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SGO partners with Steve Shaw’s Light Illusion Consultancy to promote Mistika on a global level (4/3/2010)

SGO UK, announced at Broadcast Video Expo, exciting plans to strategically expand Mistika’s global territory and has partnered with Steve Shaw, senior industry consultant, to endorse Mistika through his company Light Illusion.

Light Illusion's Steve Shaw has advocated for a long time the benefits of using DI systems that provide more than just colour correction tools, preferring systems with a wide range of capabilities aimed at enabling a centralised, rather than distributed, approach to post-production workflows, including stereoscopic 3D. “Recent advances in off-the-shelf PC systems, GPU processing, and storage hardware, combined with some unique software developments and ground breaking creative tools, has enabled European Developer, SGO to bring its Mistika finishing system to the forefront of the market. I am delighted Light Illusion has been asked to provide consulting services to SGO to assist in managing the world-wide interest that Mistika is justifiably gaining.” Steve Shaw states.

Light Illusion’s consultancy services have been used by an extensive range of manufacturers and post-production operations across the globe, including the likes of Quantel, Cintel, OmniTek and Cine-tal where Light Illusion provided advanced DI consultancy services as well as providing product marketing and development assistance. Light Illusion has also been a key player in assisting various global post-production operations develop their DI workflows, including LA’s premier DI house and film lab FotoKem, New Zealand’s Park Road Post, Soho’s Moving Picture Company (MPC), India’s Gemini Lab, EyeQube, Adlabs Films, and FutureWorks, Toronto's leading colour house Notch, Rome’s famous film studios Cinecittà as well as leading 3D Stereoscopic operation E-motion in Genoa, amongst many others.

Creatively Steve Shaw also has credits as colourist and DI supervisor on a wide range of film projects, from full Digital Intermediate features (both film and digital in acquisition) through to trailers, commercials and promos, to VFX shots and title sequences. Recent DI projects include Freight, Credo and Drona, only to mention a few from an extensive list. See for further details about Steve’s projects and work.

“SGO will benefit considerably from the partnership with Light Illusion which will help to propel Mistika’s brand at an exciting time in the industry. Steve Shaw is a dynamic individual and true entrepreneur, with advanced stereoscopic 3D expertise, as well as the high-level consultancy knowledge required to support Mistika’s development and promotion into this next phase. He will add immense value with his extensive experience of international business for high technology companies and of developing services with notable success. We look forward to a long and successful future with Light Illusion. ” Confirms Geoff Mills, Director of Sales and Operations at SGO UK.

SGO Mistika continues to define and lead the stereo 3D revolution with BSkyB, Framestore, The Club and Preditors investing in the system recently. With Mistika’s efficient workflows and advanced toolsets, it provides an impressively reliable post production system to overcome challenges, offering one powerful complete solution supporting SD-HD-2K-4K and Stereo 3D including real-time native RED workflows.

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