Primary progressive colour filter system employs a filter matrix overlaying the CCD's picture elements including two complementary colours yellow and cyan (Ye and Cy), one primary colour green (Gr), and clear. Shifting one pixel at a time across the CCD and combining these together in pairs for brightness, and blocks of four for colour, results in maximum resolution. This system's ability to sample both Luminance (Y) and Chroma information (RGB) results in colour performance nearly identical to using three CCDs. Other features include a zoom lens with F1.8 at full wide and F1.9 at full telephoto, a down-converter to conventional PAL 625i broadcast standard video, and a grip section that rotates up to 90 degrees. See

NLE news

Avid Media Composer Adrenaline and NewsCutter Adrenaline FX Now Available
Avid Technology has announced the availability of the Media Composer Adrenaline and NewsCutter Adrenaline FX systems. Media Composer Adrenaline combines feature-rich, next-generation Media Composer software with the powerful new Adrenaline hardware to offer realtime, multi-stream, uncompressed standard-definition video editing and 10-bit high-definition media expandability. Adrenaline hardware, part of the Avid family of purpose-built Digital Nonlinear Accelerators (or Avid DNA), provides a hybrid architecture designed to leverage the power of both host-based software capabilities and hardware-based acceleration for performance that scales with the power of the host CPU. The new NewsCutter Adrenaline FX system is also based on Adrenaline hardware. It can expand to support HD, and offers a new Quick record feature that lets anyone edit a complete cuts-only package simply by using the jog shuttle knob on a tape deck. NewsCutter Adrenaline FX also includes a robust feature set, including 3D animated Marquee Titling, fast 10-bit colour correction with AutoCorrect, and Fluid Motion. It has all the functionality of the new Media Composer Adrenaline system, and supports DV25, Avid Meridien (JFIF) hardware, DV50, IMX and ABVB media - all mixable in the same timeline. Media Composer Adrenaline has an MSRP of US$24,995, and NewsCutter Adrenaline FX has an MSRP of US$29,995. See

Leitch Bundles dpsVelocityQ NLE with Sonic ReelDVD Studio
Leitch Technology and Sonic Solutions have announced that Leitch dpsVelocityQ NLE systems will now include the Sonic Solutions ReelDVD Studio DVD authoring software. ReelDVD extends the limits of affordable, professional DVD creation by providing Dolby Digital audio transcoding, enhanced support for audio, and expanded subtitles in a simple user interface. dpsVelocityQ combines the dpsQuattrus multistream, realtime hardware with an enhanced version of dpsVelocity software to create a fully integrated, multilayer NLE with features such as realtime, full-quality playback of four video streams, up to six graphics streams and four channels of realtime 3D DVE, including perspectives and warps. Sonic ReelDVD Studio is now included with all new dpsVelocityQ hardware/software bundles and fully integrated turnkey solutions. Existing dpsVelocityQ owners can upgrade their current Sonic DVDit! SE to the retail version of ReelDVD at special pricing directly through the Sonic Solutions web site at See also

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro 4
Apple has announced that Final Cut Pro 4 software for film, HD, SD and DV, is now on sale at participating Apple authorised resellers and Apple retail stores. Final Cut Pro 4 introduces more than 300 new features, including RT Extreme for realtime compositing and effects, new interface customisation tools, new high-quality 8- and 10-bit uncompressed formats, full 32-bit floating point per channel video processing, advanced trimming and timeline tools such as support for dynamic and asymmetrical trimming, and enhanced audio editing capabilities with multitrack audio mixing and multichannel output. Final Cut Pro 4 also includes three new complimentary applications, namely LiveType for advanced titling, Soundtrack for music creation and Compressor for full featured batch transcoding. Final Cut Pro 4 offers a new XML interchange format and a FireWire-based I/O framework. It has an SRP of US$999, and registered users can upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4 for US$399. See

Pinnacle Systems CinéWave 4 Now Available for Final Cut Pro 4
Pinnacle Systems has announced the availability of CinéWave 4. This provides advanced realtime, offline, online, film and audio capabilities for Apple Final Cut Pro 4. The shipping version of CinéWave 4 includes features not announced previously, including realtime support for DV50, Apple LiveType titling, the high-quality Animation codec, video out with Apple Soundtrack, and support for up to 5 uncompressed realtime tracks (3 video and 2 graphics with alpha channels). CinéWave 4 allows users to capture in DV50 and apply realtime effects to DV50 alone or in any combination with PhotoJPEG, DV25, 8, 10 and 16-bit uncompressed sources, Apple Live Type, Animation and RGBA sources, all realtime and in the same timeline. Full CinéWave systems now start from an SRP of US$3995. CinéWave 4 upgrades are available for an SRP of US$295. See

