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SYPHAnews - 30th July 2003

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STOP PRESS!! We are in the process of spring-cleaning the DAW Buyers Guide - everything will be renewed in time for the IBC and AES Conventions. If you know of a digital audio workstation or tapeless recorder that isn't already in the guide, including turnkey systems and hardware and software packages, then please let us know.

We would like to welcome Apple as a Gold sponsor of the NLE Buyers Guide and the DAW Buyers Guide.

For the NLE Buyers Guide, we also have new full listings for:

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Camera news

Thomson Announces First 14-Bit SD Camera for Broadcasters: Grass Valley LDK 500
Thomson has announced the Grass Valley LDK 500, the first 14-bit standard-definition (SD) camera. Designed to replace the LDK 200, this next-generation camera features a completely new digital architecture to provide the highest possible image quality and unmatched video processing capabilities. It includes a freeze-frame feature to help engineers set camera parameters such as skin tone and synchronise multiple cameras, without on-air talent having to be present. The camera's architecture enables users to add software plug-in features to increase its effectiveness. These include a multi-matrix colour corrector that allows a single colour in the frame to be adjusted without affecting the others. The LDK 500 camera has three-layered remote-controllable filters. It also includes an array of digital filters such as customisable soft-focus filters (with or without adjustable centre spot), gradient filters, and a sepia filter, to provide camera operators with a full pallet of artistic choices. Compatible with the LDK 100/LDK 200 docking interface, the LDK 500 can be used with current and future Grass Valley SD adapters. It is also compatible with the recently announced Grass Valley Digital Wireless Camera System as well as the C2IP Ethernet-based camera control system. It is available with DPM sensors that offer easy switching between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios without a change of resolution and viewing angle, FT sensors, and ultra-low smear (-140dB) IT and ITW sensors. The IT and ITW sensors feature a high sensitivity of F14/2000 lux. The LDK 500 system will be available Q4 2003 with prices starting at Euro 75,000. See

Thomson Announces 12-bit LDK 300 SD camera
Thomson has announced the Grass Valley LDK 300 camera designed to replace the LDK 100. It uses a video processing architecture that includes two new DSPs housed in a rugged, lightweight camera body with a flexible design to meet a wide range of equipment requirements and budgets. The LDK 300 is available with DPM and FT, as well as ultra-low smear (-140dB) IT and ITW CCDs. The IT and ITW sensors feature a high sensitivity of F14/2000 lux. It supports triax adaptors, the new Grass Valley Digital Wireless Triax Camera System, and the DVCPRO50 digital video format, and features 12-bit A/D conversion and two new 22-bit DSPs. These DSPs enable a broad range of video processing capabilities, including a large painting range, highlight compression, unique five-band detail processing, and a variable colour temperature function for handling multiple light sources. The DPM and ITW sensors can switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios at the push of a button. The LDK 300 is available with either one manual filter wheel or two remote controllable filter wheels, and is fully compatible with the complete range of Grass Valley LDK camera accessories, including base stations and SuperXpander handheld-to-studio conversion kits, viewfinders, encoders, and remote-control panels. It also supports the Grass Valley C2IP Ethernet-based camera control system. The LDK 300 system will be available Q4 2003 with prices starting at Euro 25,000. See

NLE news

Apple Offers Premiere Users Easy Switch to Final Cut Pro
Apple is offering a way for Adobe Premiere customers on Mac or Windows to switch to Final Cut Express or upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4 until 20 September 2003. Premiere customers have the choice of trading in their disks for a free copy of Final Cut Express, or receiving a US$500 rebate from the purchase of Final Cut Pro 4. Additionally, Apple is offering customers who purchase any new Macintosh computer the opportunity to purchase Final Cut Express at the same time for just US$99 - a saving of US$200 on the SRP. See

