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Sony Upgrades its SRW-9000 SR Camcorder to 35mm Imaging and PL Mount Capabilities (19/4/2010)

Sony is unveiling the newest addition to its CineAlta™ line of high-end acquisition systems: the SRW-9000PL camcorder.

The new model expands the capabilities of Sony’s previously announced SRW-9000, adding a 35mm imager and PL mount to increase its flexibility and offer shooters more image creation options.

“Demand for digital shooting with a 35mm size sensor is rising for both motion picture and prime-time TV drama production, two areas where our F35 has had great success,” said Chris Marchitelli, speaking for Sony Electronics. “This new model’s S35mm one-chip CCD sensor and PL lens mount are identical to the F35, so it combines the SR portability of the 9000 with the high-end optics of the F35, giving DPs an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for creating any ‘look’ they need.”

The SRW-9000PL offers full RGB image capturing (without colour sub-sampling), ultra-wide dynamic range (over 12 T-stops), variable speed (SR Motion™) with speed ramp capability, S-Log and HyperGamma capability. The camcorder is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 1080/23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, and 1080/50i, 59.94i. It can also record 4:2:2 1080/50P as standard configuration.

The range of option boards developed for the SRW-9000 (2/3-inch version) can also be used with the SRW-9000PL (S35mm version) for additional performance and functionality.

The HKSR-9001 HD-SDI expansion board adds dual-link HD-SDI outputs and an extra AUX input port, which works as an HD-SDI audio input for providing connectivity to an external audio multiplexing device. This allows users to multiplex up to 12 channels of audio to the HD-SDI input. The latest firmware version of the HKSR-9001 also provides 3G HD-SDI output capability.

The HKSR-9002 picture cache board enables the camcorder to capture and record images with variable speed (SR Motion™ capability) from 1 to 50 fps. With this board, the camcorder can continuously record up to three seconds of images while the camcorder is in stand-by mode. When the record button is pushed, the stored images are recorded to HDCAM SR tape and the camcorder can continue recording in real time.

With the HKSR-9003 RGB 4:4:4 processing board, the camcorder offers full-bandwidth digital 4:4:4 high-definition RGB recording and output capability. The option also offers S-LOG Gamma, essentially a “digital negative,” allowing users to tailor their images during post-production in the same way they would in a film-based work flow.

Both the SRW-9000 and the SRW-9000PL will be available with an upgrade path to Sony’s next-generation high-speed memory recording system. In addition, Sony will also offer a 35mm upgrade kit (HKSR-90PL) for the SRW-9000 2/3 inch imaging system.

The SRW-9000PL camcorder and the HKSR-90PL are planned to be available in Autumn 2010. AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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