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SYPHAnews - 30th September 2003

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a free newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at

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STOP PRESS!! Welcome to our new subscribers who signed up at the IBC 2003 Convention. We'd like to thank those who visited us for their interest and feedback, and apologies to those we missed because we were combing the aisles in search of news. As a result, this is a bumper edition with many interoperability and strategy announcements, as well as new products.

For anyone who did not get the announcement, the all-new DAW Buyers Guide is now launched @ All information has been completely renewed as of September 2003, and will be updated continuously.

We would like to thank Apple/Emagic and Steinberg for being Gold sponsors, and Adobe and SADiE for being Bronze sponsors.

Camera news

Panasonic Introduces 'Beyond Tape' Strategy with ING and P2 Cam
Panasonic has unveiled its ING (IT News Gathering) strategy based on SD (Secure Digital) solid state memory cards and using the DVCPRO compression scheme. Four 1GB SD memory cards are packaged onto a single, standard PCMCIA card called a P2 card, which stands for Professional Plug-in card. A single P2 card stores 18 minutes of DVCPRO at 25Mb/s and 9 minutes at DVCPRO50, and has a maximum 640Mb/s transfer rate enabling DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 to be downloaded at faster than realtime speeds. Further versions of the P2 card will be introduced as higher capacity SD memory cards are launched. The P2 Cam has five P2 card slots giving a total potential record capacity of 90 minutes of DVCPRO using 4GB P2 cards. With no moving parts, the camcorder is resistant to shock and vibration and has a lower power consumption compared to previous tape systems. A 2/3 inch IT 3CCD camcorder with 600,000 pixels was shown at IBC. Its key features include the ability to select between DV, DVCPRO, or DVCPRO50 as the recording format, the P2 cards are hot-swappable, pictures are stored with a MXF 'wrapper,' and it offers SDI/IEEE1394/USB2.0 interfaces and a 3.5 inch LCD monitor. It also has option slots for wireless-LAN and proxy video applications. Other products announced as part of the ING line include the 'P2 editor' laptop editing system based on the Panasonic Toughbook notebook PC, the 'P2 deck' with interfaces and operation similar to a VTR, and the 'P2 drive' P2 card reader/writer equipped with a USB 2.0 interface. The first DVCPRO P2 series equipment will start shipping in Q2 2004. See

Panasonic Announces Availability of Gamma Corrector for AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema Camera
Panasonic has introduced the AJ-GBX27 HD gamma corrector, which expands the CineGamma display capabilities of the AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema camera. The AJ-GBX27 is designed to adjust the VariCam's HD-SDI output to coincide with the tone graduations of a high-definition CTR display. This allows production crews to more accurately evaluate VariCam's colour reproduction in field shooting applications and to assist the most critical cinematographers in monitoring the tonal qualities of their productions. Key features include a Field Mode for checking the latitude of on-set monitors; a Video Mode to convert CineGamma to normal video; a Telecine Mode to prepare for conversion to a film print master; and RS-232 control with 12 pre-sets. The AJ-GBX27 is available at a suggested list price of US$9500. See

Panasonic Expands DVCPRO50 Range With New Camcorder
Panasonic has introduced the AJ-SDC905 camcorder as part of a new range of entry-level DVCPRO50 equipment aimed at making DVCPRO50 the main SD production standard. This camcorder is switchable 16:9/4:3, and incorporates new generation 600,000 pixel IT CCDs with newly-developed matrix colour correction. See

JVC Offers New Hard Disk and MPEG-4 Modules for GY-DV5000E
JVC has introduced two new production modules for its GY-DV5000E camcorder. Co-developed by JVC and Focus Enhancements, the DR-DV5000 hard disk module records the DV signal from the GY-DV5000E camcorder onto a removable standard 2.5" compact FireWire disk drive. An 80GB drive stores over 6 hours of recording, and can also be used with the JVC GY-DV500 and GY-DV700 camcorders. The DR-DV5000 can be programmed to record in various NLE-friendly file formats including Avid OMF-DV, QuickTime-DV, RawDV, AVI Type 1-DV, AVI Type 2-DV, Canopus AVI-DV, and Matrox AVI-DV, and can be plugged directly into the NLE via FireWire for instant editing. In addition, the DR-DV5000 can be used as a digital back-up when recording to tape. The KA-DV5000U MPEG-4 encoder module encodes MPEG-4 files in real time, and has a built-in unicast server for web streaming. It automatically stores a scene log onto a CF memory card that contains MPEG-4 video clips and their start and end timecodes. These can then be displayed on a personal computer, clips can be rearranged into a mini-edit decision list, marked as good, or deleted, or e-mailed to a client. See

JVC Streamcorder Now Offers Compatibility with QuickTime 6
JVC has announced that the JVC GY-DV300E Streamcorder is now compatible with Apple QuickTime 6 digital media technology and industry standard MPEG-4 for high-quality streaming video. The upgrade is made possible with the JVC modular KA-DV300U network package that easily attaches to the base of the camcorder and provides a slot for a LAN card or compact flash card, permitting full control from a remote location. The network package, available separately or bundled with the GY-DV300E, includes an integrated and fully functional web server that allows full end-user control over the camera, lens and VCR, as well as the ability to stream live to a distant location. See

