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Quantel launches V5 software for eQ, iQ and Pablo with Focus on Stereo3D, Colour and RED workflows (21/4/2010)

Quantel launched V5 software at NAB - the latest release for the company's high-end post production family of products: eQ, iQ and Pablo. V5 is the result of listening carefully to feedback from many Quantel users around the world combined with some original Quantel thinking, and delivers major advances in color correction, RED and Stereo3D workflows. Here are the highlights of V5 for post:

Multi-layer color correction

Color correction is a big part of Quantel's business today. V5 introduces the ability to color correct within the multi-layer timeline. This gives Quantel users a massive advantage because now nothing needs to be committed or flattened at any stage. This facility - unique to Quantel - means that clients can change their minds or ask for fixes to any aspect of the job even in the final stages of grading - and the post house can deliver the required result quickly and efficiently without the delay of having to rebuild parts of job: a real win-win technology development.

Realtime color correction

V5 delivers realtime color correction on Pablo, allowing grades to be viewed in realtime during the color correction session.  Pablo's integrated finishing toolset has always been a real time-saver; the new flexibility of multi-layer color correction and realtime grading in V5 make Pablo the most flexible and productive place to grade any job.

New Stereo3D timeline and tools

A new Stereo3D timeline makes it easy to work with Stereo3D content, and new tools added which fix common issues in post. See separate press release (new Stereo3D tools.doc).

Windows 7 64-bit operating system

Version 5 runs on the Windows 7 operating system, which brings many speed, networking and security advantages to the Quantel platform - see separate release (Windows 7.doc).

Boosted RED workflow

New soft mount technology in V5 now gives customers the choice of either first importing RED r3d media into the Quantel workspace, or getting to work as soon as RED media is arrives via the new V5 soft mount technology. Only the finished job is then localised onto the Quantel workspace. This means that work in the suite can start immediately. "It's great to see RED conforms happen instantly," said Steve Owen, Quantel Director of Marketing. "While there are many real advantages to working within the Quantel workspace such as its efficient use of storage, guaranteed access and protection from deletion, no one has time to wait. With the new soft mount option Quantel users can have the best of both approaches. Also, this new development opens up many exciting workflows in the future."

V5 will be available from July as an upgrade to all existing eQ, iQ and Pablo customers. More V5 features will follow over the coming months as part of a phased release program; these will include a new planar tracker, color decision list (CDL) support and 16 channel audio.

"We're really looking forward to getting the new color, realtime and soft mount features in V5 out to our customers - they'll make a real difference in every post production session," Steve Owen concluded.

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