Adobe Announces Significant Upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Video Collection for Windows
Adobe Systems has announced Adobe Premiere Pro, the most significant upgrade to its video editing software since its introduction in 1991. Adobe Premiere Pro has been redesigned with productivity enhancing features and professional tools including sophisticated colour correction, new audio controls and multiple, nested timelines. It is optimised for multiple processors and hyper-threading, and also takes advantage of the speed delivered by the latest generation of Intel Pentium-based systems running Windows XP to provide render-free editing. It supports high definition and standard definition video, resolution independence, import and export of a variety of video and audio formats including MPEG2, AVI, WAV and AIFF files, and export of AAF files. Adobe Premiere Pro is available as a standalone product or is a key component of the new Adobe Video Collection. Adobe Premiere Pro provides integration with the products featured in the Adobe Video Collection, including Adobe Audition, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects software. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects 6.0 work together to share data, making it easier to work between the two applications. Users can export Adobe Premiere Pro projects as MPEG2 or AVI files with chapter markers, which will be converted into chapter points by Adobe Encore DVD. Photoshop users can also benefit by importing layered PSD files into Adobe Premiere Pro as flattened clips, or as timelines with each layer on a separate track. Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows XP and the Adobe Video Collection for Windows are expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003. Adobe Premiere Pro has an estimated street price of US$699. Registered users of any previous version of Adobe Premiere can upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro for an estimated street price of US$199. The Professional edition of the Adobe Video Collection for Windows including After Effects (Professional edition) and Photoshop 7.0 has an estimated street price of US$1499. The Standard edition including After Effects (Standard edition) but not Photoshop has an estimated street price of US$999, but for the first 30 days, there is a special introductory price of US$799. See

Matrox Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro
Matrox Video Products Group has announced that its Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme and RT.X10 Xtra realtime editing platforms support the new Adobe Premiere Pro software. Users of RT.X100 Xtreme with Adobe Premiere Pro will benefit from full-quality, full-resolution editing, realtime 3D effects with spline keyframe control, and realtime filters such as pan and scan, old movie, and soft focus, plus realtime analogue and DV print-to-tape, realtime MPEG-2 capture and encoding, and faster capture and export tools. Customers who purchased RT.X100 Xtreme or RT.X10 Xtra bundled with Adobe Premiere 6.5 after 7 June 2003, will receive a free upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro from Matrox. Customers who made their purchase prior to 7 June 2003 will be able to order their Adobe Premiere Pro upgrade directly from Adobe. See

Canopus Announces Support for Adobe Premiere Pro
Canopus has announced support for Adobe Premiere Pro with its DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 realtime editing solutions. In addition to the advanced features found in Adobe Premiere Pro, Canopus customers will continue to enjoy the render-free editing capabilities they are accustomed to. Both DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 feature the Canopus hardware DV codec chip that relieves the system's CPU from Adobe Premiere Pro's software-based DV renderer, leaving more CPU power available for realtime effects processing. Canopus will offer Adobe Premiere Pro as a software bundle option to DVStorm2 and DVRaptor RT2 later this summer. See

Pinnacle Announces the Edition Power of Five Upgrade Program
Pinnacle Systems has announced the Power of Five, an upgrade program designed to migrate its DV500 and Pro-ONE video editing customers to Pinnacle Edition version 5. This announcement comes as a result of Pinnacle's decision not to support hardware drivers for future versions of the Adobe Premiere product line. The Pinnacle Edition product family supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home and Professional. It is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (simplified) and Korean languages. Pinnacle DV500 and Pro-ONE family customers can purchase the full upgrade version of the software for only Euro 55/GB£39. The SRPs of Pinnacle Edition and Pinnacle Edition PRO are Euro 799 and Euro 999 respectively. See

Canopus Announces EDIUS 1.5
Canopus has announced EDIUS 1.5, an upgrade to its new nonlinear editing application. New features include improved bin folder structure and search capabilities; realtime support of 32-bit uncompressed video with alpha channel support; enhanced timeline management features, including batch delete; and the ability to relink missing clips to the project. This upgrade will be available early September 2003. Purchasers have until 31 August 2003 to save US$300 by buying EDIUS for the special introductory price of US$299. Registered users can then upgrade to version 1.5 in September through a free download from the Canopus web site. Also until 31 August 2003, Canopus is offering EDIUS bundled with the its Spectra WF17 dual-monitor graphics card for US$399. See