Ikegami Launches Solid State Memory for Editcam
Ikegami Electronics Europe has launched a solid state memory storage device for its Editcam nonlinear camera systems. The new FieldPak with solid state memory is compatible with the company's existing camcorders and detachable recorder, and a 16GB pack is able to capture more than one hour of DV25 footage. Ikegami claims to be the first broadcast manufacturer to have a production series of a digital acquisition system with no moving parts. See

Sony Reveals XDCAM and Professional Disc
Sony has revealed its XDCAM range of IT-based professional video production equipment employing Professional Disc optical media. The range of products that fall under the new XDCAM family include the PFD23 disc media, the PDW-530/P and PDW-510/P disc camcorders, the PDW-3000, PDW-1500 and PDW-1 disc recorders and the PDZ-1 proxy browsing software. XDCAM will be available in Europe by the end of 2003. See

Sony Announces DSR-PD170P DVCAM Camcorder
Sony has announced the DSR-PD170P handheld DVCAM camcorder as a successor to its DSR-PD150P. The DSR-PD170P offers better video and audio quality than previous models and is aimed at event, corporate, broadcast and filmmaking applications. It uses three 1/3 inch CCDs and offers a zoom lever and record start/stop button on a larger sized handle, a larger view finder, a 2.5 inch hybid LCD panel and lens hood for using the VCL-HG0758 wide conversion lens as standard. The DSR-PD170P will be available in Europe from December 2003. See

Baytech Cinema Announces Wireless and Ethernet Capabilities for CineRAM
Baytech Cinema has announced a host of new features for the CineRAM uncompressed, solid-state, high definition digital cinematography recorder. CineRAM is designed as a cost-effective digital recorder that acts as a bridge between high-definition digital cameras and the digital post-production workflow. New features include dual Gigabit IP/Ethernet support for on-site data downloading to laptops and workstations. This allows full bit-rate, uncompressed 4:4:4 data to be downloaded over industry-standard Ethernet, even while shooting, for immediate viewing, data backup and effects previewing. A new wireless network feature provides record and playback control as well as frame download to any laptop or workstation on the network. CineRAM also now supports RS-422 support for metadata and camera control. CineRAM captures high-resolution, full-bitrate digital images directly from the camera and transfers them without compression to a laptop computer, workstation, VTR or DDR for storage and editing. Analogous to a film magazine, the compact CineRAM pack can be mounted directly to the camera for operation without wires or cables. CineRAM will be available Q1 2004, starting from US$19,500. See

BBC WiScape Launches WiCam C Wireless Camera for ENG
BBC WiScape, a BBC Vecta company, has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of WiCam digital wireless camera systems. The WiCam-C is designed as an easy-to-use, lightweight, flexible system that enables news teams to deliver quality live footage quickly, from even the most challenging of environments. It offers an easy-to-configure interface, and its small transmitter system clips on to most popular ENG camcorders. The system will take a variety of inputs in differing environments, enhancing the signal, with no picture break up. The WiCam-C joins the WiCam-D, a digital radio camera solution for outside broadcasts and events, and both products will be manufactured by Gigawave. See

NLE news

AAF Association Enhances Software Toolkit with MXF Support
The Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) Association has announced a new version of its Software Developer's Toolkit (SDK) with enhancements that will allow customers to read and write Material Exchange Format (MXF) files using open source code developed by Avid Technology. A prototype of the new authoring was demonstrated at the recent IBC show, and the final code is expected to be available for download in early 2004. The new version of the AAF toolkit builds a bridge between AAF and MXF and incorporates the 'Zero Divergence' doctrine, which states that any areas in which AAF and MXF overlap must be technologically identical. The underlying architecture of MXF is based on a series of 10 'operational patterns,' which allow developers to incorporate MXF file format compatibility into specific product offerings. For example, Avid plans to natively support the operational patterns that are tailored to its nonlinear video and audio editing products, while other manufacturers may select patterns that best suit the interoperability needs of their products. See

AAF Association Introduces the AAF Edit Protocol
The AAF Association has introduced the AAF Edit Protocol. This defines a baseline for the interchange of edit information by providing implementation guidelines and recommended practices for AAF developers. These guidelines will define best practices for creating AAF files, what to expect in AAF files and how to present the content of AAF files to the end-user. This benefits the industry in three ways: making it easier for developers adding AAF support to their products, providing a foundation for AAF conformance testing, and giving end-users greater confidence when using AAF. The scope of the Edit Protocol includes edit decisions, a set of interoperable video and audio effects, multiple video and audio tracks, layering, comments and referencing source material in files or on physical media. The AAF Edit Protocol will be published by the AAF Association this autumn and will be implemented in products by NAB 2004. See

