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Euphonix Ships MC Color Grading Surface Providing Seamless Control of Apple Color (24/2/2010)

Euphonix, a world leader in large-format digital audio consoles, media controllers, and peripherals for over twenty years, has started shipping MC Color, a color grading surface that offers unmatched control and integration with Apple’s Color 1.5.

The slim-line MC Color attaches to the Mac via Ethernet, and features high-resolution optical trackballs, trackwheels, displays, encoders and a host of programmable keys to speed up and enhance the Apple Color workflow. MC Color’s compact design is portable enough for on-set grading, and can be combined with other Euphonix media controllers to build a larger, integrated video editing control surface. MC Color is available at authorized Euphonix retailers at an estimated street price of $1,499.

Unlike other generic color grading surfaces, MC Color has been specifically designed for Apple Color, offering an ergonomic design and a host of features optimized for the Apple Color workflow. MC Color features EuCon™, a high-speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix that Apple has natively integrated into the new Final Cut Studio, including Color 1.5. EuCon is a highly intelligent protocol, and MC Color is constantly aware in which room of Color the user is working, automatically updating MC Color’s controls and displays, including the nine programmable soft keys, to present the parameters specific to the current room.

Three high-resolution optical trackballs and weighted trackwheels offer tactile feedback only found on the most expensive hardware grading solutions, and the center trackball and keys can be toggled on the fly to work as a mouse so that the colorist’s hands never have to leave the control surface during grading. Six touch-sensitive encoders provide precise control over grading parameters and enable quick navigation of Color’s eight-room interface and Secondaries, while the high-resolution OLED displays give detailed feedback of all adjustments. Finally, eight dedicated buttons enable quick copying to and pasting grades from Color Memory Banks 1-4 to streamline the grading process. From its ergonomic slim-line design and powerful features to deep integration and plug-and play operation, MC Color offers Apple Color users a professional grading surface at an unbeatable price.

MC Color features:

* 3 high-resolution, optical trackballs for modifying color values, vignettes, and pan and scan – center trackball also functions as a mouse cursor
* 3 high-resolution, optical trackwheels for controlling contrast sliders, vignettes and pan and scan
* 9 programmable soft keys that automatically update their function for each room in Color
* 6 touch-sensitive rotary encoders for adjusting Primary In, Primary Out, Secondaries, and Geometry parameters, as well as navigation between rooms
* 6 high-resolution OLED displays show parameter names and values
* Comprehensive transport and navigation controls
* Deep, plug-and-play integration with Apple Color

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