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Andrea Electronics Announces PureAudio Live Recorder Recording Application for iPhone and iPod Touch (9/4/2010)

Noise-Canceling Digital Audio Software transforms iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ into more intelligible mobile recording devices.

Andrea Electronics Corporation (OTCBB: ANDR), a leading developer of innovative digital noise reduction and echo cancelation software technologies, today announced the immediate availability of its PureAudio™ Live Recorder.

PureAudio™ Live Recorder is a full function digital voice and audio recording application for use with Apple iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ devices. The PureAudio™ Live recorder is enhanced with Andrea’s patented digital noise reduction microphone technology. PureAudio™ digitally reduces background noise, while enhancing the recorded sound quality and intelligibility when making recordings in real-world noisy mobile environments. WAV files produced by the PureAudio™ Live Recorder can be wirelessly transferred to your Mac or PC and are compatible with speech to text applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking™ Preferred Edition.

"By utilizing our patented digital noise cancelation technology, the PureAudio™ Live Recorder takes mobile audio recording intelligibility to a new level for the iPhone™ and iPod Touch™," said Leonard Shoell, Sr. Software Engineer of Andrea Electronics. “Our new software product demonstrates our ability to create audio applications for the iPhone™ as well as our ability to port our technology to a new class of devices.” Below are some notable features of the Andrea Electronics PureAudio™ Live Recorder:

The application:

-Intuitive simple to use interface.
-Fast application start-up, for capturing quick impulse recordings.
-Recordings can be transcribed on your Mac or PC by using speech to text applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking™ Preferred Edition.
Audio features:
-Digital noise reduction software to remove repetitive background noise from recordings.
-Microphone sensitivity boost allows for far field recordings.
-Different sampling rates to control the size and quality of the recordings.
-Three different recording formats: WAVE, CAF, AIFF.
Recording & Playback control:
-Easy navigation between recordings, using finger swipe gestures.
-Append to existing recordings.
Recording Storage:
-Unlimited recording time with device-memory read out.
-Organize, store and retrieve recordings using editable category folders.
Transfer Recordings:
-Wi-Fi sync quickly transfers audio files right to your computer.
-Directly email your audio files in real time, not just as a link.

The Andrea Electronics PureAudio™ Live Recorder application is now available for the iPhone™ and iPod Touch™ from the Apple iTunes™ Store.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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