Avid Ships Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Mojo
Avid Technology has announced that Avid Xpress Pro software and the Avid Mojo Digital Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) are now available worldwide. As standalone software, Avid Xpress Pro offers Film Composer technology, which includes 24p film editing capabilities and support for the Panasonic AG-DVX100 24p camera, as well as support for various offline formats, including 15:1s, 35:1p, 28:1p, and 14:1p, as well as automatic expert colour correction and advanced 2D and 3D OpenGL technology-based effects. The portable Avid Mojo accelerator adds true realtime digital and analogue output. Both products run on a wide range of Windows-based CPUs, as well as on the Power Mac G5. Avid Xpress Pro software has an MSRP of US$1695 / Euro 1800 / GB£1300, with Windows XP and Macintosh OS X versions included in one box. Avid Mojo is sold separately and has an MSRP of US$1695 / Euro 1800 / GB£1300. See

Avid and Panasonic Announce Collaboration on P2 Cards
Avid Technology and Panasonic have announced that they are collaborating to enhance interoperability between the new Panasonic P2 card and Avid nonlinear editing products. The collaboration will allow customers to play back and edit material stored on P2 cards directly within Avid solutions without having to digitise. Interoperability between the P2 card and Avid broadcast news editing tools - the NewsCutter Adrenaline FX system and NewsCutter XP Mobile software - is expected to be available in early 2004, followed by the rest of the Avid NLE product line by the end of 2004. See or

Thomson Endorses Panasonic P2 Solid State Memory
Thomson and Panasonic have announced a joint agreement to accelerate delivery of products and workflows that leverage the Panasonic P2 solid state memory card technology. Thomson will integrate the P2 card into its current generation Grass Valley digital news production products and M-Series iVDR devices, as well as into future acquisition products. The aim is to make the next-generation workflow for digital news acquisition and production as easy as removing a P2 card from a camera/recorder, inserting it into an iVDR for storage and playout, or immediately into the Grass Valley NewsEdit NLE for digital news production. See or

Quantel Launches Split Remote
Quantel has launched Split Remote, a system based on Quantel generationQ sQServer technology that is designed to reduce the number of staff and amount of resources required for remote events. Split Remote is based on the concept of twinned servers, one located at an event, and the other back at the broadcaster's headquarters. As the event-side sQServer records live footage at full 30Mb/s broadcast quality, it simultaneously stores a low-resolution browse copy at 1.5Mb/s. The browse copies are transmitted to the headquarters' sQServer via satellite, where they are reviewed and edited. The EDL is sent back to the event-side sQServer, which then sends just the selected clips back to headquarters at full broadcast resolution, dramatically reducing transmission costs. As soon as these are received in the headquarters' sQServer, they are automatically conformed against the EDL and are ready for broadcast, or further refining on connected QEdit Pro workstations. See

Discreet Announces New Platform Support and New Versions of smoke and fire
Discreet, a division of Autodesk, has announced new versions of fire and smoke, as well as support for Linux and Irix platforms. The new version 6 releases of fire and smoke are expected to deliver new pricing, unprecedented performance, mixed resolution workflow, and powerful new visual effects technology from the Discreet advanced image-processing research group. fire 6 and smoke 6 will be available on several new platforms, including the SGI Onyx 350 for fire 6, as well as the SGI Tezro visual workstation and the IBM IntelliStation Zpro 6221 Linux workstation for smoke 6. The Tezro platform will allow smoke 6 to play up to two real-time streams of 10-bit component, uncompressed RGB, 4:4:4 HDTV (1080i and 1080/24p), and deliver realtime 10-bit RGB playback at 2k resolutions for online film editing and more efficient conforming of digital intermediates. fire 6 on Onyx 350 will allow users to interactively work with up to 32 2k layers in the 3D compositing environment. Discreet plans to release fire 6 and smoke 6 in early 2004. See

Leitch Unveils Hardware Control Surfaces for VelocityQ/Quattrus and Velocity
Leitch Technology has unveiled two hardware controllers for the VelocityQ/Quattrus multistream NLE and the Velocity dual-stream NLE. The JOG-5000 external hardware jog/shuttle controller provides tactile precision control for scrubbing, trimming, editing and remote deck control for batch capture and print-to-tape, within the VelocityQ and Velocity user interface. Keypad buttons provide access to functions such as timeline playback, marking in and out points, and performing three- and four-point edits. The JOG-5000 includes all of the functionality of the earlier JOG-4000 and extends it with a back-lit LCD timecode display, USB interface, enhanced keypad layout and more. The FAD-5000 motorised external audio fader controller provides a tactile interface to VelocityQ and Velocity's audio mixing capabilities. It features eight touch-sensitive motorised faders for precision control of audio levels, and additional buttons for remote access to software functions such as solo and mute for each track. See