Canopus Announce DVStorm2 Lite
Canopus Europe has announced DVStorm2 Lite that provides all the realtime editing capabilities found in DVStorm2, including realtime colour correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, chroma key, auto white balance, region filter. Canopus has included a collection of editing, effects and authoring software including Ulead Cool3D Production Studio SE, Canopus Storm Edit nonlinear editing software, Canopus DV capture tool, Canopus Xplode for DVStorm effects software, Sonic Foundry ACID Style audio software and Ulead DVD Workshop SE authoring software. MPEG encoding capabilities are available through Canopus SoftMPEG for creation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video. The StormEncoder hardware module is not included. DVStorm2 Lite is available for a SRP of GB£599 excluding VAT and shipping. See

Matrox Expands Trade Up to Xtreme Program to Include Pinnacle and Canopus Products
Matrox Video Products Group has expanded its Trade Up to Xtreme program to include owners of selected Pinnacle and Canopus products. Qualifying products include: Matrox RT2000, RT2500 and RT.X10; Pinnacle DV500, DV500 Plus, DV500 DVD, Pro-ONE, and Pro-ONE RTDV; and Canopus DVStorm, DVStorm2, DVRaptor RT, and DVRaptor RT2. Owners can trade up to the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme professional realtime video editing and DVD authoring platform for as little as US$599/GB£399. See

Canopus Announces the Summer Storm Program
Canopus has announced the Summer Storm Program, a competitive trade-up program designed to give qualifying users of competitive hardware-based video editing solutions a path to DVStorm2 and the Canopus video production solutions. Current Canopus customers can also take advantage of this program. Running until 31 August 2003, qualifying purchasers of DVStorm2 will receive the Storm Bay breakout box and their choice of either Canopus EDIUS with a Canopus Spectra WF17 dual-monitor graphics card or Adobe Premiere Pro software free. See

Aurora Video Systems Announces its Great Summer Sale
Aurora Video Systems has announced a new summer pricing schedule for its IgniterX series of video capture/editing solutions. Prices on its IgniterX Pro, IgniterX SDI, and IgniterX Studio systems have been reduced by almost fifty percent, and a new low-cost SDI dongle option has been introduced. Both the IgniterX Pro and IgniterX SDI systems are now available for US$2999. IgniterX Studio is now available for US$3999. The Pro Option and SDI Option for IgniterX are now available for US$1499 each. Finally, those looking for the functionality of the SDI Option without the breakout box, can now purchase the dongle-only solution for US$999. See

Pinnacle Acquires Dazzle Consumer Video Editing Business
Pinnacle Systems has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Dazzle home video editing business from SCM Microsystems. The companies expect to close the transaction in July 2003 and have agreed on a total purchase price of approximately US$21.5 million of Pinnacle Systems common stock. Pinnacle will acquire selected assets and liabilities, including all product rights, inventory, intellectual property, trade names and other rights related to the business. See

DAW news

Digidesign Ships Pro Tools 6.1 for TDM and LE Systems
Digidesign has announced the availability of Pro Tools 6.1 software. This allows Windows XP users to enjoy the new TDM and LE features added on Mac OS X with Pro Tools 6.0, and adds a host of new features including AVoption|XL support for record and playback of all Avid JFIF video resolutions from 35:1 all the way up to 1:1 uncompressed on Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools|HD systems and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools|24 MIX systems. With the DigiTranslator 2.0 option, it provides support for AAF for seamless interchange of rich media between a host of AAF-capable applications. In addition, OMF video metadata is now displayed within the DigiBase browsers. Pro Tools 6.1 also supports the Propellerhead Software ReWire technology providing realtime audio and MIDI streaming between applications supporting ReWire, with sample-accurate synchronisation and common transport functionality. In addition, the new optional DV Toolkit for Pro Tools is a cross-platform bundle that adds desktop post production functionality to Pro Tools LE systems. DV Toolkit includes timecode features for Pro Tools LE, DigiTranslator 2.0 option for full AAF/OMF import/export, Digidesign's AudioSuite DINR noise reduction plug-in, and Synchro Arts VocALign Project for dialogue replacement. Pro Tools 6.1 requires a Digidesign-qualified Macintosh computer running Mac OS X version 10.2.5 or 10.2.6 software, or a Digidesign-qualified Windows XP computer running Service Pack 1. See

