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SYPHAnews - 30th August 2002

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

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STOP PRESS!! The International Broadcasting Convention 2002 is almost upon us and we look forward to meeting those of you who are attending - our stand will be in media alley between halls 8 - 9/10.

We are putting the final touches to the all-new DAW Buyers Guide in readiness for its pre-IBC launch - every entry is being updated - so watch out for a newsflash announcing that it's live.

NLE news

Pinnacle Launches Edition DV500
Pinnacle Systems has launched Edition DV500, an all-in-one professional-level video editing and CD/DVD authoring solution. It comprises DV500 hardware including a breakout box for analogue and digital input/output, and Edition video editing software. Suitable for use on single or dual 600MHz processor PCs, Edition DV500 offers key features such as the ability to mix footage from both analogue and digital sources, two video streams with wipes and dissolves, realtime image correction, and realtime transitions and titles. Capturing can also be carried out without worrying about the file size, and the product also enables users to adjust audio input levels during capture. Edition DV500 will carry a RRP of GB£549 including UK tax and is fully compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Home and Professional. Upgrade packs are available for current DV500 owners. See

Adobe Updates Digital Video Collection
Adobe Systems has announced an update of the Adobe Digital Video Collection. Now compatible with Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP, this set of tightly integrated Adobe applications for professional digital video production shares the standard Adobe user interface and common tools, palettes and commands. The Adobe Digital Video Collection 8.0 has been updated to include the recently announced Adobe Premiere 6.5 software, as well as the latest versions of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software. The collection is available at an estimated street price of US$1249 - a significant saving over the cost of purchasing each product separately. See

Pinnacle Systems Announces Pro-ONE RTDV
Pinnacle Systems has announced Pro-ONE RTDV, a 3D editing and compositing system that includes all of the features of Pinnacle Systems Pro-ONE software, plus the ability to output to a DV camcorder or a DV deck in real time, without any rendering. Pro-ONE RTDV combines a 32-bit PCI board with 2D and 3D realtime effects processors; a break-out box with IEEE-1394 and analogue A/V connectors; and software for capturing/logging, editing and authoring. Priced at GB£699 excluding UK tax, Pro-ONE RTDV can be used with Windows 2000 and XP systems and is available now. Pinnacle Systems also offers Pinnacle Pro-ONE for Win98, Me, 2000 and XP users for GB£529 excluding UK tax. Pinnacle Pro-ONE version 2.0 offers the full feature set of Pro-ONE RTDV except that it is not equipped with a DV hardware encoder and does not provide real time output in the DV25 format. See

MacroSystem Announces Casablanca Prestige
MacroSystem US has announced Casablanca Prestige, a complete, standalone digital video editor with advanced features, priced at US$3,495. The VCR-sized unit features a locking, removable hard drive on the front panel with up to 120GB capacity, built-in DVD recorder with Arabesk authoring software and DVD DICON acceleration system, front inputs for audio, video, FireWire and microphone, additional rear-panel input and output connectors for RCA audio and video, S-video and FireWire as well as VGA, USB and Ethernet connectors, and a newly designed user interface. Casablanca Prestige will be available during Q3 2002. Existing Casablanca owners will be entitled to special pricing, and the new Smart Edit interface will be available as an upgrade for the Casablanca Avio and Casablanca Kron systems. See

Canopus Offers Line of Realtime Editing Stations
Canopus Corporation is offering a new line of realtime editing stations. Built on Canopus scalable architecture combined with dual AMD Athlon MP processors, the RES-100, RES-300 and RES-500 offer realtime performance including five simultaneous video streams, unlimited title and graphics layers, 3D effects, MPEG encoding and DV output. Canopus has also included a collection of editing, compositing, effects, encoding/transcoding and authoring software. The RES-100 and RES-300 are based on the Canopus DVStormSE. while the RES-500 is based on the DVRex RT Professional for broadcast-quality content. The suggested retail price is US$4999 for the RES-100, US$6999 for the RES-300 and US$9999 for the RES-500. See

Heroine Virtual Releases Cinelerra 1.0 Native Linux Software
Heroine Virtual has released Cinelerra 1.0 native Linux software for general-purpose content creation. Cinelerra combines most of the basic functions required to produce motion pictures with a compositing system, and offers advanced editing, YUV compositing, and realtime effects. Its 16-bit YUV compositing engine has been optimised for multiple CPUs, reduces generation loss, and significantly reduces compression time. Cinelerra supports capturing from IEEE-1394, Video4Linux, motion JPEG, and screenshots, and is available from

Matrox Introduces RT.X10 Card for PC Users
Matrox Video Products Group has introduced the Matrox RT.X10 video editing card for PC users. The RT.X10 is designed to use scalable CPU power with the performance of dedicated hardware for realtime editing functionality. It includes a variety of realtime tools such as colour correction, broadcast-quality titles and customisable 3D effects, adjustable slow and fast motion, and multitrack audio mixing. The RT.X10 supports both analogue and DV camcorders and VCRs, and the bundle includes a video capture and realtime 3D effects card with a IEEE-1394 port, an analogue audio/video breakout cable, the full version of Adobe Premiere editing software, and Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE. The RT.X10 is priced at GB£399. See

Media 100 Expands 844/X Feature Set
Media 100 has announced a new, expanded feature set for the 844/X system for multilayer content design. The version 1.1 software release includes more than 100 new features and enhancements that leverage the speed and quality of the underlying GenesisEngine media supercomputer platform that powers the 844/X and its realtime, multistream, 10-bit uncompressed editing and compositing workflow. A base system consists of a 1.7GHz dual processor Compaq W8000, Matrox G550 graphics card, Wacom 6x8 tablet, and 360GB of storage. See

DAW news

Cube-Tec Announces DynamicEQ Tool
Adding to the over thirty 24-bit, 192kHz mastering and restoration tools for the AudioCube platform, Cube-Tec is now offering DynamicEQ. This provides dynamically-controlled equalisation within three separate frequency bands, and functions much like a compressor for controlling the amount of applied EQ. The DynamicEQ can be used for various applications such as mastering, where an EQ setting might only affect the quiet parts or specific instruments of a mix, while the loud areas remain unaffected. For restoration, it could reduce ringing effects of old recordings without affecting the parts with no ringing. It can also be used for the correction of tonal imbalance on single musical instruments and voices, and intelligent de-essing can be done using different filter bands. See

Tascam Releases MX-View Waveform Editing Software for the MX-2424
Tascam has announced the release of MX-OS 3.05 along with both Mac and PC versions of the MX-View waveform editing software for the MX-2424 24-track recorder. This free software upgrade adds new features and functions to the MX-2424, including Edit Groups, Marker Management and speedy Ethernet backup/restore. The software update is available as a download from the new web site dedicated to MX-2424 users. See

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