Sony Introduces XPRI Version 6.0
Sony Business Europe has introduced version 6.0 of its XPRI content creation system. This supports additional high-definition (HD) realtime editing effects and replicates the full palette of features for standard-definition (SD) environments. The two solutions will provide enhanced production capabilities for HDCAM and SD MPEG IMX format users. In the new system, XPRI workstations can connect to storage area networks (SAN), to allow content creators to access and share footage through multiple contact points. For HD environments, XPRI 6.0 offers a wider spectrum of realtime effects including secondary colour correction. SD users will benefit by means of the new DMW-RT01 realtime processing board that improves the efficiency and speed of the XPRI system with a fully keyframable palette of realtime effects on either the MPEG IMX format or uncompressed 4:2:2 SD material. XPRI 6.0 will also support the forthcoming Sony XDCAM professional disc system for electronic news gathering (ENG) and electronic field production (EFP) operations, with instant browse and preview access of optical disc content. See

Pinnacle Extends Liquid Family with Liquid Edition
Pinnacle Systems has introduced Liquid Edition, a professional editing solution with realtime compositing, effects and DVD authoring. Liquid Edition is designed to combine the broadcast heritage of Liquid Purple with the plug-and-play and ease of use of Pinnacle Edition, into a single, advanced DV editing solution. It provides more than 1000 realtime 2D and true 3D effects, chroma and luma keys, with up to 10 realtime streams and background rendering. It also includes an advanced primary and secondary colour corrector, dynamic slow-motion controls, and direct-from-the timeline DVD authoring, with wizards and templates. Its XSend capability allows clip and project sharing with Pinnacle Commotion Pro, Adobe After Effects and Macromedia Flash MX, as well as with broadcast products such as Pinnacle Thunder servers and Dekocast graphics systems. The Liquid Edition Pro option offers analogue output to a NTSC/PAL video monitor and/or tape from the timeline, with realtime effects. Liquid Edition is part of the Liquid line which includes Liquid blue for multi-format broadcast environments, Liquid chrome for realtime post settings where time and quality are at a premium, and Liquid silver for MPEG-2 editing. Pinnacle Liquid Edition V5.5 is available for an SRP of GB£499. Liquid Edition Pro with analogue I/O as well as digital, has an SRP of GB£629. Liquid Edition V5.5 replaces Pinnacle Edition and Liquid purple, which will no longer be sold. See

Incite Releases Incite Editor 3.1
Incite Multimedia Corporation has announced the release of Incite Editor 3.1. The new version delivers a host of new workflow enhancements and features for nonlinear editing, background task management, and network-based media management, within a single interface. The new release delivers increased functionality and streamlining workflow through interface design, templating, and extended distributive interactivity among Incite Editor modular components. Features include new commands and easy-to-use tools for rendering and batch render management, background-rendered keyframable transitions in addition to realtime transitions, support for VLAN and tape-to-tape editing, including new improvements to the print-to-tape interface, user-definable mixer configuration templates, new tools for timeline codec selection, mixdown to auxiliary outputs, realtime sub-pixel rolls and crawls, and 3D Flex FX transitions with the Matrox Max option. See

Canopus Launches DVStorm2 Pro
Canopus Corporation has announced DVStorm2 Pro, the newest addition to the DVStorm2 product line. Designed for the professional, DVStorm2 Pro features component video output, EDIUS LE realtime editing software, and MPEGCraft, Canopus' new frame-accurate MPEG editing tool. In addition, a new Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in allows users to preview and output both native Premiere Pro effects and Canopus effects simultaneously in realtime. DVStorm2 Pro features realtime multitrack editing, a collection of realtime filters, 3D effects, and realtime render-free DV output. It also provides realtime colour correction with waveform/vectorscope, variable speed control, DV chroma key, auto white balance, region filter, voiceover recording and more. When using the full version of Canopus EDIUS or Adobe Premiere, DVStorm2 Pro delivers five simultaneous realtime video streams and unlimited title and graphics layers. DVStorm2 Pro is available now for a suggested retail price of Euro 979. See

SGO Announces Pre-release Version of Mistika Software
SGO has announced a pre-release version of its Mistika software that integrates nonlinear editing and unlimited multilayered compositing. Its interface has been designed to be intuitive, gestural, easy-to-use and versatile, and its open architecture aims to take advantage of existing workflows and infrastructure. Being completely configurable in terms of resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio and interlacing, Mistika allows the user to accept any job and deliver it in any format. It supports editing and compositing in any format and resolution on the same timeline, while retaining the ability to non-destructively modify effects and parameters. It will also offer a complete effects toolkit, such as a large range of filters, colour correctors, and distortion effects. See

Dayang Releases X-edit DV Mobile Nonlinear Editing System
Dayang has released the X-edit DV mobile nonlinear editing system as part of its X-series of post production systems. X-edit DV is based on a Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional laptop PC. It has an IEEE1394 interface, uses native DV format, and includes X-CG title and animation tools, an FTP module for long distance transfer of finished clips, and a conversion module for web streaming. See

Eagle Research Launches ISO.Ingest
Eagle Research has announced ISO.Ingest, a multi-camera, recording, reviewing and logging system housed in a single chassis. Designed for fibre-switch SAN-equipped broadcast studios, ISO.Ingest is based on Eagle Research's studiopro product line. Footage is digitised directly from up to nine cameras into a SAN infrastructure, and a standard vision mixer is used to generate the edit decision list (EDL) as a timeline. The system supports MXF and AAF formats so further editing can be performed using any MXF- or AAF-compliant NLE. See

