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JMR Electronics Unveils New BlueStor DigiLab and RapidEncode Video Servers (9/4/2010)

Production and Post Production - REDEFINED

Be one of the first to see JMR's brand new high performance BlueStorDigiLab

Video Server that gives cinematographers, directors and producers the ability to view RAW 2K/4K shots and make digital dailies in the field - saving time and money.

The BlueStor RapidEncode Video Server gives unprecedented control in creating files for electronic distribution - fast and easy.

If you'd like to learn more, come visit the executives from JMR Electronics at NAB Show 2010, Booth SL7408. Exhibits are open April 12-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BlueStorDigiLab Video Server

JMR's BlueStor DigiLab Video Server is an extremely flexible, open platform storage system that delivers unprecedented on-set digital image processing, monitoring and control functionality for the most demanding digital video workflows, whether on set or in a post facility. The DigiLab Video Server can sustain transfer rates up to 1400MB/s and the array of I-O connections make ingesting and transcoding from any of today's popular digital media formats a breeze. The BlueStor DigiLab Video Server seamlessly integrates top-of-the-line Quad-Core Intel(R) processors, nVidia(R)(or other brand) graphics card, built-in BluRay writer and a 19-in-1 media reader into a high performance 16-drive hot-swappable RAID storage system. Each DigiLab contains dual RAID controllers and dual SAS expanders that provide higher real world throughput rates than any competing solution.

Aimed at supporting complex workflow operations including RED 4K, DigiLab's processing power easily accommodates most high-end color monitoring, digital finishing and video editing applications available for PC platforms. Integrated with REDCINE(TM), Scratch(TM) or Final Cut Pro(TM)6.02 and later, DPs can now shoot in the field and directly transcode their REDCODE RAW data footage from the RED ONE camera using REDCINE into RGB video; and also perform basic "One Light" color correction, Shot Framing or editing.

BlueStorRapidEncode Video Server

JMR's BlueStor RapidEncode Video Server is an all-in-one high performance SD and HD encoding/transcoding system that can turn digital media into delivery-ready file based assets quickly and easily using JMR's patented PCIe technology. It can handle the processing intensive tasks of converting digital cinema footage into any of today's popular file formats for transmission, hard copy delivery or redistribution as needed.

RapidEncode can capture from live or tape-based sources to uncompressed files, or encode directly to target formats at up to 1920 x 1080 in real time.

RapidEncode is the perfect studio partner for encoding/transcoding EPK and trailer screenings files, captioning and subtitle reference files, internet media assets, mezzanine versioning asset, features and episodic rollouts for PPV and VOD applications.

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