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Ikegami Introduces Holographic Drive Based On InPhase Tapestry Will Enable Editcam HD Users To Archive Content (2/5/2007)

OEM Agreement Enables Rapid-Access, Nonlinear Transfer of Content from Ikegami Field Camcorders to Holographic Archive Solution

InPhase Technologies, the world's leader in holographic data storage, today announced that Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd., Tokyo, a leading maker of high-definition broadcast television cameras and production equipment, will introduce a version of the InPhase Tapestry? holographic storage drive under the Ikegami brand name. Under terms of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement between InPhase and Ikegami, the Ikegami-branded holographic archiving solution will be marketed for the company's Editcam and Editcam HD professional tapeless camcorders. The announcement was made today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas.

The Ikegami-branded InPhase holographic drive provides a cost-effective, tapeless solution for archiving large video files acquired with Editcam and Editcam HD tapeless camcorders. The Tapestry300R drive will store 300 gigabytes (GB) of video on a single 5 14-inch disc, at a transfer rate of 20 megabytes per second (MB/s), or 160 megabits per second (Mb/s), to deliver the highest-capacity optical storage solution on the market.

Ikegami will demonstrate its branded holographic solution, the Ikegami HDS-300R holographic video archiving system, in its booth #C4226 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. InPhase will demonstrate its Tapestry product in the Maxell booth #C7736 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, Monday, April 16? through Thursday, April 19.

"Content creators who use holographic storage today will future-proof their work for more than fifty years, and the Ikegami product will deliver the first truly tapeless acquisition-to-archive solution in the production industry," said Art Rancis, vice president of InPhase. "Broadcast customers are moving rapidly to high-definition, even for local ENG applications, and we are pleased that Ikegami will use our holographic storage technology to enable long-life archive of this content."

Users of Ikegami's Editcam and Editcam HD camcorders can transfer edited or camera-original video content via FireWire or FTP interfaces to highly stable 300GB holographic cartridges with all the advantages of tapeless nonlinear archiving and retrieval. Editcam and Editcam HD acquisition will continue to utilize Ikegami's hard-disk-based and solid-state FieldPak2 media, which can be overwritten for repeated use. A cost effective archive solution is a key requirement, enabling the continual reuse of the FieldPak2 in the field. In addition to high storage densities, fast transfer rates, and a 50-year archive life, holographic storage is more cost-effective than tape or optical media (projected cost is approximately ten cents per gigabyte), does not require special environmental controls, offers true write once/read many (WORM) performance, is easily integrated with asset management and archiving software, and records video exactly as originally recorded, adding no additional compression.

"Ikegami is very pleased to be working with InPhase Technologies on what is an historic product for the broadcast market ? the first holographic storage device for archiving digital video images," said Naoki Kashimura, Marketing Manager, Ikegami Tsushinki. "As Ikegami was the first company to develop and market tapeless video acquisition technology with its Editcam ENG/EFP camcorder, we anticipate widespread interest among broadcasters, cable networks, and leading program producers for the Tapestry digital video archiving solution. With the growth of high-definition television production, Ikegami has developed a specially-configured version of the InPhase 300GB Tapestry archive solution for the needs of the broadcast and entertainment industries. This further demonstrates Ikegami's aggressive commitment to providing its customers with truly tapeless, wireless, seamless HDTV content-creation solutions."

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