Quantel and Microsoft Announce Support of Windows Media 9 Series in generationQ
Quantel and Microsoft have announced that support for Windows Media 9 (WM9) Series will be available throughout Quantel generationQ post and graphics product lines including iQ, eQ and gQ. Designed to meet the current trend for distributed workflow, where several remote facilities are collaborating on various aspects of a project, support for WM9 by generationQ will allow users to share high-quality multi-resolution video, without requiring expensive dedicated networks. The compression efficiencies of WM9 enables clients to be part of the remote approval process, wherever they may be. Files imported in WM9 are instantly available on the edit timeline for review and editing in their native format, while multiple clips of any resolution, in any format, at a variety of different colour-spaces and bit depths can be instantly output from the Quantel system in WM9. WM9 support will be included in all generationQ post and graphics systems with the delivery of Version 2 software due in December 2003. See

Pinnacle Supports MXF in its Liquid and MediaStream Products
Pinnacle Systems has announced support of MXF (Material eXchange Format) by its MediaStream play-to-air servers and its Liquid blue editors enabled with MXF using MPEG format. With native MXF file support, each product family can instantly share media from a networked Palladium Store or with compliant third party devices, greatly improving media workflow in terms of speed of access, media quality, metadata carriage and configuration flexibility. Pinnacle also announced a company-wide initiative to use MXF across all professional and broadcast products for a true plug and play environment. At the recent IBC show, Pinnacle showed MXF interoperability between the Sony eVTR, the new Sony Professional Optical Disc, and the Pinnacle MediaStream and Liquid Edition families. Additionally, the Palladium Exchange file gateway will provide for common legacy file conversions to and from MXF. MediaStream will initially provide native MXF encode and decode using MPEG long-GOP, I-Only and D10 streaming (IMX) video up to 50Mb/s, with up to 8 channels of audio. Availability of MXF functionality is planned for November 2003. See

Incite and Snell & Wilcox Provide IMX Ingest and Editing Solution for MXF
Incite and Snell & Wilcox have announced a solution to provide instant access to native IMX footage for Incite editing applications using the Snell & Wilcox MediaX PCI transport card. the MediaX card provides QSDI, SDTI and SDTI-CP ingest for high-speed transport and acquisition for faster than realtime transfers of native IMX and other media formats. It is capable of dual-channel MPEG-2 encoding including MXF interoperability with transparent metadata access, UMID (Unique Material Identifier) generation, scene detection, proxy clip generation, Internet protocols, RS422 and GPI trigger controls, VDCP control protocol, and quality control. Using an Incite workstation fitted with the MediaX card, media can be transferred from a Sony IMX deck to applications such as Incite Editor E3 Studio, Incite Remote Producer RP and Incite Media Manager M2 for browsing, editing and realtime export for final playout. The native IMX stream is wrapped with no recompression to an MXF file, or to legacy file formats such as AVI. Clips can then be placed on the Incite timeline and manipulated in realtime with no quality loss from the original tape material. The ingest/playout solution works in parallel with other Incite solutions for network-based acquisition, media management, editing and delivery, allowing the integration of IMX decks in new as well as existing Incite installations. See

Omnibus Debuts Windows Media 9 Series-Compliant News Editor
OmniBus Systems has announced support for Windows Media 9 Series in its multi-format HeadLine Media Editor suite. This enables the HeadLine suite to offer high-speed, SD and HD editing in single or mixed formats, even on a laptop. The HeadLine Media Editor series is a range of timeline-based editing packages specifically for news and sports production. As a desktop system, the Editor is a component of the OmniBus modular HeadLine news solution, which is a scalable package starting from entry level. See

DVS Launches Centaurus SD/HD Video Card for OEMs
DVS has launched a PCI-X board for OEMs that supports uncompressed SD, HD and 2k. Centaurus combines the features of DVS' existing SDStationOEM and HDStationOEM boards into one unit, and features ultra-high data throughput via PCI-X bus architecture, plus a realtime video mixer. The newly-designed board supports SD and HD in all popular colour spaces, frame rates, raster and resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 1080i, 1080sF to full 2k (2048x1556), in 8 or 10 bits. For audio processing, Centaurus supports both AES/EBU and embedded audio, and timecodes can be generated, recorded and played out. In addition to the SD/HD-SDI interface, the board features both a DVI and an analogue output that allows preview of the video on any standard or high-resolution monitor. The realtime hardware mixer can be used for a range of high-end video applications, such as title generation, compositing and editing. Centaurus is equipped with RS422 master/slave control, wordclock and a GPI interface, and not only runs with the DVS SDK, but also with OpenML, the platform-independent standard for the development of digital multimedia solutions. Centaurus supports Windows, Linux and Irix and will be available at the end of 2003. See

