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SYPHAnews - 31st July 2002

Welcome to SYPHAnews - a newsletter designed to keep you up-to-date with nonlinear audio and video, and digital video camera news, as well as developments at (incorporating and

We will deliver this service to you free of charge every month - unless there is some major news or event which we think you should know about sooner.

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STOP PRESS!! Our store is now open at and offers a range of carefully selected books and magazines. We'll be adding to these resources over the coming months so let us know what you would like to see there.

We are also in the process of spring-cleaning the DAW Buyers Guide - everything will be renewed in time for the IBC and AES Conventions. If you know of a digital audio workstation or tapeless recorder that isn't already in the guide, including turnkey systems and card and software packages, then please let us know.

NLE news

Avid Announces New Versions of the NewsCutter Family and the Avid|DS Family
Avid Technology has announced the worldwide availability of new versions within its NewsCutter family, namely NewsCutter Effects V3.0, NewsCutter XP V3.0 and NewsCutter Mobile V3.0. With version 3.0, the NewsCutter family now offers Avid Unity LANshare support, closer linkage with the Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system, a new HyperClip feature for creating Web story links to online video, a new codec that shortens rendering times, and DVCPRO PAL 4:1:1 support. The company has also announced the worldwide availability of the new version 6 Avid|DS HD, Avid|DS and Avid|DS HD Editor systems for realtime editing and finishing in standard and high definition. Among the new features offered by version 6 are real time full-rotation DVE. See

Avid Announces Avid Xpress DV 3.5 Video Editing Software for Mac OS X and Windows XP
Avid Technology has announced the availability of Avid Xpress DV version 3.5 for Mac OS X and Windows XP. Now on the Mac platform for the first time, this portable software is designed for affordable professional DV editing. Also new to the Avid Xpress DV product is a colour correction toolset that can automatically match skin tones between scenes with a single click. Xpress DV 3.5 is supported on all G4 laptops, desktops and the new iMac. See

Quantel Releases Version 1.3 Software for iQ and eQ
Quantel has released version 1.3 software for its iQ media platform and eQ mainstream editing system. New features include AAF data-based archiving; background archive of multi-resolution edits to network or DTF2 drive; calibrated printer light adjustment for log-to-print display and printer light simulation for video-to-print work; enhanced multi-point tracker with offset tracking and prediction; support for Cineon log files; 8-track audio editing; profile stretch for varispeed effects; 'square' keyframes for faster shot-by-shot working; shuttle bar and jog wheel on-screen interfaces; direct import of text files for titling; and support for the latest VDS Neurons 2 and 3 plug-in bundles that include Tinderbox 1, 2 and 3 plug-ins from the Foundry, and comprise a total of 60 sophisticated effects such as lens blurs, sky and starfield generators, grain tools and warpers. V1.3 also allows iQ to work with the 10-bit RGB 1920x1080 signal output of the Thomson Viper Filmstream camera. See

Adobe Introduces Adobe Premiere 6.5
Adobe Systems has announced a new version of Adobe Premiere digital video editing software that is available for Windows XP, 98SE, 2000 and ME, as well as Mac OS 9 and OS X. The new version 6.5 offers realtime preview, the Adobe Title Designer for broadcast-quality titling, and support for MPEG-2 export and DVD authoring. Designed to provide editing in realtime using a laptop or using an uncompressed, multi-layer realtime system, version 6.5 is supported by a range of video hardware including the latest Sony DVCAM devices, as well as leading third-party capture cards. The new version continues to offer integration between Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator software, and includes five more special effect filters from After Effects, including Blend, Channel Blur, Directional Blur and Lightning. See

Pinnacle Systems Introduces Pinnacle Liquid Silver Version 4
Pinnacle Systems has introduced version 4 of the Liquid Silver editing system for post production using MPEG-2 and uncompressed video. This version includes new creative tools and distribution solutions, including the integration of Pinnacle software applications such as TitleDeko, Commotion and Impression. Version 4 includes new media management features for full networked editing support; new speed change capabilities with the dynamic timewarp editor; a new capture to timeline capability; an advanced colour corrector option; inclusion of the Commotion paint and compositing application as standard, with the ability to move projects between applications in just one step using an 'Xsend to Commotion' command; inclusion of TitleDeko Pro character generator software as standard; full DVD authoring capabilities by direct MPEG-2 IBP capture, as well as integrated DVD image creation and burning from within the application, and inclusion of Pinnacle Impression for authoring advanced titles, chapter points and interactivity. See

Canopus Bundles Adobe After Effects Plug-in with DVStorm SE
Canopus has begun bundling its Video Out plug-in for Adobe After Effects free with its DVStorm SE and DVStorm SE Plus NLE systems. This offer is also available to Canopus customers who purchased DVStorm SE or DVStorm SE Plus after 1st May 2002. Developed to enhance preview capabilities within Adobe After Effects 4.1 or higher, the Video Out plug-in for After Effects speeds up video production by allowing users to output a compositing image from the Adobe After Effects timeline for preview on an NTSC/PAL monitor. Analogue output is in uncompressed YUV 4:2:2. See

