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AMWA Releases AS-05 AAF Effects Protocol Enabling Transfer of Rich Edit Metadata Between Post-Production Systems (24/2/2010)

The Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) has announced that the Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) Effects Protocol (AS-05) has been formally approved by the association.

The AAF Effects Protocol allows greater interoperability between video post-production systems by defining a set of new effects beyond those in the AAF Edit Protocol (AS-01).


"There is often a need to transfer effects information between systems, for example from offline editing to finishing," said Brad Gilmer, the AMWA's executive director. " AS-05 provides a means to transfer data in an open and interoperable form between systems from different vendors."

Using the AAF Object model the specification supports the exchange of metadata concerning title, opacity and color effects. Title data includes the position, font and color of video titles. The color metadata is based upon the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (CDL) format, which defines a set of parameters for interchanging basic color correction information.

The specification can be downloaded from the AMWA web site.

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