Bluefish444 Introduces Symmetry
Bluefish444 has introduced Symmetry, a stand-alone HD and SD capture and playback station for Bluefish444 PCI cards. Designed to seamlessly fit into any production environment, Symmetry captures Cineon and QuickTime files so that media files can be moved instantly between applications without having to import or export. It supports frame-accurate machine control, uncompressed RGB Cineon or YUV QuickTime V210 file formats, file compatibility with other RGB systems, such as Discreet Inferno and Smoke, Digital Fusion and Nucoda, and is matched to the new Sony HDCAM SR. It also allows batch capture and logging, frame grabbing for stills, and loop playback for public displays. See

Blackmagic Design Offers Low-cost Uncompressed HDTV with DeckLink HD
Blackmagic Design has announced Blackmagic DeckLink HD, an uncompressed 10-bit QuickTime PCI capture card with SD and HD support, for US$1995. DeckLink HD can instantly be switched between SDTV SMPTE-259M SDI video and HDTV SMPTE-292M SDI video for 1080i/1080p/720p video editing and design. It features HD/SD-SDI video and audio input and output, as well as Sony protocol RS422 serial control, and includes a second independent HD/SD-SDI output for video monitoring, and an S/PDIF output for audio monitoring. DeckLink can be used with PCIX 100MHz or PCIX 133MHz slots, found in Apple Mac G5 computers, for HD operation and 64-bit rendering in applications such as Adobe After Effects, and can also be plugged into standard PCI 33MHz slots for standard definition NTSC/PAL operation only. See

Aurora Releases Aurora Pipe for the Apple RT Extreme Engine
Aurora Video Systems has announced the release of the new Aurora Pipe video capture and editing card. This is designed specifically to take advantage of Apple RT Extreme capabilities while utilising all realtime effects within of Final Cut Pro. It integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro and After Effects, and aims to provide a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for offline editors working with uncompressed applications that do not require the power of hardware-accelerated realtime effects. Aurora Pipe is available now, priced at US$799. See

AJA Offers Special Price Reductions
AJA Video Systems has reduced prices of its Kona desktop video products. The Kona HD high-definition capture card for Apple Final Cut Pro, is now US$3995. Kona SD for standard definition is now US$2495. In addition to new pricing for Kona, for a limited time, AJA is offering a special bundle price for Kona HD and the AJA Io SD capture device for Final Cut Pro that supports uncompressed video and audio over a 400Mb/s FireWire cable. At a combined price of US$4990, the Kona/Io bundle provides a complete SD/HD editing solution for both 8- and 10-bit uncompressed video. See

Bluefish444 Supports Linux and Adobe Premier Pro
Bluefish444 has announced that its HD and SD 10-bit uncompressed video cards now support Linux. The Linux driver has been compiled and tested using RedHat Linux version 9.0. The first release driver supports PAL and NTSC and all HD video modes, with video and audio output. A forthcoming release will support capture of video and audio also. The supported pixel formats are V210, Cineon, 8-bit RGB and 8-bit YUV. A software development kit and V1.0 Linux driver will be available as a free download. Bluefish444 is also offering its Bluefish444 HD|Fury and Wildblue|AV cards with support for Adobe Premiere Pro, for US$11,995 and US$3495 respectively. See

Matrox Announces Bundles with New Adobe Software
Matrox Video Products Group has announced RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Suite and RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Collection, two new bundles with applications from Adobe's new family of professional digital video and audio software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, Adobe Audition, and Adobe After Effects. Key Features of Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro with Adobe Premiere Pro are full-quality, full-resolution editing, superior realtime 3D effects with spline keyframe control, realtime filters such as pan and scan, old movie, soft focus, realtime analogue and DV capture and print-to-tape, realtime MPEG-2 capture and encoding, and faster capture and export tools. The price of the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Suite is US$1099 and includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Encore DVD, and Adobe Audition. The price of the Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Collection is US$1499 and it additionally includes Adobe After Effects. Trade-up bundles are also available until 31 October 2003. The Matrox RT.X10 Xtra will also be bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro. See

Digital Voodoo Suspends Further Development on the Mac Platform
Digital Voodoo has announced that Final Cut Pro version 4.0 will be the last version that the company will officially support. The company also announced that it will not guarantee that future versions of its video cards will be compatible with current or future generations of G5-based systems manufactured by Apple Computer. Owners of Digital Voodoo 64RT cards will be able to use them until Apple releases a major upgrade to Final Cut Pro 4.0, and will also be able to transfer the 64RT cards to the Windows environment and use them in certified systems under Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Linux drivers are also available for developers. See

DVS Offers XWay Multichannel Servers
DVS is offering the XWay product line of multichannel SD and HD servers. XWay servers allow multiple channels to access shared storage so that, for example, editing or colour grading can begin immediately, via a second channel, of material that is being transferred from a telecine. Depending on the requirement and application, a single multichannel server can be used to replace a number of VTRs. DVS supplies both SD and HD versions, and the number of channels and the storage capacity can be tailored from between 2 and 16 channels, and from 200GB to many terabytes, respectively. The servers handle uncompressed video in all common resolutions, rasters and any colourspace, and support master/slave mode, VITC, LTC, wordclock and multichannel audio I/O. Prices start from Euro 22,000 for a two-channel SDXWay server. See

