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DVS Celebrates 25 Years of Technological Innovation and International Success (24/2/2010)

For the past 25 years, DVS has equipped the movie industry with cutting-edge German engineered technology. Today, DVS cultivates the same "Passion for Perfection" philosophy it established on its first day, and continues to deliver powerful solutions in the fields of post production and broadcast.

In February of 1985, three inventive research associates at the University of Hanover's Institute of Theoretical Communications Engineering formed a business, laying the foundation for one of the world's leading manufacturers of hardware and software for the post production and broadcast markets. For 25 years DVS has developed and produced high-performance systems for digital editing of video material - and has played a vital role in Hollywood's film studios.

DVS CEOs Dr. Hans-Ulrich Weidenbruch, Dr. Peter Spoer, and Dr. Siegfried Beyer recognized early the importance of digital video technology and focused initially on creating systems for research and development. In 1986, after only one year in business, DVS unveiled the world's first semiconductor storage for image sequences in HDTV and achieved its first technological milestone.

In 1994, DVS began to offer studio products for video graphics, animation, broadcast, and post production facilities, adding filmmakers to its target market. With the release of the world's first HDTV disk recorder in 1997, DVS broke through another technological barrier, highlighting its development team's pioneering strength. Shortly thereafter, DVS products were the first in the world to enable the processing of uncompressed 4K data, constituting yet another major industry breakthrough.

DVS, headquartered in Hanover, Germany, established DVS Inc. in Burbank, California as a subsidiary in 1997 to offer the highest level of consulting, service, and support to its growing client base in the Hollywood community.

2003 brought the birth of CLIPSTER(r), the real-time editing system and company flagship, which helped catapult DVS into international success. Last year DVS was honored with the Hollywood Post Alliance's prestigious Engineering Excellence Award for CLIPSTER's continued advancements. Today, CLIPSTER(r) is used predominantly in the areas of 3D and digital cinema and continues to ensure the highest data rates and perfect images.

DVS CEO Hans-Ulrich Weidenbruch reflects on the company history: "DVS has established itself as a constant in the post production industry; today we celebrate 25 years of innovation. We believe that the marriage of high performance hardware and advanced software creates the strongest, most reliable solutions, and this ideal has set us apart from others in our field. As the industry's needs evolve, so do our solutions, enabling our clients to use tomorrow's technology today."

DVS's product portfolio is vast and includes an array of advanced turnkey video solutions, storage solutions and video boards. Its systems are used all over the world in film studios, post houses, museums, theme parks, and concert venues. After two and half decades, the three chief executives are just as inventive; along with their team in Hanover and in Burbank, they continue to meet the challenges facing the digital video industry. VENICE is the newest addition to the DVS product family: Launched in 2009, the video server introduces a product line especially suited for the broadcast market.

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