Matrox Announces Certification for Adobe Premiere 6.5
Matrox Video Products Group has announced that the Matrox RT.X100, Matrox DigiSuite MAX, Matrox DigiSuite, Matrox RT2500, and Matrox RT2000 realtime video editing platforms have been certified for use with the new Adobe Premiere 6.5 software. Customers who purchased any of these Matrox products bundled with Adobe Premiere 6.0, on or after 22nd June 2002, are eligible for a free upgrade to Adobe Premiere 6.5 (plus shipping and handling). Customers who made their purchase prior to this date will be able to order their Adobe Premiere 6.5 upgrade directly from Adobe. See

Imagine Products Announces TEPX for Windows
Imagine Products has released TEPX, the latest version of The Executive Producer that allows users to control and log from any video source, including FireWire (DV) and Betacam, or without a deck from digital files, such as MPEG and AVI. The Windows-based TEPX can also serve as a front-end for Media Asset Management systems, and features the TEP-Mail system for email exchange of log files and notes. Using Microsoft Outlook, TEP-Mail allows the producer to create a script that is automatically 'zipped' into a single attachment and emailed to the client or other collaborator. The recipient can then review the log using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, add notes, and email comments back to the sender. See

DAW news

Digidesign Announces the Digi 002 FireWire Mini Studio with Integrated Control Surface
Digidesign has announced Digi 002, a FireWire-based mini studio which features a touch-sensitive control surface. It offers 24-bit, 96kHz recording, and comes with Pro Tools LE 5.3.2 software for both Windows XP Home and Mac OS 9.x platforms. Its analogue, digital and MIDI capabilities enable it to handle a wide variety of I/O configurations, and there are dedicated monitor and headphone outputs. The Digi 002 control surface has touch-sensitive faders, rotary encoders and LCD scribble strips giving tactile and visual control over nearly every Pro Tools LE feature and parameter, including plug-in manipulation. The single-box design includes all inputs and outputs, and for live applications, Digi 002 can be decoupled from Pro Tools and used in standalone mode as an 8x4x2 digital mixer with onboard EQ, dynamics, delay and reverb. Digi 002 has a base price of US$2,495 and is expected to ship in Q3 2002. See

Apple Acquires Emagic and Discontinues Emagic's Windows-Based Products
Apple has acquired Emagic, provider of professional software solutions for computer-based music production including Logic and WaveBurner Pro. Emagic will operate as a wholly-owned division of Apple. Over 65 percent of Emagic's current revenue comes from Mac-based products and its Windows-based products will be discontinued on 30th September 2002. Registered users of Logic 5 on Windows are being offered a free cross-platform crossgrade from 1st August until 31st December 2002. See

Steinberg and Cakewalk Offer Alternatives to Emagic Windows Users
Following the announcement that Emagic's Windows-based products will be discontinued, Steinberg is offering all Emagic Logic Audio Platinum, Gold, and Silver Windows users an upgrade to the new Cubase SX music recording and production system, which supports Windows XP and Mac OS X. Proof of ownership is required for this limited-time special offer which is valid from 1st July 2002 to 30th September 2002 and costs Euro 299 / US$299. See Cakewalk is also offering Logic customers a crossgrade to its SONAR(tm) 2.0 and SONAR 2.0 XL digital multitrack recording systems. This offer is available from 12th July to 7th October 2002 to qualified Logic customers and costs Euro 199 / US$199 for SONAR 2.0, and Euro 299 / US$299 for SONAR 2.0 XL plus shipping/handling. See

Tascam Ships the SX-1
Tascam has announced that the SX-1 digital production environment is now shipping and available at authorised Tascam dealers. The SX-1 features a 40-input, 32x8x8 digital mixing console, a 16-track hard disk recorder, and highly integrated waveform, MIDI, and automation data editing. The SX-1 also offers complete surround mixing capabilities, a 128-track MIDI sequencer, built-in CD-RW drive, DSP plug-in technology, extensive analogue, digital, MIDI and computer interfacing and built-in timecode/sync support via SMPTE/LTC, video sync, and Sony P2. The SX-1 has a MSRP of US$8,999. See

MOTU Announces Mac OS X Version and Control Surface for Digital Performer
MOTU has announced that Digital Performer, its flagship audio workstation software, is coming to Mac OS X. The Mac OS X version is expected to ship during the second half of 2002. MOTU and Mackie Designs have also announced the co-development of a customised automated worksurface for Digital Performer. Mackie Designs is manufacturing and marketing the control surface, while MOTU has provided customised user interface design and software engineering tailored specifically for Digital Performer. The new control surface, dubbed Mackie Control, is a fully automated touch-sensitive control surface with nine 100mm motorised touch-sensitive faders, programmable rotary V-Pots on each channel strip, along with mute, solo, select and rec/ready buttons. Dedicated assignment buttons and transport, zoom, scrub and shuttle mode buttons, along with a large ergonomic jog/shuttle wheel, provide complete control over many of Digital Performer's features. A lexan overlay jointly developed by the product management teams at MOTU and Mackie provides customised labeling for many of Digital Performer's latest mixing and editing functions. Mackie Control is expected to ship Q3 2002. See and

Tascam Assumes Direct Engineering Development Responsibility for the MX-2424 and MM Series
Tascam has announced that it has brought ongoing engineering development in-house for the MX-2424 hard disk recorder/editor and the MM series of film dubbers. Originally designed and manufactured in conjunction with TimeLine Vista, Tascam has established a direct working relationship with Gerry Lester and Teeto Cheema, the Academy award-winning engineers primarily responsible for the development of the MX-2424 and the MM series. See

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