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EVS Announces Availability of XT[2]+ Production Server (18/2/2010)

Proceeding from the field-proven XT[2] production server, the newly developed XT[2]+ has been designed to offer producers increased storage capacity, maximum speed and the highest level of reliability. The most recent server from the XT series is available in 6, 4 or 2 channel configurations, in SD/HD ready or full HD/SD mode with dual networking capabilities.

Compared to the preceding XT[2] server, the XT[2]+ offers:

* New SAS disk controllers providing superior performance and increased reliability
* Boosted internal storage of up to 12 disks with compact 2.5 inches form factor
* Expandable storage with external arrays (hot-swappable disks - total capacity of up to 20TB per server)
* Scalable capacity based on a clustering system that allows multiple systems to work on the same network
* Extended bandwidth by more than 30 %
* Optimized for future codec support

The XT[2]+, which will be available in March, will be presented at Broadcast Video Expo in London (16-18 February), CABSAT in Dubai (02-04 March) and NAB 2010 in Las Vegas (10-15 April).

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