Adobe Adds Adobe Audition Professional Audio to its Digital Video Cast
Adobe Systems has announced Adobe Audition software, a complete multitrack recording studio for Windows 98, 2000 and XP based PCs. Previously named Cool Edit Pro 2.1, it was acquired from Syntrillium Software in May 2003. Adobe Audition provides a fully-integrated audio editing and mixing solution for music, video, radio, and sound design professionals with integrated multitrack and edit views, real-time effects, looping support, analysis tools, restoration features, and video support. Flexible looping tools and thousands of high-quality royalty-free music loops are included to assist in soundtrack and music creation. The newest addition to Adobe's cast of Digital Video products, Adobe Audition is available as a standalone product or in the new Adobe Video Collection. Adobe Audition is expected to ship in the U.S. and Canada by the end of August 2003 with an estimated street price of US$299. Registered users of previous versions of Cool Edit Pro can upgrade to Adobe Audition for an estimated street price of US$99. Since Adobe Audition is functionally equivalent to Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Adobe plans to offer a free upgrade from Cool Edit Pro 2.x to Adobe Audition. See

MOTU Announces Digital Performer 4.1
MOTU has announced Digital Performer 4.1, a free update for Version 4.0 users. This update supports the Digidesign Audio Engine (DAE) and can serve as a complete software front-end for a Pro Tools HD or Mix system allowing users to take advantage of the DP4.1 MIDI sequencing features. It also supports Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins and serves as an AU host allowing users to open and operate as many AU-compatible plug-ins and virtual instruments as their computer allows. The new virtual instrument (VI) tracks also give users access to all AU- and MAS-compatible VI plug-ins installed on their computer. The DP4.1 virtual instrument support provides near-sample accurate timing performance. This means that in most circumstances (with typical buffer size settings), notes play no more than a sample earlier or later than the MIDI note that triggers them. See

Cakewalk Releases Home Studio 2004 and Home Studio 2004 XL
Cakewalk has released the 2004 editions of Home Studio and Home Studio XL PC-based recording software. Based on the Cakewalk SONAR 2.2 next-generation audio and MIDI technology, Home Studio 2004 provides unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, 24-bit/96kHz recording, audio loop construction tools, hundreds of MBs of ACID-format audio loops, realtime effects, ReWire 2.0 support, ASIO hardware support, DXi 2.0 support for multi-out synths and automation from synth interface, easier DXi synth integration with Synth Rack, multi-port Drum Grid editing, Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas DXi 2.0 and Audio Simulation DreamStation DXi 2.0 soft-synths and improved file import (per-project audio files, intelligent file naming). Home Studio 2004 XL is the premium-edition of Home Studio 2004 that ships with plug-ins and loop libraries in addition to tools and loops libraries provided in the standard Home Studio 2004 package. Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 has an MSRP of US$129 and Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 XL has an MSRP of US$219. See

Roland and Cakewalk Enter Into Strategic Alliance
Roland Corporation and Cakewalk have entered into a strategic alliance in which the companies will co-develop desktop music products. Cakewalk products will be exclusively distributed by Roland and its subsidiary, Edirol, in select countries outside North America and Roland is making a minority investment in Cakewalk. Roland has been the sole distributor of Cakewalk products in Japan since 1995. Since then, Roland and Cakewalk have worked together to co-develop and expand the market of desktop music. While the alliance will significantly alter Cakewalk's distribution outside of North America, the United States and Canada will maintain their own existing sales networks and will not be affected. See

Roland Announces Studio Package Pro for Windows
Roland has announced the Studio Package Pro for Windows for computer-based music recording. This hardware and software bundle comprises three elements: the SI-24 Studio Interface, the RPC-1 R-BUS Interface, and Cakewalk Sonar software. This combination provides 24 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz recording and professional MIDI sequencing with hardware-based control. The SI-24 Studio Interface mixer/control surface offers eight XLR/TRS inputs, a Guitar Hi-Z input, plus SPDIF and R-BUS digital I/O, 13 motorised faders, 12 rotary knobs and 5.1 surround joystick, which can all be used to control the Sonar mixing functions and plug-ins. The RPC-1 R-BUS Interface Card is a high-quality PCI audio card that connects to the SI-24 via a single R-BUS cable, and is capable of handling eight channels of bi-directional 24-bit/96kHz digital audio, along with MIDI information received from the SI-24 MIDI I/O ports. All recording is managed in the computer via the Cakewalk Sonar software. As well as 24-bit/96kHz recording and professional MIDI sequencing, Sonar offers advanced loop construction tools and DXi plug-ins. See

