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Newly formed SSL DV showcases the Gravity Media Asset Management system (25/3/2010)

The newly formed SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, will showcase the Gravity Media Asset Management system family of products at the 2010 NAB Convention, Booth N808, from April 12 to 15, 2010, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. SSL DV has created a spectacular interactive booth that will focus attention on the varied and powerful features of Gravity through ongoing presentations.

“We have commissioned a new booth for NAB that will easily portray the many features of a Gravity system,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV. “Gravity, as an integrated system, solves the problems of media asset management and production for the broadcast, education, government and corporate markets by offering a wide range of powerful options to fill the specific needs of an end user. No other system on the market approaches the comprehensive nature of Gravity.”

Gravity offers clients the power of readily available content and automated digital workflows to streamline any production process, yielding an advantageous return on investment over time. The demonstrations at the booth will highlight some of the main features of a Gravity system (some systems are available as standalone systems). Systems to be featured include the Gravity Media Studio media asset management system, the Gravity News Studio system designed for rapid news production applications, the Gravity Web Mobile Media system, Gravity Live Edit, the powerful Gravity Studio Recorder and the new Gravity ION Compliance Monitoring system.

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