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Grass Valley Tightens Final Cut Pro Integration For K2/Aurora News Systems (16/3/2010)

Grass Valley™ has added new features and functionality to its GV Connect plug-in for Final Cut Pro users which increases productivity and provides new performance benefits when working with Grass Valley K2 media servers and storage area networks. The latest version, 2.0, adds tighter newsroom computer integration with K2/Aurora news systems, via the MOS protocol, to tightly link scripts with audio and video clips making digital news production easy and getting news content to air much faster and more efficiently.

In addition, users of the K2 media server and Aurora™ tapeless production suite that also use Final Cut Pro software have enjoyed the ability to store files in the format (.mov) native to FCP timelines. With the new GV Connect 2.0 software, the file is closely tied to the workflow through the exchange of edit decision lists (EDLs) so that an Aurora Edit LD workstation operating on the same network as a FCP client can seamlessly share their work. It also allows editors to perform rough edits in the newsroom on Aurora and quickly send it to a FCP system for finishing, without delay or transcoding.

“With the new version of GV Connect software, Final Cut audio and video files are every bit at home on our SAN as on an Apple XSan, making content creation and file sharing fast and easy,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “Previously, with GV Connect, we offered the best technical integration with Final Cut Pro in the industry, now we offer the additional benefits of automated processes that greatly improve the workflow.”

GV 2.0 Connect customers can now export a file cut on an FCP system directly to an Aurora Playout rundown list for inclusion in that evening’s newscast.

Providing the tightest integration for Final Cut Pro users, Grass Valley offers its K2 FCP Connect software, which includes the GV Connect plug-in for Final Cut Pro and is a licensable feature that allows a Macintosh Final Cut Pro system to become a K2 SAN iSCSI client. This enables edit-in-place functionality for K2 media via QuickTime reference files. The application supports the DV, IMX, HD, and XDCAM formats.

For iSCSI access, the license is installed on the K2 SAN’s K2 media server that takes the role of file system server. On a redundant K2 SAN, the license is installed on primary and backup K2 media servers. The license is made available via a Grass Valley SabreTooth licensing service, so when the Macintosh system attempts to connect to the K2 SAN as an iSCSI client, the connection is verified with the service and either allowed or disallowed.

Pricing and Availability

GV Connect 2.0 will be available at NAB. Existing GV Connect customers under warranty can upgrade their systems at no charge.

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