Yamaha Introduces the UW10 USB Audio Interface
Yamaha has introduced the UW10 USB audio interface compatible with Windows 98, ME and XP formats. It is compact and suitable for the home/computer recording market and mobile computer recording applications. Features include stereo SPDIF I/O, two RCA analogue inputs and outputs, and a headphone jack for quick and mobile monitoring. It also features a unique Trackdown feature where virtual instruments - tracks generated by software - can be automatically mixed with audio tracks on the UW10, and sent directly to the computer to be saved as a single audio file that can be used to create MP3 files or to burn CDs. The UW10 has an MSRP of US$159. See

TerraTec Producer Ships PHASE 26 USB
TerraTec Producer has announced shipment of the PHASE 26 USB. This is the first external studio interface from TerraTec to feature 24-bit/96kHz audio technology and is designed for mobile recording for Windows notebooks or Apple PowerBooks with USB ports. It offers two analogue inputs and six outputs, a MIDI interface, a microphone input, and an amplified headphones output. An optical and a coaxial digital S/PDIF port, high-quality converters, and a dynamic range exceeding 106dB ensure professional audio quality. It can be operated with or without power unit, and can be switched on and off on the fly while the system is running, with the computer detecting the USB automatically. See

M-Audio Ships Compact Transit USB Interface
M-Audio has announced shipment of the Transit compact USB interface. Aimed at mobile applications, this 24-bit/96kHz resolution interface, for recording and playback to any USB-compatible computer, is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. It offers 1/8" stereo analogue/optical digital input and TOSlink optical digital output for a variety of functions including recording from stereo mics and transferring audio between the computer and other digital devices such as MiniDisc and DAT. The digital output also provides AC3 and DTS pass-through from the computer to an external decoder such as a surround receiver. A 1/8" stereo output accommodates line levels for a stereo receiver or powered monitors, as well as stereo headphones. The package includes drivers for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Mac OS9 and OSX, as well as a male 3.5mm to female TOSlink adapter. Transit has an MSRP of US$129.95. See

Lynx Announces AES16 Multichannel Interface
Lynx Studio Technology has announced the AES16 192kHz multichannel AES/EBU interface. This half-size PCI card, provides 16 channels of 24-bit/192kHz AES/EBU digital audio. It is shipped with a 32-channel hardware-based digital mixer which is controlled by its own software. The AES16 is compatible with Windows and Mac systems, and is designed to integrate with digital consoles, multichannel A/D and D/A converters, hard disk recorders, digital audio workstations and other digital audio equipment. It features the proprietary SynchroLock technology that allows it to output very low-jitter digital audio from severely degraded signals, ensuring bit-perfect digital transmission and very low-distortion in signals converted to analogue. Its on-board LStream expansion port accepts the optional Lynx LS-ADAT 16-channel ADAT LStream card, or allows two AES16 cards to be connected for seamless routing of 32 channels of digital I/O. Up to four AES16 cards can be combined in a single computer for 64 inputs and 64 outputs. The mixer software allows all of the parameters to be set and monitored on the computer, as well as signal routing and level control for inputs and outputs. The 32-channel mixer can also save and recall an unlimited number of mixer scenes. Two models are available initially: the AES16-XLR and AES16. The AES16-XLR has a SRP of US$795 and is shipped with two six-foot cables with professional XLR and BNC connectors. The AES16 is identical, but shipped without cables, and has a SRP of US$695. See

