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Digital Vision Unveils Software Upgrade for Nucoda Platform with Native Digital Camera Support (24/2/2010)

Digital Vision unveiled the new release of its globally deployed 2009.1 software for the Nucoda family of image grading solutions at London’s Broadcast Video Expo. With the flagship Nucoda Film Master solution delivering world-class image enhancement features and third-party integration to facilities around the world, this latest release provides further layers of creativity to the stereoscopic 3D functionality and advanced toolset introduced last year.

Extensive research undertaken by Digital Vision’s R&D department allows the company to truly understand the needs of colourists and filmmakers, and to therefore enhance and streamline its technology to facilitate their creative processes.

Native digital camera support

As the first grading company to announce support for the original RED One camera, the Nucoda 2009.1 release also sees support for the RED Rocket hardware accelerator card. In addition, this software release enables native support for Arri’s D-21, Vision Research’s Phantom and Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K digital camera systems, allowing image optimisation by adjusting camera values and settings before grading.

DFT Spirit Telecine support

Nucoda Film Master can now interface directly with the DFT Spirit DataCine allowing users to control the Spirit Telecine system ready for digitising, including adjustment of onboard grading.

Increased interoperability

To ensure Digital Vision solutions are at the forefront of customer workflows, the 2009.1 release adds full integration with Avid’s Interplay media management system. This will enable editors to share entire timelines with colourists, round-tripping media between the edit and the grade.

Grading Tools

Nucoda Film Master is renowned for the most advanced colour toolset for premium grading and mastering and this latest release adds the following:

• RGB Curves - modify the combined RGB curve equally, or alter the red, green, and blue channels independently
• Levels - quickly manage exposure by adjusting brightness levels
• Luminance over saturation curves - add or remove saturation based on luminance value
• Enhanced shapes - variable-edged softness around shapes to blend colours organically or imitate natural lighting falloff.

Bruno Munger, Digital Vision Senior Product Manager explains, “With our third major software release in a 12 month period, Digital Vision is proving that no other manufacturer is working harder to provide its customers with the right tools to improve productivity for its clients.” He continues, “It’s a trend that we will strive to continue as the production market continues to change and adapt with new technologies, workflows and of course customer expectations.”

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