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P+S TECHNIK announces CineForm Cross-Applications Workflow Solutions for the 16Digital SR Mag (16/4/2010)

An efficient and convenient workflow for the 16Digital SR Mag from P+S TECHNIK is ensured by various partners

CineForm formats open various post production pipelines for 16Digital SR Mag shot material meeting all the demands of the market. The new 16Digital SR Mag from P+S TECHNIK will include native support for the CineForm RAW 12-bit format and the CineForm HD 10-bit 4:2:2 format. These formats recorded on standard removable SSD storages allow for an easy and direct access to various digital post production workflows. CineForm Digital Intermediate workflows are designed for both Windows and Mac and are known for achieving safe, high quality performance and pristine image quality at a very cost competitive price. The CineForm RAW format is also used by the P+S TECHNIK highly-acclaimed SI-2K camera.

Customers of P+S TECHNIK do a lot of color correction, effects work, etc, in post, and need a format that holds up to the demands they’re placing on their images. The CineForm formats’ cross-applications compatibility takes the workflow integration to the next level because an efficient and convenient workflow for the 16Digital SR Mag is ensured by the following partners:

• AJA Kona Card and Apple Final Cut setup with Neo4K allow for the use of Premiere® Pro, After Effects®, etc

• CineForm -Neo4K

• Cinegy (coming soon)

• Digital Vision -Nucoda

• DVS -Clipster

• Iridas -FrameCycler, SpeedGrade

• Pomfort – SilverStack

• Quantel -Software for Pablo, iQ and eQ

“These partnerships represent a significant win for P+S TECHNIK and our partners’ clients alike. All partners share a common vision of quality throughout the workflow and clients are now assured that source image quality is maintained -from camera through post production to finished project,” said David Taylor, co-founder and CEO of CineForm. P+S TECHNIK continues to provide various workflow solutions for every demand together with its multiple partners.

The first field test units of the 16Digital SR Mag are manufactured and assembled and are working very well during beta-testing. AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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