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Fuze Box Launches Fuze Movie a Real Time Collaborative Review and Approval Solution for Content Creation, Post Production Markets (22/1/2010)

Fuze Movie Solves Challenges of Remote, Distributed Review and Approval Workflow with Collaborative, Synchronized Shared Media Experience

Fuze Box today announced it is entering the content creation and post production marketplace with the launch of Fuze Movie. Fuze Movie is a real-time collaborative media review and approval solution created specifically for editors, VFX artists and digital media designers faced with the challenges of collaborating with numerous remote, and often widely distributed colleagues and clients.

Combining an industry-unique frame accurate media player with seamless real time collaboration capabilities, Fuze Movie creates a cost-effective, efficient and easy digital media review and approval workflow experience for users.

Leveraging Skype as its communications backbone, Fuze Movie effectively eliminates the frustrations and inefficiencies of collaborating across distributed workgroups by creating a real time shared workflow environment for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Fuze Movie is based on the highly acclaimed review and approval solution, syncVUE, which was acquired by Fuze Box in 2007. Michael Buday, the industry renown editor who created syncVUE, is now the Company’s chief software designer and principal developer of Fuze Movie.

“As an editor myself for over 20 years, I understand the frustration and pure tedium of simply trying to get shots reviewed and approved while working with clients, crews, directors and colleagues who are spread out in multiple locations. That’s why we created Fuze Movie,” said Michael Buday, chief software designer for Fuze Box. “Today, the content creation industry has completely embraced the notion of distributed, networked and even mobile collaboration. Fuze Movie and its enhanced visual communications platform now gives them the ideal review and approval solution, specifically tailored for content creation workflow requirements and optimized for the technology and applications on which digital media artists have already invested and rely heavily.”

Fuze Movie extends the promise of powerful collaborative media sharing capabilities to the digital media review and approval workflow process and delivers an extensive list of features, including:

* A powerful media player with frame accurate control, with audio/video chat enabled by Skype;
* Ability to play any media file supported by QuickTime v7.1 or higher;
* Ability to play Windows Media and MXF files (via a plug-in from Telestream) providing compatibility with Sony’s Blu-ray based XDCAM formats;
* Ability to add time-code-based text annotations (markers), automatically propagated to all connected clients;
* Features to draw, make notes or annotations directly to the shared media for all participants to see, and add to, in real time;
* Ability to record audio notes to add comments, recommendations or ideas to recall later or share with a colleague not in the session;
* A versatile database enabling users to track all assets (media files) wherever they may reside; on a server, local or networked drive, or on the web;
* Built-in FTP function allowing media within a project to be automatically uploaded to multiple FTP locations. Clients running Fuze Movie will automatically receive media files as they become available – keeping everyone in the project in-sync;
* Printed video frames with graphics, titles, notes and timecode can be exported as HTML files for viewing locally or online;
* Upon completion, XML locator annotations can be exported to industry-popular non-linear editing solutions, such as Final Cut Pro;
* Advanced license management system enables customers to extend temporary licenses to colleagues or clients for flexible, hassle-free access to Fuze Movie.

Since its creation, Fuze Movie has been used extensively to streamline the review and approval process on a number of recent Hollywood blockbusters, including Don Cheadle’s Traitor, Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and by VFX industry icon John Farhat in the just released post-apocalyptic thriller, The Book of Eli.

Pricing and Availability

Fuze Movie is available immediately and is priced based on a quarterly subscription licensing model. Discounted introductory pricing starts at $229 for a two seat, three month license and volume discounts (for quantity of seats and duration of licenses) apply.

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