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Léon Herbers announces new DAW PLUS workstation compatibility service (29/3/2010)

Léon Herbers announced DAW PLUS, the world’s first specialized service for digital audio workstations. DAW PLUS offers full compatibility testing of soft- and hardware as used in native digital audio workstations. Hosts, plug-ins, DSP cards as well as audio- and MIDI interfaces are tested on compatibility with every new update, upgrade or change in configuration. This allows studios world wide – music, post production and broadcasters – to focus on their production and creativity instead of browsing through internet forums, fight with issues due to incompatibility or in worst case, downtime, due to the process of preparing for an update or the update process with its possible issues itself.

“Throughout the years in the various positions I occupied, one main issue has never been solved – compatibility and knowledge about it”, Léon states. “Many studios suffer issues on a regular basis, especially when upgrading a host or operating system. We are a single source of information for many brands, advising on whether the update can be applied safely or not. This minimizes headaches and possible downtime.”

DAWPLUS offers 3 kinds of products. “Personal QA” is a one-time test of system specs, based on what the studio intends to use. A full report with suggestions, issues and possible workarounds will be handed out.

“UpTime” differs in one aspect only; for a whole year, the updates and upgrades for the registered system and its components are automatically tested by DAW PLUS. The studio does not even need to know whether there is an update or upgrade – DAW PLUS will send the information pro-actively.

DAW PLUS also offers complete workstations including an UpTime subscription.

These workstations are built by the no-compromise workstation supplier XI-MACHINES, and DAW PLUS will install, test and configure the suggested soft- and hardware, provided these are supported by DAW PLUS.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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