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Cinedeck Debuts Camera-Mountable, High Quality Recording, Monitoring, Playback and Editing Device (19/2/2010)

Cinedeck today announced the debut of the world’s first camera-mountable, HDMI/HDSDI recording, monitoring, playback and editing device for the production community.

Designed by cinematographers for cinematographers, Cinedeck defines an entirely new category of extremely portable, affordable, platform agnostic, cinema-grade recording and monitoring solutions for anyone with an HDMI, HDSDI or LAN camera.

Cinedeck is:

* Extremely Portable: measuring 5”x8”x3.5” and weighing less than 4 pounds, Cinedeck is camera-mountable and stores (with all cables and accessories) in a space no larger than a shoe box;
* Affordable: Cinedeck costs less than a week’s rental of similar quality tape deck and focus monitor;
* Massively Compatible: Cinedeck records from nearly any HDMI or single/dual link HDSDI camera and source files are platform agnostic: recording media compatible with Mac, PC or Linux. Support for a wide array of codecs and file formats, including CineForm in both AVI/MOV wrappers, and Avid-compatible MXF.
* Versatile: it's an extraordinarily robust cinematographer's toolkit with complete VTR and monitoring functionality: preview, focus assist, record, play back, downconvert, and transcode, all in the form factor of a standard on-camera monitor.

“Cinedeck was born from years of experience in the field, lugging so-called portable and very expensive tape and direct-to-disk solutions through the Panamanian rain forests, Turkish deserts, and on the back of jeeps hurtling down pot-holed roads of Kazakhstan - we finally said, this is ridiculous, we can do better,” said Charles d’Autremont, founder and creator of Cinedeck. Because it was conceived and developed by working Cinematographers, “Cinedeck is the cinematographers solution. We decided to create a new standard for portability, quality and reliability, and most of all, to make that level of quality affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Richard Mills, head of engineering for On Sight, a one-stop production, post production and distribution services firm based in the UK, had this to say about Cinedeck: "We've earned a reputation throughout Europe, not only for our creative approach to our clients' needs, but to also bringing highly innovative, efficient technology solutions to a creative project. cinedeck is the neatest solution we've seen so far for rugged, highly versatile production. It's an excellent solution!"

Cinedeck Key Feature Highlights

* Record: Cinedeck captures edit-ready, platform agnostic, 10-bit 4:2:2 or 12-bit 4:4:4 CineForm digital intermediaries in MOV or AVI format, as well as other industry standard codecs and formats, via HDSDI or HDMI and records to highly-reliable, rugged consumer 2.5” solid state drives for maximum compatibility and reliability.
* Monitor: Cinedeck monitors video in real-time, much like a standard on-camera focus monitor and uses the on-screen histogram/waveform for proper exposure. Audio is monitored via on-board headphone jack and recording levels can be viewed on-screen.
* Review: Cinedeck plays back shots instantly via on-screen transport controls, or via wireless physical transport controls.
* Edit: Cinedeck is the first device of its kind to enable users to edit dailies on-site. Leveraging a NLE software of choice, as well as an optional dual-boot OS.
* Cinedeck recommends using an external VGA monitor and pointing device(s) for optimal workflow.

Cinedeck Models Available in March 2010

Cinedeck is available in the following configuration:
* Cinedeck/Extreme, which offers:
- 8/10 bit 4:2:2 recording via HDMI/HDSDI
- 12bit 4:4:4 recording via dual link /3G HDSDI
- HD - 720P 50/59.94/60 and Varicam
- HD - 1080 50/60i - 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/5994,60 P/PSF

*Not all framerates available in all codecs/quality settings, and results may vary depending on recording media.

Cinedeck/Extreme will be available in March 2010 in limited quantities and is priced at $7995.

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