Gee Launches Geevs Sports II for Live Sports Production
Gee Broadcast has launched the Geevs Sports II package. This offers synchronised multicamera record and playback for up to 12 camera feeds, slow-motion, instant highlight editing and control by specialised sports controllers such as DNF or Hi-Tech. Using the evolving Geevs V4 technology, the Sports II version supports synchronised capture and playback of multiple sources. Up to 16 record channels can be selected across multiple Geevs servers for synchronised record. These recordings can then be reviewed and played back locked together. Marks can be added on the fly for instant review, and all source material is available for editing by Geevs or connected editing systems, while recording continues. Other special recording features are also included. See

Doremi Introduces Nugget Low-cost HD and SD Player
Doremi Technologies has introduced the Nugget family of low-cost SD and HD media players in a 1RU box. These provide high-quality video and audio from a compact go-anywhere package. Nugget provides MPEG-2 playback at 5 to 80Mb/s (4:2:0 and 4:2:2 SD and HD) with genlock synchronisation for multi-player displays. Outputs are analogue or digital and all HD and SD image formats are supported. Applications range from point-of-sale promotions to any D-cinema and D-projection. Nugget starts from Euro 5000. See

Leitch Launches NEXIO Server Platform
Leitch Technology has launched a new shared storage media server, NEXIO. Designed for both transmission and news environments, the NEXIO server system offers scalability, fault-tolerance and interoperability, including easy integration with IP networks. Based on high-performance single or dual Intel Xeon processors, NEXIO runs the RAIDSoft system that provides all channels and network ports with simultaneous access to content. As an operation grows, NEXIO's modular and scalable design allows channels, bandwidth and up to 12TB of storage to be added in a single domain. NEXIO is compatible with a range of interfaces such as SDI, AES, SDTI, and ASI, compression formats such as MPEG-2 and DV/DVCPRO, and industry-standard control protocols such as VDCP, as well as third-party file formats such as MXF. Leitch is also offering a Server Interchange Option for the Velocity/Quattrus NLE that provides bi-directional media interchange with NEXIO. See

Accom Expands Disk Recorder Family with Long-Form Multi-Definition Platform
Accom has introduced the WSD/HDe, the latest in its series of universal format multi-definition digital disk recorders. The WSD/HDe is aimed at long-form applications such as telecine, digital film, DVD encoding, and post production. It captures both standard-definition and high-definition uncompressed video, provides realtime playback for rendered material and offers plug-and-play operation. It features RAID-3 parity protection for video and redundant mirrored disks for audio, and has built-in Windows Media 9 Series Encoder capability. See

COMO Announces Digital VCR with DV Compression and IP Interface
COMO has announced the DV@Disk, the latest product in the its digital VCR product line. DV@Disk is aimed at presentation, broadcasting and editing applications and records via an IEEE1394 interface to a 160GB removable hard drive in AVI2 format with native DV25 compression. As well as the standard features of a VTR, it supports multi-speed fast-forward and reverse, slow-motion replay, simultaneous recording and replay, and an IP interface for data and control. SDI, analogue component, composite and Y/C I/O are optionally available with the COMO video converter. See

DAW news

Sadie Adopts AAF Interchange Format
SADiE has announced the imminent release of software integrating the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) file interchange standard for multimedia. AAF support will be available as an option on the SADiE Series 5 range of digital audio workstations. AAF is a new multimedia file format designed to allow images, graphics, sound and metadata to be easily exchanged across different platforms and applications. Projects started on, for example, an Avid or Quantel video editing system, can take advantage of the superior audio editing and processing functions of a dedicated audio workstation by means of an AAF project transfer. The AAF Association is an independent cross-industry body that was created to promote the development and adoption of AAF technology and to work with standardisation bodies. It also co-sponsored the Interoperability Centre at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam, that played host to successful demonstrations of AAF project interchange between a range of post production systems, including SADiE. AAF support and integrated video support options are key features of the new SADiE v5.2 software version, which is set for release in early October. Version 5.2 will be supplied on all new SADiE Series 5 machines from that date and will also be available for download by existing Series 5 owners. See and

Digidesign Releases Pro Tools|HD Accel Hardware and Pro Tools 6.2 Software
Digidesign has released Pro Tools|HD Accel PCI cards and Pro Tools 6.2 Software. Replacing the original HD Process cards, except the HD Core card, introduced with Pro Tools|HD, the new HD Accel card is included with Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel and HD 3 Accel systems. HD Accel cards may also be purchased separately and added to any Pro Tools|HD system to supercharge its power and expand available options. HD Accel cards allow for higher voice counts and feature nearly twice the raw DSP power as HD Process cards. Combined with Pro Tools 6.2 software optimisations, HD Accel cards offer bigger mixes at any sample rate, support for more complex plug-in algorithms, increased plug-in counts, and a dramatic leap forward in operational efficiency. Pro Tools TDM 6.2 software, which ships with all Pro Tools|HD systems and cards, combines the Pro Tools 6.1 feature set with support for the new, sixteen-input 96i I/O audio interface for Pro Tools|HD, Windows Media Audio 9 and Windows Media Audio 9 Pro import and export (Windows XP systems only), specialised plug-ins, and other features. Along with the included standard DigiRack plug-in bundle, Pro Tools|HD Accel systems include the latest HDpack plug-in bundle. An exchange programme that ends 20 December 2003, is available from Pro Tools|HD to Pro Tools|HD Accel hardware. See

