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XDT Announces Catapult Server v2 for Post-Product Workflows (11/2/2010)

Extends ground-breaking LAN capabilities to Wide Area Networks

XDT, developer of advanced software-based solutions for digital film, today announced v2 of its revolutionary Catapult Server and Ballista software. Catapult Server v2 marks another milestone in the evolution of the Catapult protocol. It truly extends its ground-breaking LAN capabilities to Wide Area Networks.

Catapult Suite Version 2 Highlights:

True 256-bit Extended Validation SSL provides the most powerful SSL encryption commercially available today, and is the same maximum level security trusted by government and financial institutions. Extended Validation gives high security Catapult clients’ visual assurance through a green address bar.

WAN friendly optimizations achieve maximum throughput over broadband infrastructure. Bandwidth management tools are provided to achieve balance between throughput and fairness.

Customers can use the integrated user management interface to quickly and easily add users to Catapult systems for distribution of content over the Internet. Per user access controls and bandwidth caps makes secure information exchange a breeze for both parties. An open management protocol makes integration with existing Intranet systems trivial.

"Post production has entered into a truly global workflow. With post production companies extending their offering across continents and continued distribution of VFX shots, efficient and cost effective collaboration has become paramount. WAN transfers and remote review play a key part in this.", says Erik Otto, Managing Director at XDT.

"Catapult Server v2 bridges the gap between both worlds. It enables customers to extend Catapult's unprecedented LAN performance and efficiency to the WAN. XDT's sole focus on film and post production is taking WAN capabilities for post production well beyond the current offering of other standard data transfer applications".

Ballista pricing starts at only US$4,995 and offers a full server-based product with unlimited client access up to 110MB/s (MegaBytes) access.

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