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Grass Valley Expands Functionality of K2 Summit/Solo Servers with “ChannelFlex” for adding 3D, Super Slo-Mo, Key/Fill and Multi-Cam Support (16/3/2010)

Thanks to new software capabilities within its AppCenter Elite software suite that leverage a highly flexible system architecture, Grass Valley™ has made it possible for all K2 Summit™ and K2 Solo™ servers to be expanded from handling four SD/HD video streams to up to eight streams in specific applications such as Super Slo-Mo, multi-cam recording, and even 3D.

With a simple software upgrade, every Grass Valley K2 Summit production client and K2 Solo HD/SD server can now be used as a 3D production server for 3D recording or replay, a 2X or 3X Super Slo-Mo recording device, or as a server for recording from 2-6 simultaneous camera angles with at least one channel for playback.

This new expansion capability, “ChannelFlex™,” allows customers to get more functionality out of their investment while providing an ideal bridge from HD to 3D production. It also supports Grass Valley’s overall product strategy whereby all HD cameras, switchers, servers, etc, are designed to be tightly integrated into a single, reliable workflow that’s sure to interoperate for a wide variety of studio and remote production applications.

Offering new applications for which playout servers can be operated, the Grass Valley K2 Summit is a four-channel bi-directional server, with three input connections and two outputs per channel. ChannelFlex is made possible by a unique architecture only available in K2 Summit and K2 Solo. Each server channel is totally independent with its own dedicated processor so that multiple SD or HD video streams can be processed on each channel as needed for specific applications and workflows. ChannelFlex allows users to take advantage of these multiple physical connections to record multiple camera angles, right-eye/left eye 3D signals, or three phases from a Super Slow-Motion camera.

“Every K2 Summit and K2 Solo we’ve shipped to date is capable of adding ChannelFlex, so, if you already own one, you can now configure it as a Super SloMo replay system, a 3D record device, or an expanded multichannel recording system with a simple software upgrade,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “This adds significant power to the K2 Summit and K2 Solo server and allows customers to get the most value from their investment.”

Used together with the new K2 Dyno™ live slow-motion controller and the K2 Summit or K2 Solo server, ChannelFlex makes the Grass Valley Dyno replay system more capable by increasing the number of video streams that can be processed in various applications and workflows, and is smaller in size (2 RU) and more affordable than other replay systems on the market today.

Major Uses for ChannelFlex

Although users could and will design their own uses, Grass Valley sees four immediately valuable applications for ChannelFlex:

* Super Slo-mo: All three phases from a 3X Super Slo-Mo camera (such as the LDK 8300) can be recorded on a single channel. The three phases are multiplexed by ChannelFlex and is saved in a standard file that can be edited or transferred without any special considerations.

* 3D Configuration: Provides left eye/right eye inputs that are recorded on a single channel for 3D production, turning any Grass Valley K2 Summit/Solo server into a reliable 3D server and 3D replay system. The two video streams are stored as one asset for easy management and playback without any worry for synchronization.

* Video + Key Mode: Enables the recording or playback of video and key signals by a single K2 Summit/Solo channel. At NAB, the Kayenne™ Video Production Center will be shown uniquely controlling this feature. The two video streams are stored as one asset for easy management and playback without any synchronization issues.

* ISO Recording: K2 Dyno customers can use ChannelFlex to increase the number of cameras that can be recorded at a live event. Up to six cameras on K2 Summit or two cameras on K2 Solo can be recorded in a multi-cam event.

How it Works

K2 Summit and K2 Solo’s architecture was designed specifically for ChannelFlex operation so all systems can be easily upgraded. With a minimal license fee upgrade to the existing AppCenter software suite, the Grass Valley AppCenter Elite turns on the capability within a K2 Summit or K2 Solo server. ,

NAB Demonstrations

At NAB 2010 Grass Valley will demonstrate the various applications for ChannelFlex within the 3D, live production, and studio production and servers demonstration areas of its booth (SL106).


The license upgrade for AppCenter Elite is available in May, 2010.

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