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DVS Announces 3D Subtitling and Extended RAW Format Support for CLIPSTER (29/3/2010)

With CLIPSTER®, DVS showcases its DCI Mastering capabilities: The award-winning DI workstation is now equipped with an even more robust feature set, including 3D subtitling and extended support of RAW formats.

At booth SL3305, DVS will present CLIPSTER's brand-new features to visitors at NAB 2010 in Las Vegas. The DVS flagship product is now equipped with an even more robust feature set.

In addition to DPX, Cineon®, TGA and TIFF, the sophisticated DI workstation supports more than 100 other graphic formats for project use. CLIPSTER® also handles formats such as JPEG2000, QuickTime®, Windows Media®, MXF, MPEG 1/2, Panasonic DVCPRO®, AVC-Intra, Sony XDCAM®and Avid DNxHD®.

CLIPSTERs digital acquisition package eliminates the burden of working with multiple RAW data formats: The award-winning DI workstation lets users combine RAW data from RED®, ARRI D-20 and D-21 and Phantom cameras on a single timeline and decodes, demosaics and supports all formats in real-time. CLIPSTER® now also supports material originating from Silicon Imaging's SI-2K camera. All of CLIPSTER's real-time effects can be used up to 4K, also for RAW deliverables. While generating digital deliverables in high-speed, the DI workstation conforms RAW files and provides sophisticated burn-in features and many deliverable formats.

CLIPSTER® supports mezzanine formats in JPEG2000 RGB 500 Mbit, such as IMF, when generating multimedia deliverables for devices like IPTV, DVD, Blu-ray, mobile phones, web applications or game consoles. As a file-based library, the mezzanine format produces a digital master from which multiple output formats can be created. CLIPSTER® transcodes the required output version from the IMF.

Post production houses will substantially benefit from CLIPSTER's latest DCI capabilities: In addition to creating 3D Digital Cinema Packages in real-time, the DI workstation now provides 4K hardware accelerated DCI Mastering and 3D subtitling. While processing 3D DCI projects, CLIPSTER® merges left eye and right eye image data and creates a stereoscopic video track in the timeline which can be edited as regular video material. A full set of real-time stereoscopic workflows enables users to effortlessly handle 3D material.

Bernhard Reitz, Head of Product Management at DVS: "CLIPSTER® is designed to fit into any DI environment and easily meets the demands of future-proof workflows. Aside from pioneering new mezzanine distribution formats as IMF, DVS is strongly positioned in the 3D arena: Our clients will considerably profit from the integration of 3D subtitling."

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