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Snell debuts Kahuna CF+ 2.5-M/E production switcher (15/2/2010)

Snell will showcase a rich array of solutions for creation, management, and distribution of content, all designed to ease broadcasters' transition to digital, HDTV, and 3Gb/s operations.

Production Switching/Switching - New Kahuna CF+

Making its European debut at BVE, the Kahuna CF+, housed in a single 6RU compact frame, is the most powerful and cost-effective 2.5-M/E production switcher on the market. This newest member of the Kahuna family serves as a stand-alone solution for sophisticated switching and offers more choice in space-constrained environments. The Kahuna CF+ shares the same specifications of larger Kahuna systems, as well as a compact full-function control surface and the intuitive interface that makes Kahuna switchers a familiar favorite among technical directors and other users across the industry. The Kahuna CF+ supports external device control without the need for additional boxes, ensuring smooth integration into studios while reducing the cost, complexity, and power consumption of the installation.

Motion-Compensated Standards Conversion - New CVR800 and TBS800

Snell will introduce two new standards and format converters in the Kudos Plus line of cost-effective rack-mountable signal processing systems. The new CVR800 frame-rate and format converter and the TBS800 format converter and synchronizer both offer a range of features and functionality, including support for 3Gb/s operations and composite video I/O, designed specifically to streamline HD broadcast workflows. The CVR800 offers motion-adaptive frame-rate and format conversion (up, down, cross) and the TBS800 offers motion-adaptive format conversion and synchronization for 3Gb/s, HD, and SD video. The systems include a flexible and powerful set of linear and nonlinear tools for user-controlled enhancements, such as the adjustment of horizontal and vertical attributes during format conversion. As moving video elements are processed by the systems' motion-adaptive format conversion technology, a stills mode for format conversion enables operators to process stationary items, such as logos and banners, separately from the main picture to ensure optimal quality.

Automation & Master Control - Morpheus ICE (Integrated Content Engine)

ICE is a standalone automation and master control system that delivers in a single 3U box what would otherwise take several products from several manufacturers to achieve. Based on the company's globally successful Morpheus Automation technology -- including its renowned Media Ball(TM) approach to secondary event management -- Morpheus ICE provides everything broadcasters need for single-channel playout and, by linking ICE units together, a multichannel environment. As it's fully compatible with existing file formats, Morpheus ICE is also perfect for adding cost-effective channel backup, preview, or regional opt-out management to existing systems. Morpheus ICE supports a wide range of SD and HD video file formats removing the transcode bottleneck. It also features at least 1 terabyte of internal RAID storage -- plus, connection to external network attached storage. Unlike the fixed capabilities of competing "automation in a box" systems, the modular Morpheus ICE can be scaled up simply by adding more of the compact 3RU units as the operation expands.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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