AJA Announces Availability of Io
AJA Video Systems has announced that Io, an uncompressed audio/video FireWire capture device for Final Cut Pro, is now shipping to select dealers and distributors. The Io breakout box connects to an Apple PowerPC G4 or PowerBook G4 through a simple FireWire interface and provides professional analogue or digital audio/video, including 10-bit component and composite analogue video, SDI digital video, multiple audio formats including balanced and unbalanced analogue, AES/EBU digital, optical ADAT, optical S/PDIF, RS422 machine control, and genlock. Its silver box was designed to complement the Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID in a rack, or sit conveniently on a desktop. The SRP is US$2290. See

Aurora Announces Release of RT Extreme Driver for Final Cut Pro 4
Aurora Video Systems has announced the release of a new software driver that allows its IgniterX family of video capture and editing solutions to support the Final Cut Pro 4 RT Extreme engine. This supports render-free playback of effects in real time, as well as a virtually unlimited number of video streams. The new driver provides the ability to take advantage of the feature set of Final Cut Pro 4, including support for up to seven realtime tracks, LiveType, tight synchronisation and true implementation of 24fps film support, and editing of the offline RT, DV, uncompressed 8-bit and uncompressed 10-bit formats. The Aurora IgniterX provides high-quality variable-compression-rate video capture and playback, and allows full-screen effects to be applied in real time for both offline and online editing environments. Each card supports integrated I/Os for all digital and analogue online formats. The software driver is available online. See

Blackmagic Releases DeckLink v4.0 with Support for Apple Final Cut Pro 4
Blackmagic Design has announced the release of a public beta version 4.0 software update for its DeckLink family of 10-bit uncompressed QuickTime video capture cards. DeckLink v4.0 adds support for Final Cut Pro 4 RT Extreme and multichannel audio features. RT Extreme adds support for realtime effects built into Final Cut Pro 4 and significantly increases the creative flexibility of the all models of DeckLink hardware. The new multichannel audio capability supports up to 8 simultaneous audio channels embedded in the SDI video output. The Blackmagic DeckLink offers an independent desktop output for use with non-QuickTime applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Also included is full support for Adobe After Effects 16-bit RGB rendering, and Discreet Combustion quick capture and realtime RAM previews. The DeckLink v4.0 update is available as a download at no charge to customers. See

DAW news

Steinberg Launches Nuendo 2.0 Media Production System
Steinberg, the Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems, has announced the availability of the Nuendo 2.0 Media Production System in the US. As Steinberg's flagship product, Nuendo 2.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and Apple Mac OS X and is designed to use the most advanced technologies currently available to support all genres of professional audio production, including composition, film, broadcast, music, post-production, surround, game sound and multimedia. It has a multichannel architecture through the entire signal path, with every input, audio track, effect, group and output now offering up to 12 discrete channels, ready for full-scale 5.1, 7.1, or even 10.2 productions. Its 32-bit floating point mixer has been completely re-engineered and now features multiple multichannel input and output buses, with recording in either split or interleaved surround audio file formats. It also offers extended effects routing, and an open system architecture with upgraded AES31 and OMF support, OpenTL updated to version 3.0, and new formats such as Windows Media Audio and the optional export to DTS. Nuendo also supports Sony 9-Pin, ReWire, and the Steinberg VST System Link. Nuendo 2.0 is available at select Steinberg dealers for and MSRP of US$1499.99. An update from previous Nuendo versions is available to registered users for an MSRP of US$299.99. See

Steinberg Unveils Summer Switch Program
Steinberg, the Audio Group of Pinnacle Systems, has announced The Steinberg Summer Switch Program, a limited-time offer that runs until 31 July 2003. It provides cross-grade discounts for customers currently using competitive products who wish to cross over to Nuendo 2.0, Cubase SX, or HALion 2.0. As part of the program, Steinberg is rewarding the loyalty of registered Cubase SX users who wish to step into Nuendo 2.0 with a special price of US$599. Users of Pro Tools TDM, Logic Platinum, Digital Performer, Paris and Fairlight can purchase Nuendo 2.0 for US$799. Users of Pro Tools LE, Logic Silver/Gold/Platinum, BigBox, Performer, and Sonar/Sonar XL can purchase Cubase SX for US$399. Users of EXS24(mkII), EXSP24, Gigastudio, Unity DS-1, Sampletank L/XL, MachFive, Kontakt, and Kompakt can switch to HALion 2.0 for US$199. See