M-Audio Supports AMD Athlon 64 Processor and Ships FireWire 410
M-Audio has announced compatibility with the new AMD Athlon 64 processor for its entire line of PCI audio products. The AMD Athlon 64 processor's unified 64-bit architecture promises to bring a dramatic new level of support for digital multimedia using 32-bit applications, as well as support for future 64-bit products currently under development. M-Audio PCI cards have been redesigned to be fully PCI 2.2 compliant, thereby assuring they will work in any PCIX-based system under existing 32-bit bus modes. In a separate statement, M-Audio also announced shipment of the FireWire 410 mobile audio/MIDI interface. This offers two high-speed FireWire ports for easy connection of chained devices and transfer of data at 400Mb/s. It has a 4-in/10-out audio configuration, supports 96kHz I/O, as well as 192kHz on stereo outputs, and also offers MIDI I/O. Software-controlled DSP handles all internal routing and mixing, software drivers deliver low-latency monitoring, and the unit also supports zero-latency direct hardware monitoring. FireWire 410 is now shipping at GB£349 RRP. See

Mackie Introduces Spike 24-bit/96kHz Recording System
Mackie Designs has introduced an all-inclusive compact recording system. The Spike Powered Recording System includes all of the hardware and software necessary to track, mix and record music on a Mac or PC. It includes the new Mackie XD-2 USB 24-bit/96kHz USB Audio/MIDI interface, integrated Tracktion audio recording and sequencing software, a copy of Ableton Live Mackie and more. The 2-channel XD-2 USB Audio/MIDI interface supports ASIO 2.0, WDM and OS X Core Audio, and includes two low-noise digital mic preamps. Each input channel features a 'combo' jack that can support a line level or an instrument input in addition to the mic preamp. Other input/output options include SPDIF I/O, MIDI I/O as well as stereo monitor outputs and front panel headphone jack and level control. The Tracktion multitrack recording and MIDI sequencing software application from Raw Material Software allows users to record, overdub, edit, mix and play back any combination of audio tracks or MIDI sequences. It offers drag-and-drop operation, unlimited track count, full VST and VSTi automation, and ships with a number of bundled effects and soft synths. The included Abelton Live Mackie is a loop-based sequencing software application for live performance. Mackie is also bundling the new AmpliTube LE guitar cabinet and distortion modeller plug-in from IK Multimedia, and the new Warmer-Phaser modulator based on the Blue Tubes bundle from Nomad Factory. Spike will be available in Q4 2003, for a retail price of US$419. See

MWA Announces m.trax Digital Audio Recorder and Editor
MWA Nova has announced m.trax, a 24-track digital audio recorder and editor. M.trax is designed for audio sync applications which require multitrack access and control of different decks. It offers nonlinear editing functions, 24 analogue and digital I/O, and can be synchronised to most decks via SMPTE, MIDI, RS422, biphase, VITC, GPI wordclock and black burst. See

Digigram Offers Linux Driver for its Multichannel Sound Cards
Digigram has announced the availability of a Linux driver, under open source licensing, for its miXart 8 and miXart 8 AES/EBU multichannel sound cards. The miXart 8 combines onboard processing with comprehensive audio mixing functions, and provides professional audio applications requiring multiple I/Os for distributing, recording, routing and mixing, with 8 analogue mono I/Os. The miXart 8 AES/EBU features four additional stereo AES/EBU I/Os, and offers synchronisation capabilities for integration with video systems. The new driver follows the most advanced audio standard for Linux called ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) and is available for download at

Magix and DAVID Integrate Sequoia into DigaSystem
Magix and DAVID have co-operated to integrate the Sequoia audio workstation into the workflow of the DigaSystem broadcast system. The new interface means that all material produced is immediately available for editing or transmission, and users also have transparent access to all content and metadata in both directions, from Sequoia as well as from the DigaSystem. Sequoia offers DigaSystem users greater flexibility, greater efficiency, and lower costs, whether by putting existing studio capacity to better use, by shifting complex tasks to the producer's desktop, or by saving time on production and editing. Sequoia is not restricted to specific hardware and can be used in any editorial workplace, in home studios, or on the road on notebooks. See

ESI Acquires ST Audio Product Line
ESI (Ego Systems Inc.) has acquired the complete rights of business for the ST Audio product brand. ESI provides professional-quality audio solutions for both the PC and Mac platforms, and will manufacture, distribute, develop, and update hardware and drivers for the full range of ST Audio products, including the DSP24 series of cards. See

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