Korg Upgrades D1600 and D1200 Digital Recorders
Korg has upgraded its D Series digital recorders with the announcement of the D1600mkII and D1200mkII Digital Recording Studios. Both units come with a 40GB hard drive, a CD-RW drive, and a USB port for improved computer connectivity. The D1600mkII is a 16-track digital recorder offering 24-bit/44.1kHz uncompressed recording and the Korg TouchView graphic interface. It features 128 virtual tracks, 16-track simultaneous playback, 8 tracks of simultaneous recording at 16-bits or 8 playback/4 recording tracks at 24-bits, a 24-channel, 8-bus digital mixer, a built-in multi-effect section with up to 11 simultaneous effects, separate 3-band EQ on each analogue input and mixer channel, four XLR inputs with individual phantom power and balanced mic preamps, balanced 1/4" TRS inputs plus a dedicated front-panel guitar input, 1/4" TRS outputs, optical S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O and USB, plus a high-quality PCM drum machine with 96 metronome patterns and 215 rhythm patterns. The D1200mkII is aimed at guitarists, songwriters, and home recordists and is a 12-track digital recorder offering 16 and 24-bit uncompressed recording and mixing in a compact package. It features 96 virtual tracks, 12 track simultaneous playback, 4 tracks simultaneous recording at 16-bits or 6 playback/4 recording at 24-bits, a 16-channel, 4-bus digital mixer, and REMS modelling including classic guitar amps, cabinets, vacuum tube emulation and stomp-box effects, dynamics/spatial modulation effects for bass, various microphone types, room simulation. The D1600mkII and D1200mkII will be available in September 2003 with MSRPs of US$2000 and US$1250 respectively. See

Korg Debuts XD Series of Digital Recorders
Korg has debuted the D32XD and D16XD digital recorders designed to form the hub of a digital studio in a single unit. Both models feature 16 or 24-bit uncompressed recording with sampling rates up to 96kHz, a large 320 x 240 pixel TouchView display, eight channels of analogue compression on input, a 64-bit digital mixer, 4-band EQ on every channel, built-in 40GB hard disk and CD-RW drives, and a multitude of analogue and digital I/O options. Both recorders offer eight XLR inputs with individual phantom power and eight 1/4" inputs, plus a dedicated guitar input, expression pedal input, and dual phone outputs. Up to 16 tracks can be recorded at the same time using the optional AIB-8 input board. Each track has eight virtual tracks offering up to 128 tracks on the D16XD and 256 tracks on the D32XD. The mixer on the D32XD features a 56-channel/14-bus structure and offers 16 motorised 100mm faders. All tracks have individual parametric 4-band EQ, with direct selection of each band from front panel knobs, sub mix channels feature 2-band shelving EQ, and there is an 8-band parametric EQ for the Master EQ. A dedicated aux send knob (with four send-select keys) is provided as well. The 16-channel/24-subchannel D16XD offers most of the same features with 16 non-motorised 60mm faders and two aux sends. Optional enhancements include the AIB-8 analogue input card which supplies eight additional 1/4" inputs, the ACB-8 analogue compressor board which provides eight additional channels of compression for the AIB-8 inputs, and the DIB-8 digital interface card which provides 24-bit ADAT optical I/O plus word clock interfacing. The D16XD will be available in August 2003 with an MSRP of US$2599. The D32XD will be available in October 2003 and the list price is to be announced. See

Boss Introduces BR-864 8-Track Digital Recorder
Boss has introduced the BR-864 8-track digital studio that records to a 128MB Compact Flash card giving over an hour of high-quality recording. Designed as a portable 8-track recording solution for guitarists and songwriters, it offers eight primary recording tracks, 64 virtual tracks, COSM effects, and a built-in USB port. It features a 1/4-inch instrument/Hi-Z instrument input, XLR and 1/4-inch microphone inputs, a stereo RCA line input, stereo RCA line output, a headphone output, and S/PDIF digital output. It runs on batteries or optional AC power. See

Digigram Releases Four Updated Sound Cards Operating at 3.3V
Digigram has released four updated sound cards operating at the 3.3V standard for compliance with the next generation of PCI bus. The new sound cards include the PCX822v2, PCX442, LCM440v2 and VX822 which will replace the PCX822np, PCX440np, LCM440 and VX820, all of which will be discontinued as of 1 September 2003. See

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