TerraTec Launches TerraTec Producer PHASE 28 192kHz Multi-I/O Recording Interface
TerraTec has launched the first TerraTec Producer product, PHASE 28. This is a 24-bit/192kHz multi-I/O recording interface with two inputs and eight outputs, a 16-channel MIDI interface, and digital I/Os designed for a variety of uses. PHASE 28 features a variety of ports for all audio applications on a specially-shielded break-out cable. Configured as balanced 1/4" jacks, all analogue connectors are designed to accept studio levels and signal resolutions of up to 24-bit/192kHz. PHASE 28 is designed to allow users to make crystal-clear stereo recordings and play back high-resolution 5.1 and 7.1 surround productions. There are gain knobs for adjusting input sensitivity individually to match analogue signal sources, and two LED signal displays for the preamp. Coaxial digital ports accept S/PDIF, AC3, and DTS data streams with all standard sampling rates up to 32 bits, and the output is designed to handle sampling frequencies up to 192kHz. PHASE 28 integrates with all popular systems and programs including ASIO 2.0, GSIF, MME, WDM, Mac OS9, Mac OSX, and Windows XP. See

CreamWare Announces Plug-ins for the SCOPE Fusion Platform
CreamWare has announced new plug-ins for its SCOPE Fusion DSP platform. The instruments B-2003 and Sequential Circuits Pro-One, as well as the filterbank Interpole, are already available for the Noah synthesizer and will be available for systems based on the SCOPE Fusion Platform. The B-2003 is a drawbar organ in the tradition of the Hammond B-3. All features of the original are accurately modelled, including the 91 tone wheels that can be played with full polyphony, the characteristic key click and percussion, the scanner vibrato, the overdrive and the rotating speaker effects. In cooperation between with Sequential Circuits, CreamWare has reproduced the Pro-One synthesizer. Again, all features of the original have been authentically modelled, including the audio inputs for processing external signals and the original step sequencer and arpeggiator. The filterbank Interpole is based on a 24dB lowpass filter that has been faithfully reproduced using the CreamWare circuit modelling technique. This makes Interpole a highly creative tool that is ideal for sound experiments with a real analogue feel. See

M-Audio Introduces M-Audio Ozone Mobile Workstation
M-Audio has launched the M-Audio Ozone, an all-in-one keyboard, MIDI control surface, mic preamp, USB audio interface and USB MIDI interface that is no bigger than a laptop. Designed primarily for mobile or desktop use where size and weight are an issue, M-Audio Ozone aims to provide a complete personal mobile studio from input to output when combined with a computer running software such as the Propellerhead Reason or the Ableton Live. It has a 25-note keyboard with full-sized keys, pitch and modulation wheels, and eight MIDI assignable control knobs. It also provides an audio interface via a simple USB cable, and supports 24-bit/96kHz audio. Inputs include an XLR microphone with built-in preamp and phantom power, a balanced 1/4" TRS for guitar, bass and other instruments, and unbalanced 1/4" stereo aux for stereo line-level sound sources such as drum machines, synthesizers and CD players. These can be routed to the computer or directly to the M-Audio Ozone unbalanced 1/4" outputs that also route audio from the computer to an external mixer or directly to powered speakers. M-Audio Ozone provides a 1/4" TRS stereo headphone jack for personal monitoring during a session, and has zero-latency direct monitoring of inputs for overdubs. M-Audio Ozone has an MSRP of GB279. See

Spherico Offers Low-Cost Way to Play BWF Files
Spherico has announced an Mac OSX application, PlayBWF, that allows users to preview BWF audio data without the need for expensive software. PlayBWF is a small OSX application that allows playback of mono BWF and stereo BWF-P files. It also extracts the metadata of the BWF file header and displays it as start timecode of the file, scene, take, notes etc, with the timecode being calculated at a user-selectable frame rate. PlayBWF is available as donationware. See

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