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Quantel demonstrates fast media and metadata exchange with EVS (27/4/2010)

Industry leaders in server based production and instant highlights systems get together   Quantel is previewing a brand new product that is being launched later this year: the Quantel-EVS Gateway. The Gateway is the result of the ongoing cooperation between Quantel and EVS and handles bi-directional transfers of media and metadata between a Quantel Enterprise sQ server-based production system and EVS XS and XT[2] instant highlights servers.

As soon as a clip is created on the EVS server, it can be identified and exported to the Quantel server using the EVS IP Director. The media is transferred as an MXF file and the metadata as XML; the XML metadata file carries all the clip logging information created in the EVS environment to Quantel sQ server for use in the Quantel editor.

Transfers happen faster than realtime, and as soon as media begins to arrive in the Quantel environment, editing can commence on all connected Quantel editing workstations. The moment the edit is complete, playout to air from the Quantel sQ server can commence, or if required the media and metadata can be sent back to the EVS server as a DVCPRO HD MXF OP1A file.

"Many of Quantel's major system customers are also users of EVS equipment," said Quantel Director of Marketing, Steve Owen. "Now they have the opportunity to seamlessly exchange content between these two complementary environments."

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