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eCinema Systems announces new LCD technology (14/6/2006)

Stunning LCD performance will make CRT monitors obsolete for evaluation

eCinema Systems has successfully demonstrated the technology behind their upcoming High Dynamic Range, High Color Depth display. NAB show-goers lined up in April for packed, back-to- back, private screenings of the jaw dropping system that most recognized will make the CRT obsolete for evaluation. Subsequent screenings have confirmed that response. This LCD-based monitor is the result of six years of research in the field. The HDR technology offers 10 to 12 bits per color channel (for 30 to 36 bit displays) or 1000 to 4000 step gray-scales. Contrast ratio is in the order of 30,000:1 which means black levels displayed are beyond the capability of current CRT monitors.

Martin Euredjian eCinema Founder & CEO is extremely excited about the response to the new technology and made the following comments shortly after NAB, "It is well known that LCD displays did not until now produce the same deep blacks that were achievable when using a CRT. Color depth is, of course, the 8 bit bottleneck issue. Images on the screen -- at the pixel level -- are limited to a best-case of 256 levels between black and white. In other words, if you painted a gray scale you could, at most, see 256 steps. The reality of the matter is that due to calibration and gamma adjustments most displays can't do much better than about 200 steps between black and white".

"It is because of this that the whole idea of viewing and evaluating 4:4:4 10 bit LOG images on an 8 bit device was less than ideal. While the source material is able to represent in the order of 4,000 levels of gray, the monitor could (on a good day) only show about 200 of those levels. Attempting to view 3D LUT's on such a monitor would be pointless. With a 200-level gray scale, LUT-based manipulation would have to be limited to very minor adjustments in order to avoid losing even more of your gray levels. However, the rules are about to change."

eCinema's DCM40HDR, will begin shipping by the fourth quarter of this year. This is a 40 inch, 1920 x 1080 LCD display with full 4:4:4 capabilities suitable for viewing and evaluating 10 bit linear and 10 bit log DI output from the highest quality cameras and systems in use today for digital cinema production as well as high-end DI and Telecine in post-production.

Euredjian continues "The good news is that the technology is scalable. We are looking into implementing it on a 57 inch 1920 x 1080 LCD as well as an 82 inch 1920 x 1080 LCD. We are also looking into implementing the technology on projectors".

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