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EBU and manufacturers to work on enhanced interoperability and harmonized standards for HDTV production (15/1/2010)

Following a meeting between EBU* Members and representatives from Avid®, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Snell and Sony on 16-17 December 2009, a new project has been launched to address issues of interoperability for future HDTV production systems.

The initial group of founding participants who launched the P/HIPS (Harmonization and Interoperability of HDTV Production Standards) project also agreed to welcome additional interested parties at future meetings.

Lieven Vermaele, Director of EBU Technical says "We are pleased to see that the project has attracted an immediate positive response and commitment from so many EBU Members and key industry players. This underlines the essential strategic significance of these issues within the EBU's Technical activities".

Dr Hans Hoffmann, Programme Manager at EBU Technical added "EBU Members and manufacturers will cooperate on four key domains where competition makes no sense - there are 3G-SDI infrastructures, studio video codecs, source Metadata (generated live in cameras/camcorders) and the requirements to constrain the MXF file formats used in IT-based production. In addition the project will be mindful of the requirements of future HDTV production formats such as 1080p/50."

The EBU will facilitate the overall Project, which is chaired by Christoph Nufer, Head of Television Production Systems at the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT, Munich). In order to provide solutions to the market in a timely manner, the project is organized into four subgroups, each chaired by a key figure from an EBU Member.

These subgroups are, in detail:

SG1 Interoperability within a file based acquisition and production environment by defining the detailed interoperability parameters for MXF the Material Exchange Format (chaired by Christoph Nufer IRT with Adi Kouadio, EBU, as project manager).

SG2 Emerging studio compression formats in particular suitable to premium productions and in support of the next generation HDTV production format "1080p/50" (chaired by Massimo Visca RAI with Roger Miles, EBU, as project manager).

SG3 Metadata generated at the creation point ("Camera Metadata") and ingested in the workflow (chaired by Reinhard Knoer IRT with Jean Pierre Evain, EBU, as project manager).

SG4 Infrastructures based on 3G-SDI and to enhance interoperability with this interface (chaired by Andy Quested BBC with Marc Lambreghs, EBU, as project manager).   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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