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Quantel Adopts Windows 7 64-bit OS for eQ, iQ and Pablo (21/4/2010)

Secure, high performance benefits for Quantel users

Quantel announced today that it is adopting the Windows 7 64-bit operating system for all its products in the forthcoming V5 software release. Quantel is one of the first companies in the post and broadcast space to adopt Windows 7, and has pushed the development ahead because it brings users so many major advantages:

* Quantel software is even more interactive and responsive thanks to the much larger addressable memory range of the 64-bit architecture
* Improved security due to all the focus on this issue that Microsoft has invested in its Windows 7 development
* Higher network throughput due to the new network stack in Windows 7
* Support for much larger volumes on SANs - really useful in a DI environment
* The widest possible user base for Quantel's free-of-charge Compass Training software

"The reaction to Windows 7 has been universally positive, and we realised that there was an opportunity to skip a generation and benefit our customers by moving straight to Windows 7," said Quantel Director of Marketing, Steve Owen. "Windows 7 keeps Quantel in the mainstream of the IT world and it means that both Quantel and our users can benefit to the greatest possible extent from the rapidly changing technology landscape."

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